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Re: hello raiders fans

Hello, i am a Raider fan (5 sleds), it is to bad that there is no mutch activity on this site. I hope we will regain energy here for the winter... Alain
Oct 11, 2011

Re: hello raiders fans

I am there on occasion. What can I do for you? I own several Raiders and a couple of Mantas.
Byron Miller
Oct 5, 2011

hello raiders fans

is someone there sometime
Oct 2, 2011

Re: Where do you fing these machines?

Hi, Thanks for the replys, I live in Rock Island, IL. Word of mouth hasn't worked for me so far, as no one I've talked to has ever heard of them. I could
B. Woodburn
Mar 3, 2008

Raider Twin Track Skis

I have several sets of "NOS" Raider Skis complete with wear bars. I get $30 per set and can be used for Raiders and other applications. I posted pictures in
Mar 3, 2008

Re: Where do you fing these machines?

Hi, Sent you an email last week and it returned to me as undeliverable. I find these Raiders on Vintage snowmobile classified or by word of mouth, or my
ken mooney
Mar 2, 2008

Re: Where do you fing these machines?

I have found 2 of mine in local newspapers, as most people don't know what they are the prices are usually pretty good. Where are you located? I might have a
Byron & Judi Miller
Feb 27, 2008

Where do you fing these machines?

O.K., not a lot of activity here, but this seems to be the only group that is dedicated to these interesting machines. So, the simple question is, where do
B. Woodburn
Feb 22, 2008

Welcome to Raider Twin Track group!

Hello Welcome to the Raider-Manta-Trail Roamer support group.Find all the information you have been looking for about the Raider Twin Track snowmobile as well
Jan 22, 2006
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