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    Below are some excerpts from the May Loose Ties newsletter, which may be of interest to non-members. - Jim Ingram On May 18, 2009, at 6:27 AM, jeffrey
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      Below are some excerpts from the May Loose Ties newsletter, which may be of interest to non-members.  - Jim Ingram

      On May 18, 2009, at 6:27 AM, jeffrey johnstonbaugh wrote:


      NEWSLETTER FOR 05/09

      www.looseties. com


      JULY 17-19, 2009


      The Susquehanna Valley Garden Railway Society will be coming north.  Two years ago I did a layout at Gilbert’s Garden Center. (GilbertsGardenCenter.com  in Shamokin Dam)  It was way too much work for a few people and we had to rely on the use of the SVGRS equipment to build and run the layout.  This year there is enough interest from that club to actually help by bringing the equipment, building the layout, manning it, and tear down and return home.  If you get a chance please stop by and meet some of these folks.  G gauge people are really great and a lot of fun, out only fault is “we think big”.


      JULY 24 – 26,2009


      Like us donations are appreciated


           Reading Company Technical and Historical Society will have their modular HO layout at Iron Heritage Days. (in Danville) If you have never seen this layout, you must go.  Their modular system is very much like ours.  However each member owns their own module, but the club does have a set number that they maintain as a club.  Many members have just outright donated their module to the club.  Each event must be coordinated to make sure how many modules will be available.  It is a beautiful depiction of the Readingline of years ago.



        Members of the club who also belong to TCA (Train Collectors Association) know that Dave Goodhardt was just elected to the board of directors of the Eastern Division of TCA.  Dave is the spearhead for the acquisition of a commemorative train car for the event.  The car is being made by our local Weaver Model Crafts.  Weaver has been a great supporter of our club by providing us with trains and rolling stock over the years.  The car is only available by advance order.  So if interested please contact Dave as soon as possible.

      Jeff Johnstonbaugh

      110 Fourth St

      Northumberland, PA  17857


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