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  • Luke Lundemo
    Monday, October 17, 2011 I am the 99%, and I won t believe that Corporations are people until the state of Texas executes one of them. - heidi52 Open Monday
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      Monday, October 17, 2011

      "I am the 99%, and I won't believe that Corporations are people until the state of Texas executes one of them.” - heidi52

      Open Monday – Friday from 11:30am to 2:00pm

      Mississippi’s Healthiest Restaurant

      All Organic, all the time

      All Vegetarian, all the time

      The Specials This Week:

      Monday, Oct. 17
         Mediterranean Surprise

      Tuesday, Oct. 18
         Southern Surprise

      Wednesday, Oct. 19
         Mexican Surprise

      Thursday, Oct. 20
         Stir Fry

      Soup Surprise

      Friday, Oct. 21
         Seaside Cakes with Mashed Potatoes, Gravy and Coleslaw

      Veggie Zoop

      (can you tell I didn’t get the menu in time?)


      Department News:

      Pets –

      Dry dog food adult 6lb bag - $11.09
      Dry kitten food 6lb bag - $12.19

      Dry cat Food Adult or Light 6lb bag - $12.09

      Dry cat food senior hairball 6lb bag - $12.49

      Frozen –

      No Preservatives • Vegetarian Diet • Gluten Free
       No Antibiotics Ever
      Raised Without Added Hormones

      Mary's Free-Range Organic Air Chilled Turkeys are an additional step up the ladder in humane farming practices; with freedom to move about and a premium diet void of any chemical stimulators.  Certified Organic feeds must be Certified by the USDA and everything that goes in them must be certified as well. Mary's Organic Turkey feed does not contain any of the following:

          •   NO Animal By Products

          •   NO Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

          •   NO Antibiotics

          •   NO Pesticide Treated Grains

          •   NO Grains Grown with Chemical Fertilizers 


      CHOOSE ORGANIC TURKEYS @ $4.49 per pound
      FREE-RANGE TURKEYS @ $2.69 per pound


       probably be a drumming circle…



      Cereal Crimes
      important video and news about ‘Natural’ Cereal


      The Cornucopia Institute Cereal Scorecard:






      Call 601-573-7529 for questions about the garden or to schedule a work session with Michael.


      Bee Hives… Nature Trail…Spring Vegetables Planted…Huge Mulching Operation…Sustainable Practices Workshops


      Directions to the Tougaloo-Rainbow Sustainable Garden:

      Go to the main gates of Tougaloo College . (From north State Street , turn west on County Line Road and go about half a mile – it’s on the right)

      At the guard station let them know you are headed for the garden.

      Take the first left after the guard station.

      Continue until you come to an open field on your right and you can see the floating dormitory building. Turn right toward the dormitory.

      Just before you get to the dormitory, turn in the parking lot to your left and follow the gravel road under the dormitory and park behind the science building. The garden is next to the woods just beyond the parking lot.



      The Zombie's Are  Crawling into Fondren 

      FAB will be partnering with the Mississippi Optometric Foundation to raise awareness about children's vision issues as they bring to Jackson Fondren's First Zombie Crawl. Non-profits around the country have been sponsoring Zombie Crawls for years around Halloween time  in order to promote the services of their organization (google "zombie crawl" for a few examples). FAB requests that you go all out with a Halloween/Zombie theme on Thursday, October 27th.  Businesses are encouraged to remain open from 5 until 8 on our regular Fondren after 5 evenings, October 6th and November 3rd.


      Our Fondren event will begin with a Children's Halloween Costume Contest at 5:30. There will be pumpkins to carve and assistants to help with final touches to make up and costumes. "Zombies" will roam the streets and shops from 6 til 7:30. Who knows, they may even transform some unsuspecting by-standers into "their kind." The evening ends with a "Zombie Prom" at the Auditorium with doors opening at 8.


      This will be a family friendly event (think old Adams' Family, Munster type and B-movie "horror"). No, zombies are not real (or are they). Think "campy" pre-Halloween funk. Think, "how can my store or business participate?" You will be learning more about this event as representatives of the MS Optometric Foundation contact you regarding the participation of your business.


      Americans Eat 42 Pounds of Corn Syrup Annually—How Bad is That?

