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Hello New Friend, my intro....

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  • richard mccoy
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2004
      > Hello New Friend,
      > I live at 272 Orion Lane, Usk, Washington 99180
      > My name is LOEL and I am ready for a change in my
      > life. This is a new century and I want to come up
      > with a new plan.
      > I am 50, Gemini, sensitive, blonde, 6' 1" and 222
      > lbs.
      > I have green eyes that have dominated who I am. I
      > spent 8 years in college and loved every minute of
      > it.
      > I studied watercolor painting, drawing and
      > animation,
      > during my work on a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree.
      > And then went on to Ceramics and Sculpture for my
      > Masters of Fine Arts Degree. Visual things like
      > watching the sunset or a good movie, make my day.
      > I
      > grew
      > up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, some of
      > the time in a small city, and some of the time on a
      > dairy farm. Country living is the life for me. I
      > was
      > a boy scout and became a wilderness canoe Guide in
      > Ely, Minnesota. We took 9 to 15 kids on 10 day
      > canoe
      > trips into the Boundary waters Canoe Area and the
      > Quetico Provincial Park, in Ontario. I have
      > climbed
      > numerous mountains in the Northwest, hiked the
      > Grande
      > Canyon, traveled along the coast of Baja, Mexico
      > and
      > all over British Columbia. I road my bicycle to
      > Alaska
      > and back to Missoula, Montana. Also from Santa,
      > Idaho
      > to Arcata, California and then north to Eugene,
      > Oregon. Twice I have taken long canoe trips with 1
      > other friend, one near Hudson Bay lasted 102 days,
      > the
      > other one was 52 days. So I am very outdoor
      > oriented.
      > I have two very beautiful children, a 10 year
      > old
      > girl named Lilly Rose and her twin brother Lucas
      > Mackenzie. They live in Sandpoint, Idaho with their
      > mother. We travel to Barter Fairs and have attended
      > two National Rainbow Gatherings in Montana
      > and Idaho. They like bartering, making new friends
      > and especially Drumming Circles. So my life
      > includes
      > two very special people. They are hoping I find a
      > woman friend with children to play with. That is
      > not
      > a requirement, but obviously someone who likes
      > children is
      > prefered.
      > I am spiritually speaking an Animist, I
      > believe
      > that every thing has a spirit; water, wind, rocks,
      > trees, and every little thing... If there is a
      > heaven, I believe that this is it. We just need to
      > be one with the Universe and everything else will
      > fall in place... Please give me a call any time at
      > 509-671-1229 so we can chat. I would like to
      > get to Know YOU! What kind of things would you
      > like
      > to do with me? I am open, honest, sincere and
      > willing
      > to go anywhere to spend some time with YOU!
      > LOTS OF LOVE!
      > Your new friend,
      > Richard LOEL McCoy
      > P.S. Email me at richardloelmccoy@... I
      > wrote
      > this letter as an introduction, because sometimes I
      > blow it with the words.
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