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  • tj Hamlib
    Dec 26, 2013
      Hi everyone,

      My name is Tjamel and I'm looking to join a rainbow community or an off grid community sometime soon. I currently live in Charlotte, NC and plan to start traveling in January. My intent is to go to Florida to meet up with my girlfriend. She too wants to go off grid. We're both healers, artists and I do music (drumming, singing & a little guitar). She's 18 and almost done with high school and I'm 24. I really hope to connect with like minded people and find a community soon to do work from. Energy healing and biochemical balancing as well as ceremonies/drum circles. I'm open to almost anywhere but we do want to stick together and find a welcoming place! So please reach back out to me! I'm chill and get a long with everyone. You can email back on here or text me anytime @ 704-281-1772. Hope to hear from ya soon love & light, peace and happiness to everyone!
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