      The American Heart Association recommends that women consume no more than six teaspoons of added sugar per day and that men consume no more than nine. Americans actually consume forty-two pounds of the stuff annually—which is equivalent to 3,865 teaspoons of corn syrup, or almost 11 teaspoons per day. Yeesh. More bad news at GOOD. http://www.good.is/post/americans-eat-42-pounds-of-corn-syrup-annually-how-bad-is-it/?utm_source=GRACE&utm_campaign=6286a185b1-News+Briefs&utm_medium=email

       Global Rates of Obesity Doubled in 30 Years

      According to three new studies published in The Lancet, the world—and especially the West—is getting heavier at an astonishing rate. Over the last three decades global obesity rates have doubled. [New York Times]


      What U.S. Food Companies Don’t Tell You about Your Food


      80% of the packaged foods in America contain Genetically Engineered ingredients that have not been proven safe, and are not labeled. Here, Maria Rodale makes the argument for labeling GE foods—and shows how such labeling has curtailed the use of GE foods in other countries. [The Huffington Post]






      National Food Day is October 24!

      National Food Day is bringing together Americans of all stripes to celebrate food and push for a healthier, more sustainable food system. Get involved today by finding an event in your community or setting up your own.

      And please urge Congress to support National Food Day's agenda, which promotes healthy, safe and sustainable foods.

      We're looking forward to celebrating National Food Day with you!



      Pictures from Occupy Jackson :

      Cafe MIRA

       When:  Thursday, October 20, 2011

       Where:  MIRA Office, 612 N. State Street , Jackson , MS 39202

       Time:  6:30-8:30 p.m.

       Cost:  Free with complimentary snacks

       Contact:  MIRA Office at 601-968-5182

       Special showing of the 1954 dramatic film "Salt of the Earth,” the only blacklisted film in American history.  The film was produced, directed and written by victims of the 1950s anti-communist blacklisting, including Herbert Biberman-one of the “Hollywood 10” who was jailed for refusing to cooperate with U.S. congressional inquiries.  The cast is almost entirely comprised of mine workers who participated in a real-life strike, on which the story is based, in New Mexico . 

       Come join us for this gripping film! 

      Large crowd honors King's dream at memorial dedication

      MLK Memorial, DCOn a glorious, sunny Sunday in the nation's capital, tens of thousands of people gathered to honor the memory and pledge to carry forward the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

      They were witnessing the formal dedication of the King memorial, which opened in August.






      Noise: How the mainstream media makes us crazy

      MSM makes us crazyMedia is like a mental neutron bomb. It blows the mind but leaves the other brain functions intact so people can still go to work, buy crap with the money they make, and continue to vote against their best interests until they die.

      The media’s primary goal is to distract … and get us to react. We’re not getting enough information to thoughtfully respond to anything. The particulars of any story are distorted, omitted, or made up.


       California BPA Ban Signed into Law

      Parents in California can breathe a sigh of relief. Governor Jerry Brown has finally signed a bill banning the chemical BPA from baby bottles and toddlers’ d

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    • Luke Lundemo
      Description: NEWLOGO Rainbow Co-op News for Monday, November 18, 2013 In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a
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        Description: NEWLOGO

        Rainbow Co-op News for Monday, November 18, 2013

          "In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress." ~ John Adams, attorney, diplomat, statesman, and 2nd president of the United States

        Inside News                                601-366-1602 www.rainbowcoop.org Description: Description: http://www.rainbowcoop.org/ee_site/images/facebook.png Description: Description: http://www.rainbowcoop.org/ee_site/images/twitter.png


        Food as Medicine

        Healthcare you can sink your teeth into


        Description: Membersweekend--=2013

        = = = = = =


        Description: roundup-up

        The November Rainbow Roundup Recipient is:

        Bike Walk Mississippi


        Bike Walk wants to make the streets, sidewalks and anywhere you choose to walk, to ride or to run a SAFER place to do so. 

