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a long row to hoe

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  • daniel johnson
    As we try to acclamate ourselves to the situation that surrounds us, it is apparent that we cannot restore our previous circumstance without concerted efforts
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2005
      As we try to acclamate ourselves to the situation that surrounds us, it is apparent that we cannot restore our previous circumstance without concerted efforts to assist those around us. There are many needs to be met here in Jackson and exponentially so the further you travel South. Rainbow is up and running at full power with water, lights and internet. The High Noon is cooking and we have filtered water all day. Our stock is varied as many of our supliers also attempt to recoup from the disaster. Many of our members are still without electricity, tap water is tainted, and gas is a rare commodity. No doubt we are in the midst of a grievous state. We must do what we can to bring balance to ourselves while appropriating ample time to assist those in worst situations.At no time is community more important than when your neighbors are washed on to your doorstep.
      There are many needs here in Jackson to be met. Rev. Emma Connoly of St. Andrew's has issued a list of items that area shelter's are in need of and where you should bring them. First and foremost water and food is needed. If you have food going bad or thawing, load it up. Also: 

      Coloring books, crayons and other simple children's games & activities
      -x-large t-shirts
      infant clothes
      For Lutheran/Episcopal Disaster Relief efforts on the coast St. Andrew's is a collection point. Deliver any of the items listed below and they will be transported to a central collection point in Hattiesburg.      

      Chainsaw with: Chain brake, catcher, spark arrester
      Chainsaw chaps and boots with steel toe
      Gas can and gas
      Rubber boots
      Gallon sized water containers
      Extension cords
      Power strips
      Electric cords
      Dry Ice
      Water purification tablets
      First Aid supplies
      Battery powered radios
      Coolers filled with ice
      Duct tape & other adhesives
      Roofing nails
      Tools - hammer, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc., anything for repairing or
      prying loose
      Work gloves
      Matches w/waterproof container
      Cleaning Supplies:
      Bleach - Clorox
      Clorox wipes, etc
      Industrial Size Push Brushes
      Garbage Bags - heavy duty
      Garbage cans
      Face masks
      Paper Towels
      Toilet paper
      Food supplies:
      Canned food
      Manual can opener
      Cooking tools
      Paper plates
      Non perishable food items
      Food items for infants and elderly
      Food for special diet's - salt, sugar, etc.
      Any questions can be directed to:
      The Rev. Emma F. Connolly
      Canon Deacon for Pastoral Services
      St. Andrew's Episcopal Cathedral
      Jackson, MS 39205                                                                                                                            
      601-354-1535, Ext. 128
      We are currently formulating plans to donate water from our filtration system here at Rainbow and concert our efforts with others to provide what we can toward relief in the communities.
      Our Rainbow Guide which denotes socially conscious businesses in Mississippi is in the home stretch. It was slated to come out today but as with everything the process has slowed a bit. Many of the businesses are also offering discounts or direct contributions from sales to our Rainbow. -
      Contribution of Sales from Rainbow Members go to Rainbow:

      Leo Huddleston, AAkin Back Chiropractic  100%

      Tamara Rose, Massage Therapist                 10%

      Computer Co-op                                         5%


      Rainbow Members get these discounts at these stores:


      Eden Acres                                          25%

      Priscilla Pearson, Counseling                 20%

      Martha Lockey, Feldenkrais                 15%

      Barbie Lyn, Massage                            10%

      Well Kneaded Massage                        10%

      Terry Wetzel Rugmaker                        10%

      Bikram Yoga                                        10%

      Chalfont LLC, Grant Writing                 10%

      Bality, Inc., Naturopathy                       10%

      Healing the Earth/Ourselves, Energy Work        10%

      Abbey Road Workshop, Painting          5%

      Alternative Veterinary Care                   5%

      New Vibrations                                    5%

      These businesses will be identified by a rainbow heart on their door or register.


      Please continue to stay positive and work positively toward a stable state of existence for all around us.



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