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New Railroad Links 1/20 to 1/26

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  • Bob Harbison
    New railroad links for January 20th to 26th from http://www.railroaddata.com/ You may view all of our recently added links by visiting:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2002
      New railroad links for January 20th to 26th from
      http://www.railroaddata.com/ You may view all
      of our recently added links by visiting:

      48/ft, O Scale News - http://users.foxvalley.net/~osn/
      The O Scale magazine since 1970. O Scale trains, operation, and
      construction projects. Online resource center.

      Alltranstek Transportation Management & Consulting -
      AllTranstek is an industry leader in providing a full range of rail
      fleet logistical services and technical consulting.

      Arkansas - Trains Through Arkansas -
      Site with both roster and action shots of railroads, shortline,
      regionals and Class 1's operating in Arkansas.

      California - Featherbed Railroad Company -
      Nice, CA - Lovely refurbished cabooses, most with Jacuzzi tubs for two.
      Breakfast in bed or at the "main station." The rooms have such romantic
      names as, "Casa Blanca", "Wine Country and "La Loose Caboose" done in a
      bordello style (very cute). Everything is done in good taste and clever

      Depot News - http://www.depotnews.com
      DepotNews, your station for rail news & issues- from your home to the

      Emil's Railroads - http://www.hellertrain.ch
      Railfan,BNSF,CP,CN,Modelling in H0 and N-scale

      Fabricated Metals LLC - http://www.fabricatedmetals.com
      Manufacturers of signal cases and houses; cantilever and signal bridges;
      rail-highway crossings; custom fabrication.

      Hyundai heavy Industries Co., Ltd. - http://www.hhi.co.kr
      Propulsion Systems and Aux. Power Supplies

      Kinnamon's Railroad Page - http://homepage.mac.com/lkinnamon
      This site is devoted to my interests in southeastern U.S. lines,
      including the Central of Georgia and the Seaboard Air Line. It also
      features my outdoor, largescale, model railroad called the Americus

      Massachusetts - Old Colony & Fall River Railroad Museum Inc. -
      Fall River, MA - The Old Colony & Fall River Railroad Museum Inc. is a
      nonprofit, historical, and educational museum dedicated to the
      preservation of a nostalgic past, railroading in Fall River and New

      Montana - Izaak Walton Inn - http://www.izaakwaltoninn.com/
      Essex, MT - Built in 1939 to accommodate Great Northern Railway workers,
      the Inn is located just west of the Continental Divide in Montana's
      Rocky Mountains. Snuggled between Glacier National Park and the Great
      Bear Wilderness, the Inn offers a cozy base from which to explore our
      unspoiled surroundings.<br><br>Owing its existence to the Great
      Northern, it's natural that trains are central to the Izaak Walton
      experience. Amtrak serves the Inn twice a day. Guests arrive and depart
      from the only flagstop on the Empire Builder line. The Inn is a
      railfan's haven.

      Morristown & Erie - Short line - http://www.merail.com
      Morristown & Erie is a short line freight railroad serving customers in
      Morris and Essex counties in New Jersey.

      Mt. Beacon Incline Railway Restoration Society -
      The Mt. Beacon Incline Railway once climbed 1,500 feet sharply up
      historic Mt. Beacon, and thrilled its passengers to spectacular views of
      the Hudson River Valley in the Hudson Highlands (where many of the great
      Hudson River artists were inspired). Located in Beacon New York, 60
      miles north of New York City, it delighted thousands of people for over
      seventy five years until it was tragically destroyed by fire in 1983.
      <br><br>Entering into our fifth year of operation, the Incline Society
      is comprised of volunteers working to restore the railway. We are
      registered with the New York State Department of Education as a
      not-for-profit Historical Society

      Ohio - Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation, Inc - http://www.nworrp.org

      We are a non-profit corporation established in 1998 to preserve and
      promote railroad history. Members are currently restoring 15" gauge
      live-steam Engine 901, acquired from the Israelite House of David, with
      plans to have it running mid-2002.

      Ohio - Ohio Railway Museum - http://www.ohiorailwaymuseum.org
      Sponsors excursions in Ohio, mostly on the Ohio Central Railway. Also
      working on establishing a museum.

      One week in the Czech Republic - Holiday in an old railcar -
      Discover the heart of Europe! A week-long train tour through scenic
      regions of the Czech Republic. Historical diesel railcar with a dining
      car. Sightseeing with experienced local guides.

      Rail Australia - http://www.goway.com/australia/railaustralia.html
      Comfortable train travel brings the real Australia close to you in a way
      no other mode of transport can. Rail Australia, represented by Goway
      Travel, provides convenient service between most major cities.

      Rossville (IL) Historical & Genealogical Society -
      Rossville's history would be incomplete without reference to the
      railroad that contributed to its early growth. In``
      1872 the Chicago, Danville, and Vincennes railroad (later known as the
      C&EI railroad) was built running north and south through Rossville. The
      once bustling depot continues to draw people into Rossville. The
      Danville Junction Chapter of the Railway Historical Society owns and
      operates the Rossville Depot Museum in this historic depot, but the
      trains are now running inside the building. Records are available for
      the railroad buffs``and curiosity seekers of past railroad history.

      Sierra Madre Express - Copper Canyon -
      When you visit Mexico’s fabled Copper Canyon, traveling there on the
      Sierra Madre Express will assure the perfect vacation experience. Join a
      select group of travelers who have the opportunity to learn about Mexico
      as few others do while experiencing the romance and nostalgia often
      associated with rail travel of years past.

      SouthEast Railfanning - http://www.serailfanning.com
      Learn about train watching in the Southeastern United States by reading
      detailed information about specific railroad locations and lines,
      viewing photos made from railfan trip videos, and watching and
      purchasing train videos by the authors.

      Spreewald Garden Railroad - http://www.hallas.com
      Large Scale Garden Railroad

      Switzerland, Geneva - Webcam Geneva Airport - http://www.zic.ch/webcam/
      Rapid Transit System serving the International Airport of Geneva.

      Tennessee - Tennessee Central Railway Museum -
      Nashville, TN - The Tennessee Central Railway Museum is dedicated to the
      preservation and operation of railroad equipment in Tennessee. The
      museum operates passenger excursions in the central Tennessee area,
      providing a unique opportunity for passengers to experience rail travel.
      A growing collection of historic equipment is under development to
      preserve our rail heritage.

      Transportation Tokens For Sale - http://www.exonumia.com/transit.htm
      Transportation tokens used by railroads, buses, streetcards, etc., for
      sale. Lots of 100 different and 2500 mixed at reasonable prices. Books
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