        When you check out at the cash register, just tell the cashier you want to round up to the next dollar. At the end of the month, we total up all the contributions and give it to

        = = = = = =

        We have a donation box in the plaza for the My Brother's Keeper Food Pantry. http://mbkinc.org/

        = = = = = =


           The High Noon Café, Bakery, Deli and Salad Bar


        Description: newlogo


        Mississippi’s Healthiest Restaurant
        As Organic as it gets

        All Vegetarian, all the time
        Open Monday – Friday from 11:30am to 2:00pm

        This week’s specials:

        Monday, Nov. 18
        Chick’un and Rice Soup*


        Tuesday, Nov. 19
        Polenta with Sautéed Veggies
        Green Lentil Soup*

        Wednesday, Nov. 20
        Black Bean Burger
        White Bean Soup*

        Thursday, Nov. 21
        Red Curry over Rice

        Tortilla Soup*


        Friday, Nov. 22
        Seaside Cakes with Mashed Potatoes, Gravy and Coleslaw
        Veggie Soup


        = = = = = =

        Description: FarmToTableNov2013



           The Frozen Foods Department


        The Organic and Free Range Turkeys are here!


        Description: turkeys33


        And for those who are pardoning a turkey…

        The Tofurkeys and relatives are here too

        Description: tofurkeys33


           The Health and Beauty Department


        Description: veriaid2

        Our Standards

        Ayurveda is about balance, and it’s hard to balance what’s organic (you) with what’s artificial. That’s why we seek out effective herbal ingredients, and why we’re careful about what goes into our formulas.

        All of VeriaInnerdosha products are made with 100% vegetarian ingredients and are certified cruelty-free.

        NO parabens (we’re well preserved without them)

        NO phthalates (because we like you healthy)

        NO synthetic fragrances (ours are 100% naturally derived)

        NO harsh sulfates (we lather gently)

        NO artificial colors (because natural is beautiful)

        NO GMO’s


        Sustainability is in our Nature

        Veria Innerdosha marries herbal wisdom with the best of modern science and that applies to the packaging of our products too. We’d never say something’s good for you that isn’t also good for the world. So when we say “more of the good, less of the bad,” we mean people, planet, all of it. It’s not in our nature to do it any other way.

        Our tubes are made from 67% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content

        Our jars and tubs are 25% PCR.

        Our bottles are 25% PCR

        Our cartons are 50% PCR, 100% carbon neutral and made with wind power



           The Bulk Foods Department


        Description: lotusleaf

        Lotus Leaf and Lotus Flower Petals

        The lovely lotus, which lives in the water but pokes its head above the surface, and whose beautiful flowers open in the morning as the Sun rises, and close at night, has charmed eastern and middle eastern cultures for millennium. The pales green leaves, which lay flat upon the surface of the water, reach a diameter of up to 18 inches. They are collected in the summer and autumn, and dried and processed into an herbal extract, which is effective as an astringent, cardio tonic, anti-febrile agent, hypotensive, resolvent, styptic, tonic and vasodilator.

        Lotus flower is a national flower of India and is used for calming and soothing.  It is a mild diuretic and used for detox.  It has been used for many years by a variety of cultures for everything from women’s health to an offering to the Gods.  Used for astringent, cardio tonic, febrifuge, hypertensive, stomachic, styptic, tonic and vasodilator.



           The Supplements Department


        Help! – I need to chill out!


        Description: chillout


        Got you covered.


           The Grocery Department


        Description: evamorwater


        Description: evamor

        = = = = = =

        No Need to Mull on This – We got it!

        Description: mulingspice

        = = = = = =

        Now you can really go cuckoo for coconut!

        Description: coconutstuff


        Rainbow Plaza News

           Fair Trade Green







        Description: newlogo




        Economic Justice -
        with handmade fair trade products

        Earth Stewardship - with solar and energy efficient products

        Spiritual Evolution - with positive messages on t-shirts, stickers, magnets buttons, cups…

        Books – On sustainable living, healthy eating, personal development…

        Incense – Candles -  Clothing - Musical Instruments – Gifts – Crystals and Gems

        Beautiful handmade jewelry.




        Description: shopsmall

        Support Small Business Saturday, November 30

        = = = = = =

        New Extended Holiday Store Hours

        Open until 5pm Saturdays

        = = = = = =

        Description: woodblockcalendar

        Really cool wood block calendars with carved animals.

        = = = = = =

        Description: woodelephantbookends

        Wood elephants hold books in place!


