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1695Rescue this Shipwrecked Family

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  • RainbowZen-owner@yahoogroups.com
    Jan 6 1:54 AM
      DONATE HERE: http://www.indiegogo.com/hopeandloveforhope/x/1961506
      On December 19, 2012 the life of two small children (Aryana, 5 and Sam,3) and their compassionate parents (Hope and Ryan) changed forever. They were shipwrecked on the shores of Rosarita B.C, Mexico. They lost their savings and belongings to locals ransacking the wreck, but are thankfully safe from harm.
      Please, show some love to this beautiful family in their time of need. Contribute to showing her babies that with kindness and love, anything is possible. God bless!

      "The boat was a 1977 Islander 26 (26') It did finally make it all the way to the shore after we jumped off. I haven't been able to get back to the site to see if it is still there. There is a brother by the name of Kevin McMahon that is coming from Nevada tomorrow to get us. He is on his way to the gathering so hopefully we will be in the arms of family soon. I am trying to give a truck to Helen Healing that is a 1990 Ford F-250 heavt duty with a fifth wheel hitch but she might need some help paying for the parking fees because I left it at the San Diego airport. I gave Voice beam a Honda a couple of weeks ago and Jeremie "Caution" Hennings a mini van a while back so I don't have much left to give. If Wolf Wandering can salvage the boat, it would be awesome for whoever gets it. It is a fiberglass hull, and was a fantastic boat. Nice deep keel. We got caught in a storm we didn't expect and then stuck in a huge kelp bed right after dark in 9 foot waves. I got on the radio to call for help and the batteries all went dead so we had to get close to shore and use flares. We saw cars lights flash at us. The anchor kept pulling up and we drifted closer to shore. The keel started to hit rocks and tip the boat all the way on its side and back to the other as it spun around in the waves like crazy. Stuff flying everywhere, water pouring in the hatch and little kids screaming bloody murder, terrified. At that point, my memory starts to get a little spotty, all flashes of crazy scenes. The boat is about 10 miles south of Rosarito beach. We were headed for Puerto Salina but were about 3 miles north when shit got real. Excuse the language.
      We were helped onto the rocks by some locals. Then had to jump back in to get to the shoreline. We spent the first night at the Rosarito bomberos Station, where they were kind and fed us and let us take showers. They even hung our wet clothes to dry, gave me back the cash they found in the pockets and helped Ryan get a couple of our packs off of the boat, which is all we have left. The boat was being ransacked by the locals the as we sat on the rocks wet and freezing with the children, waiting for the Navy to come. It was full of supplies enough for a family of six for a new life start, and all of our savings, birth certificates, etc. and this is a very poor country, so it was inevitable and we are not resentful in any way. The universe provides for all of us in the way it is supposed to. We have not been able to get back there.
      Our plan was to go to the World Rainbow gathering outside of Palenque, Mexico, so all of our savings and possessions were in the boat. We had four of my children on the boat, but the two teens left the next day back to America. We do not have that option as my father, Rick Carrillo, has threatened me with getting CPS or the police involved if we go back, said the the guy at the fire department in Tijuana.
      We are still in Rosarito, but a kind brother, Kevin McMahon, has messaged to to say he will head out from Nevada tomorrow and give us a ride South. My beautiful sister in law has set us up an IndyGoGo and we are hoping to raise enough to get somewhere safe and work to pay back all of the help we receive. We could really use a tent, blankets and food. The children are ages 5 and 3. Letting the media know was a suggestion of a kind lady on the internet (which is our only means of communication) and she sent me the links to many news stations, but I was unable to contact them through there and I have no phone.
      Once we get to a place to settle for a while, we have 2 acres in California we can try to sell and pay everyone back for their generosity. I didn't want to post this publicly because so many of the people we have given things to keep coming back for more and the property is all we have left. EVERYONE told us to get cheap insurance in the US and the good insurance when we got to Ensenada. So there is no real insurance, just liability. There was tons of food and supplies. We just wanted to move the kids to a free country and continue to do charity work. Never though a shit storm would come up so fast during cruising season.
      The crazy judgementality we have gotten from so many was the reason we left the US and has since convinced us that we were right to leave. People are so much more compassionate and hard working here, it is amazing. The people we found to stay with are American, and I believe this is why the weird chaotic energies in this place. I just hope Kevin gets here and helps us out of Rosarito. We have the boat papers and hope that Wolf Wandering is interested in salvage and claiming it for the Rainbow Family.
      I skimmed some of the messages from various folks, not in depth yet, but it all sounds like more people mad at us for trying to take the kids to a better life than armed guards in schools, in the police state of America. I really would like to avoid these energies for a while as I am still kinda reeling from the whole experience, as it was MY first sailing trip and most likely, the last.
      Ryan is so DEEPLY sorry for the whole thing, I don't think he needs to be punished any more, I raged at him for days. He never intended to put us in danger, as EVERYONE who taught us and gave us advice said no worries, best sail ever. The burden of guilt we both feel is hard enough without all of the people ranting on and on about it. Both of our families turned on us and basically said we deserve worse than what happened. We were trying and we failed. Can't express mt sorrow over that. But not many care to hear that part when they can get gory details and talk crap about stupid people like us and think of all these harsh punishments for us. Yes, we were stupid. Yes we have learned a valuable lesson. No we will not give up. Any more info I can give you just ask and I will provide. Thanks for not being harsh. I appreciate it, truly. Loving all of my people with a heart full of gratitude, even the ones I do not wish to talk to at the moment. I will get to you in time. ♥ ♥ ♥"

      They have survived through hard times, and they will again. They are such a resilient, happy family, with so much love between them! You'll be contributing to keeping them safe and healthy, so they can continue living a life of beauty and inspiring those around them to do the same.
      If you can't donate, you can still help in a big way! Share with your friends, and get the word out!
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