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1692Florida Family Council has been called for January 18, 19 & 20th, 2013

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  • RainbowZen-owner@yahoogroups.com
    Dec 30, 2012

      Florida Family Council has been called for January 18, 19 20th, 2013 at the 2012 site at Alexander Springs at the intersection of FR 18 73. Further the FS has approved the ongoing idea of using the previous year's site for Florida Family Council in January every year. There is plenty of room for EVERYONE to attend, park and camp. It is proposed that Council on Saturday focus on violence reduction and reaching consensus for the responsibility changes and adjustments at the front and along the road with Sunday focusing on the gathering itself and other issues, including scouting for next year. Because there are no changes (expected) to the Operating Plan (now in its 12th year) and no site choices (we will be using the site in current rotation) there will be no FS at council. The site will be publicly announced at council and on the internet about the same time.

      Florida Family welcomes you!!
      Please protect this Beautiful Land!

      This is a negativity free zone! All people loved here. Walk softly. Harm no living thing. Harmonize. Use only down, dead wood. Do not cut living trees. Preserve the Meadows . Camp in the Woods. Remember, we are caretakers of this land.
      Everyone sharing makes a strong Human Tribe!

      Please Protect the Water Sources by staying out of DELICATE spring areas. Avoid camping, peeing or washing above spring areas. Keep ALL soap out of streams, springs or the creek! Use a bucket to take your bath 300 feet away from the water source. To be certain drinking water is safe, boil it for ten minutes at a rolling boil!

      Use public shitters, slit trenches or covered latrines - cover your paper waste with ashes or lime, and BURY YOUR SHIT! Bury your neighbor's shit, your dog's shit, your neighbor's dog's shit! Carry a tiny shovel! Break the fly/illness connection: shit->fly->food->YOU! Wash hands afterwards. Dig NO shitters/do not shit near water areas or kitchens. Protect our Health!

      Use your own cup, bowl spoon! Wash them after eating and rinse in bleach-water. Go to C.A.L.M. if you feel ill - especially if you have a contagious disease or are injured.

      Camp Together – Establish neighborhoods. Community Fires are encouraged. Keep a 5 gallon bucket of water and a shovel nearby for Fire Protection. If you are the last to leave a fire PUT IT OUT! Especially before going to bed! NO fireworks! NO fireworks! NO fireworks! They burn your brothers and sisters! Keep you camp secure. "Tempt Not Lest Ye Be Lifted From."

      Pets are family too. If you must bring them, bring a small shovel to carry with you. Clean up and bury their poop. Keep them fed, on a leash and out of the kitchens, springs fights. Love them. *If your pet is not spayed or neutered, consider leaving them with a loved one if possible. Many female dogs go into heat and male dogs become agitated and aggressive.

      PACK IT IN - PACK IT OUT !!!
      Cleanup begins when you arrive. Please bring only what is necessary. There is no janitor here . . . YOU are the cleanup crew. Separate Garbage for recycling. Please DON'T LITTER - Find a collection point. Compost in pits only.

      You are the Gathering!
      Participate,Volunteer, and Plug In!! Participate in Shanti Sena (the peace keepers council), work crews, water/wood runs, workshops, councils, and all activities. Volunteer wherever and whenever needed: kitchens, welcome home, firewatch, parking lot, shitter digging, supply, front gate, etc. R-E-S-P-E-C-T your Sisters' Brothers' energies. Keep the Balance: Earth, Sky, Trees, Water People!

      Alcohol is Discouraged inside the gathering area and at main circle. Guns are Inappropriate, Violence is contrary to the Spirit. Please do NOT take pictures or videos of people without asking their permission first.

      The Magic Hat is our Bank and goes around at Dinner Circle and with the Magic Hat Band. Meatless meals are served at main circle at sunset.

      Our power together is many times our power separated.
      Enjoy the Rainbow with an open heart and you Will see the Vision.

      Please check back in Mid-January for to the directions to the gathering itself.

      Much Love!