           Computer Co-op


        Description: lowres-logo2
        It’s not about computers -

        It’s about serving people


        Computer Repair and Problem Solving

        On-site and in our repair shop

        We also sell new and used computers and parts

        Rent laptops, screens, projectors and speakers
        Teach computer skills and recycle computers

        Big savings for members





           Rent Jackson

        Description: rentjackson


        Residential Property Management
        in Metro Jackson, Mississippi


           Rainbow Plaza Cybercafé

        Description: cybercafe logo


        Free Wi-Fi throughout the plaza
        Three free public computers with high speed internet access

        Printing is .15 per page
        30 minute limit when others are waiting


        Three work stations - all with print capabilities!

           Conscious Living Project


        For healthy minds, bodies and earth

        Free Lending Library
        Nearly two thousand titles of books, videos and audio cassettes related to spirituality and personal growth. In the Fair Trade Green store.


        Sunday, December 8 – Group Meditation – Rainbow Plaza, Fondren, MS

        One Hour Silent Meditation
        at Rainbow Plaza, in the Fair Trade Green Library
        Open to everyone

        Sundays at 10:00am





        Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out Against GMO Dangers

        Description: Vrain

        Elizabeth Renter, News Report: As mounting evidence shows genetically modified foods have dangerous health and environmental repercussions, the number of scientists willing to step forward and speak out against them is similarly growing. Dr. Thierry Vrain is just the latest of many scientists to buck Monsanto and their hired goons, changing his stance on GMOs and shouting their dangers to anyone that will listen. Now, 10 years after his retirement, he’s changed his tune.

        READ  |  DISCUSS  |  SHARE

        = = = = = =

        Description: colbertreport

        = = = = = =

        Thanksgiving Recipes

        Description: givethanks
        Whether you're looking for traditional standards or innovative ideas for your holiday dinner, you'll find them in Epicurious' collection of
        top-rated Thanksgiving recipes. Epicurious offers a great array of turkey recipes, as well as a wonderful selection of side dishes.  And if you'd specifically like to skip the meat course at this year's dinner, you'll never miss it with these vegetarian and vegan dishes from the Daily Green, including cream of pumpkin soup topped with curried pecans, butternut squash-chestnut soup with caramelized pears, Chesapeake tempeh cakes, and Moroccan couscous with saffron. Finally, if you find you're still in possession of Halloween pumpkins, you may appreciate these eight recipes from the DailyGreen.

        = = = = = =

        What's In That Chicken Nugget?

        Description: nugget
        A University of Mississippi analysis of two chicken nuggets, bought locally from "national fast food chains," found that "half or more of each was made up of fat, cartilage, pieces of bone, blood vessels and nerves." One researcher noted, "It is really a chicken by-product high in calories, salt, sugar and fat that is a very unhealthy choice. Even worse, it tastes great and kids love it and it is marketed to them." Reuters has
        the story, if you can stomach it.

        = = = = = =





        The Tougaloo-Rainbow Sustainable Garden



        Go to the main gates of Tougaloo College. (From north State Street, turn west on County Line Road and go about half a mile – it’s on the right)

        At the guard station let them know you are headed for the garden.

        Take the first left after the guard station.

        Continue until you come to an open field on your right and you can see the floating dormitory building. Turn right toward the dormitory.

        Just before you get to the dormitory, turn in the parking lot to your left and follow the gravel road under the dormitory and park behind the science building. The garden is next to the woods just beyond the parking lot.


        For more information call the Garden Manager, Felicia Bell 601-955-0339




        Thursday, Nov. 21 – Vegan Three Course Dinner – Jackson

        Bravo’s every Thursday.


        Thursday, Nov. 21 – Fondren Unwrapped – Fondren

        Stores staying open late. Awesome substation light up planned!

        Description: fondrenlookup


        Description: fondrenlookkup2


        Saturday, November 23– The 12K’s For The Holidays - Fondren

        The 12k’s for the Holidays Charity Run is a great way to start the holiday season. The 12k run, 5k run, 5k walk and FREE one mile fun run for kids wind through the beautiful historic Fondren neighborhood on Saturday, November 23rd. This fabulous race is a fundraiser for The Good Samaritan Center, helping families in crisis for 40. www.christmas12k.com


        Friday, Nov. 29 – Community Bike Ride – Fondren

        Meet in the Rainbow Co-op parking lot at 6pm for a group bike ride through Fondren, midtown and downtown. All ages and skill levels are welcome as it is leisurely paced.

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