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1730Calling ALL Elders you wisdom and knowledge and input is needed;

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  • Rev.Martin-Paul: Cheney I. Sovereign Civi
    May 25, 2014

       Calling ALL Elders you wisdom and knowledge and input is needed;
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      May 22 at 5:03pm · Edited
      We need to start educating our youth about the true message of what these gatherings really represent. (Most people on this facebook group are somewhat educated abut rainbow.) Yet I have been noticing more and more kids coming to theses gatherings, and treating it like a festival. Disregarding all the sacredness of our rituals. We are a internationally recognized tribe for fuck sake! To do good drugs and fuck cute transitional/impressionable girls or boys, who for the most part have never experienced a living reality of walking in the light should NEVER be your reason for being at a gathering and that's what a lot of kids my age are doing now, simply due to lack of education. I propose we start a camp to educate first timers. Cause for the most part they are just intermingled. A lot of the new kids coming to gatherings hear about it from street kids. It is prevalently the youth who are fuling these events. ESPECIALLY NATIONALS! I propose we start a camp to share the light with rainbow virgins. If any elders are legitamatly interested, please message me.
      -With gratitude
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