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WellsFest This Saturday! and eNews

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  • Tully Morrison
    RainbowGrocery eNews 9/23/2002 WEB: http://www.rainbowcoop.org EMAIL: sendinfo@rainbowcoop.org ******************************** OPEN MONDAY - SATURDAY Store
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2002
      RainbowGrocery eNews 9/23/2002
      WEB: http://www.rainbowcoop.org
      EMAIL: sendinfo@...
      Store Hours: 9AM - 7PM
      Cafe Hours: 7AM - 2:30PM
      Salad Bar: 10AM - 7PM

      Lakeland Park east of Smith-Wills Stadium.

      Bring the whole family and enjoy the fun, food, and music! Rainbow
      and High Noon will once again be one of only two food booths at
      Wellsfest, as it has been for many years. Our great chef, West
      Overacre will be there to prepare and serve along with volunteers.
      The money raised goes to a worthy cause each year.
      We need volunteers to sell food and drinks and to help set up and
      take down the tent and equipment.

      This year's Beneficiary is: Preparing Adolescents for Living
      Successfully, a transitional living program of Southern Christian
      Services for Children and Youth.

      WellsFest Is:
      ... A family-friendly music festival, admission-free, drawing the
      best groups around. Entertainers, who donate their time and talent,
      appear on twin stages, providing continuous music under the trees in
      Lakeland Park. (Watch the paper for playlists).
      ...A fun fair for kids, featuring easy-to-win games, creative
      activities and pony rides at low, low prices.
      ...An art auction, where you can bid on works donated by prominent
      Jackson area artists.
      ...A silent auction, where you can pick up bargains donated by local
      merchants, innkepers and restaurateurs.
      ...A flea market, where someone else's trash may be the antique
      treasure you've been hunting.
      ...An outdoor coffee house, where you can relax with friends and
      enjoy fantastic, homemade desserts.
      ...A diner's delight, where you can enjoy fine grilled treats from
      the WellsFest Chef or the wonderful selections served up by the folks
      from Rainbow Whole Foods.
      ...A crafts fair, featuring area artisans.
      ...A 5K race/walk, early risers enjoy a trek through northeast
      Jackson. The race starts at 8 AM (pre-registration at Bike Rack
      stores or WellsFest Day at 7:15 AM)

      2. Help Build Mississippi's First Environmentally Sustainable Habitat
      Rainbow Whole Foods will be one of the sponsors of Mississippi's 1st
      Environmentally Sustainable Habitat Home. Our scheduled construction
      date is Saturday, November 9th.

      I encourage you all to participate in this milestone event. Please
      talk to our customers, members and your friends and family about this
      project.Be a part of this fantastic opportunity to show the co-
      operative spirit that we hold so dear here at Rainbow.

      Check our web site often for more information and how to volunteer!

      http://www.rainbowcoop.org and click on the links.

      High Noon Menu now online!

      High Noon Cafe Lunch Specials for 9/23-9/28

      Sea Side Cakes

      "West, Get Well Soon!"

      Tuesday- Saturday's specials to follow tomorrow.

      IN A HURRY?
      Come by our Deli or Salad Bar and grab a QUICK MEAL that IS actually
      GOOD for YOU!

      (For DETAILS go to http://www.rainbowcoop.org#specials )

      NEW ITEM: True Natural Taste Creamy White Mustard - made from the
      original mustard recipe before mustard became "prepared".

      NEW ITEM: Native American Herbal Tea in six varieties - Chief's
      Delight , Good Medicine , Indian Love Tea , Teepee Dreams , Victory
      Tea , and Warrior's Brew . Native American Herbal Tea, Inc. is a 100%
      American Indian owned and operated company.

      Solana Gold Apple Juice Blend 40% off.
      Walnut Acres Certified Organic Pasta Sauce 30% off.
      Natural Icelandic Spring Water 33% off.
      Trinity Springs Water 30% off.
      Select Muir Glen Tomatoes 33% off.
      After The Fall Organic Orange Pineapple Juice 30% off.
      Nature's Choice Granola Bars 35% off
      Select Barbara's Cereals 25% off
      Environkidz Cereals 30% off
      Seeds of Change Salsas 25% off
      Knudsen Cranberry Nectar and Just Cranberry Juices 27% off

      These and more special as they become available. Limited quantities
      of some items. We reserve the right to correct errors.
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