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  • Aris Sandefur
    Dec 13, 2013
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      Hi —

      I just started a petition on Change.org that is about an issue that is very important to me. The more people that sign my petition, the more likely it is to win. Will you help me by signing?


      Eats on Feets: Stop promoting and allowing babies to die!!!!

      By Aris Sandefur
      Schaumburg, IL

      This group is prmoting death of babies by refusing to show posts which show the parents a type of formula that their baby may not be allergic to, so that the baby will actually NOT DIE if they can't get breastmilk!  Tell them how heinous and wrong they are for this today!

      Eats on Feets is a Facecook page where in different areas people can post if they have extra breastmilk that they will not be using. The formulas marketed in America today are heinous, containing neurotoxins, arsenic, soy (extremely harmful), and even weevils!  They are also made using pasturzed, homogenized cow's milk from a 1,000+ pound animal, instead of being made using raw, intact, non-homeginized goat's milk which would cause far less problems for a baby - and that includes lifelong problems, not just problems *while* using the formula.

      Sharing breastmilk is very beneficial for those who cannot produce enough on their own, or if they have adopted and are unaware of human's ability to induce breastmilk production.  Some babies also are unable to tolerate commerical formulas, and will literally die if they can't have breastmilk...   or find a formula that will NOT hurt their babies.

      Raw: Cooking food destroys it's enzymes, beneficial bacteria, and much vitamin content.  "Pasturized" means the death of nearly all good bacteria - allowing the bad bacteria to proliferate.  Good bacteria eats bad bacteria.  A baby's health is focused strongly towards it's immune system, which is empty at birth, and requires the over 700 species of good bacteria found in breastmilk.  Without this bacteria, many problems can develop, including the being the main cause of allergies including severe, deathly ones.  All cow's milk sold in stores as well as all baby formula in America has been cooked.

      Homogenized: Homogenization is the process of bursting the cell walls of the various globules in milk, causing these molecules not to separate from the whey portion of the milk, making it "look better" in commercial interests' opinion.  It also causes the milk to be more susceptible to bacteria and destroy more enzymes.

      Lactose: Lactose is a component of cow's milk, goat's milk, and human breastmilk.  The type of lactose found in cow's milk is much different then the type in either human or goat milk.  Many people try a "lactose-free" formula and decide that their baby is allergic to all milk.  However, using goat's milk can often cure this aleged "lactose-intolerance," because goat's milk has a better kind of lactose more suited to human babies.  Using RAW cow's milk or goat's milk may also cure it, because the nutrients and bacteria that are destroyed during pasturization and homogenization will work together with the lactose to make it function properly in a human system.  If a baby was truly lactose-intolerant, he would not be able to drink human breastmilk either!

      Because of the practice of pasturization, homogenization, and improper diets for cows, many babies are now actually allergic to the milk!  And for these babies, ALL commerical formulas that could be sold at Wal-Mart will hurt them.  This means that without another option, these babies will DIE!!  Or suffer severly, from diherrea, constipation, and sickness.  These parents are depearate for breastmilk (if they do not have their own)!  But it is very unlikely that they will get it...   my own son is almost 3 months old, and has not gotten a donation ONCE!  There is not enough extra breastmilk being donated for everyone who needs it...   and the VAST majority of the population is unaware of these other options.  If your baby is truly unable to use cow or goat milk in any way, even raw and non-homogenized, there is even a good formula recipe using something that didn't come from milk at all!  This can save these babies' lives...   their health, their immune system...   if a  baby is unable to use these commercial formulas (which are something no baby or human should be suject to at all), it is VITAL for these parents to know that, if they cannot get enough breastmilk, they have other options.

      Please, PLEASE protect our children, and tell this group to stop it's heinous behavior and allow these parents to be educated and save lives!

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