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  • RainbowZen-owner@yahoogroups.com
    Nov 16, 2012

      About Free the Food / Sloppy Seconds Free Food Kitchen

      We are a vegetarian grassroots collective moving to end hunger across America.

      In 2009 a 1988 chevy school bus was purchased for 500$ from a church. DOROTHY then enabled Second Chances d.b.a. Sloppy Seconds Free Food Kitchen to be born.
      It started out as a very small group providing food to main circle at Rainbow Gatherings for sometimes up to 10,000 people and has since grown into an Association if over 300 participating volunteers and/or members across the United States.

      SSFFK has now expanded the services we provide to those needing food boxes, clothing and hygeine items across the United States with our main focus being in middle Tennessee right now.

      We are a close-knit group of individuals who have, over the years, put in endless hours of work and after a lot of paperwork and dedication from our crew we have now become an official non-profit organization under section 501(c)3 of the IRS code. Fully legit and able to accept tax deductible donations.

      We have recently teamed up with another organization who is actively growing organic food and building a collective community riight here in our backyard in Middle Tennessee, in Lafayette TN. For more information on them please visit www.shutupandgrowit.org.

      All of our efforts have not been an easy and we always need volunteers to continue filling bellies all across the country. We are also opening food pantries and drop-in centers on "free" land throughout the U.S. if u need more info please contact us at 202.302.8842 or info@.... You can also join our community on the discussions page to connect with others in your area who have like minded goals or ask us questions and make comments as you please.

      We are a Non Government Organization and we accept no government grants or financial aid. We are a social organization actively working to educate people on healthy and self sustainable eating and living and also helping to rehabilitate homeless and youth and providing necessary job skills and references in order to find employment if someone desires. We also provide a pelethera of other services including free car repairs for those in need and local farming support.

      PLEASE dont hesitate to contact us if you would like more information and feel free to check out our blog as it will be updated with photos and stories about the long road to ending hunger and suffering in the United States. .


      Current Wishlist:

      "new" 1988 Chevrolet 454 Industrial Manifolds. We are removing the "smog reducer" system from Dorothy because we have lost compression due to a huge vacuum leak in this ridiculously engineered system

      1 Large Water Tank (250+ Gallons or more)

      Empty Kegs - as many as we can find

      Rope - lots and any kind you have available

      Restaraunt grade food shelving units: ideally we need 4 to 6 of these for the bus. We need a better way of storing dry goods on our bus, that is up to health code standards

      Cork Flooring, any color, shape, style that you might have.

      Money - as always, this is necessary to purchase food from Second Harvest. The food they provide us is extremely unexpensive, but costs money nonetheless. You can easily donate on our website by clicking the paypal button on our site. All donations go directly into a Sloppy Seconds Nonprofit Account, and are completely tax deductible. Any donation over 250$ can be written off on your taxes completely. Anything under that can still be used on your schedule A, under Charitible Contributions.

      Please Help by Donating Below

      Sloppy Seconds

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