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Fw: !♥mcm2ada♥! Dancing Snowman Scam Floods Facebook

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      Subject: !mcm2ada! Dancing Snowman Scam Floods Facebook

      Dancing Snowman Scam
      Yet another Facebook scam is on the loose, and this one uses adorable snowmen and holiday cheer to weasel its way past your defenses. You might have already noticed it -- your friends posting messages that read, "wow I just got a Free Dancing Snowman for my farm grab yours from..." with a link at the end. From here, the scam seems designed to trick you into reposting the original message, and handing over personal information. Click on the link and a pop-up opens asking you to click on the "raving snowman." If he dances you'll be able to adopt him, for free! Of course, nothing in this scam is left up to chance, and the snowman inevitably shakes his groove thing for everybody. From here, you can click on the claim button to adopt your dancing snowman. Doing so lets you know that the snowman has been "released," and asks you if you want to publish a link to the snowman on your page. If you click cancel, you'll be informed that in order to adopt the snowman you must publish the info on your Wall.

      By now, you should have some inkling that this app is not so innocent. But, if you did decide to go back and agree to publish the info on your Wall, you'd be greeted with a warning, saying that only "Superfarmers" can adopt the snowman, and that to reach that status you'll have to complete some inane survey in under 17 minutes. Of course, the information has already been posted to your Facebook page. Now, the scammers are trying to keep you occupied, and to see what valuable data they can get you to hand over to them. You'll be asked for your name, address, phone number, date of birth -- a whole host of personal information. At the end of the survey you have no snowman. In fact, it's not exactly clear what the snowman was supposed to be. A game? An icon? An actual dancing toy? All you've done is spam your friends with a link to a scam, and basically given the crooks the keys to your identity. Our advice: if you're not 100-percent positive something is legit on Facebook, just ignore it. Chances are it's a scam. Besides, aren't you a little old to be festooning your profile with dancing cartoon characters?

      Dancing Snowman Scam Floods Facebook originally appeared on Switched on Thu, 16 Dec 2010 17:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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