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  • T C Mudgal
    Radha Swami Surinder Ji Surinder Yadav wrote: satguru sar pe rakhio , chaliye agya mahi, keha kabir us das ko , tin lok daar
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 28, 2007
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      Radha Swami Surinder Ji

      Surinder Yadav <surenmohil@...> wrote: satguru sar pe rakhio , chaliye agya mahi,
      keha kabir us das ko , tin lok daar nahi.

      rsdinod <rsdinod@...> wrote:
      Shabd 8


      Take your seat at the third. Til and have Guru' s Darshan there.

      Always hear Guru's Shabd. By attaching yourself
      to Him, you will be able to annihilate all desires. (2)
      The Swarup (Form, Countenance) of Guru is highly pleasing and
      supremely refulgent like the sun. On seeing the sun, lotus expands
      its petals. And on seeing the lotus with petals expanded, the Bhonra
      (blackbee) becomes enamoured of it. You should love your Guru
      Radhasoami [ 107"
      just as Bhonra (black-bee) loves the lotus and
      the lotus loves the sun. (3-4)
      The hearts of those who have not been fortunate enough to receive
      Gyan (knowledge) from. Guru, remain shrouded in darkness. (5)
      They have not met a perfect Sat Guru. They remain wandering in the
      snares of the world. (6)
      Luckily I have met the Sat Guru. I sacrifice myself at Him. (7)
      I gaze at the Swarup (Form) of Guru the way a Chakor gazes at the
      moon. (8)
      Sat Guru is Shabd-swarup, that is, Shabd incarnate..
      His abode is in higher regions. (9)
      You are also Surat-swarup, that is, your real formm
      is also Surat, (not body or mind); follow Guru. (10)
      Guru's Rup (form) is in the eyes. Open your eyes. (11)
      Guru's Shabd is in the inner ears. Listen to the Shabd (sound)
      coming from Gagan. (12)
      Radhasoami is revealing the secrets of the real
      path. (13),
      Those who are fortunate enough to follow it shall
      cross the ocean of existence. (14)

      BACHAN 5
      R A D H A S O A M I
      Shabd 1

      "I his Sewak (servant) of Thy Holy Feet sings Arti (prayer). Doubts
      and delusions have confused
      his mind. (1)
      O Soami ! Now shower such grace that my doubts

      are removed, root and branch. (2) "Thus cleansed, may I apply
      myself to Shabd and
      rest in Daswan Dwar (Sunn). (3) Beyond is the vast expanse of
      Maha-sunn. If it be
      Thy Mauj, I proceed thither. (4) Ahead is the window to
      Bhanwargupha, where
      the Dhun of Sohang is resounding day and night. (5)

      Reaching there, I partake of the bliss of that region, and elevate
      my Surat further. (6)
      3 ] Secrets of the path [ 109'
      Next is the region of Sat Nam and Sat Shabd, ( 7)
      termed the fourth Pad (Region) by Sants.
      The beauty and elegance of Hansas (denizens) (8)
      cannot be adequately described. Each has a
      lustre of sixteen suns and moons.
      How am I to describe theDeity of the region ? wondrous Form of
      theEach hair has the (9)•
      resplendence of ten million suns and moons.
      Gracefully designed and decorated are the Dweeps(islands) in each of
      which lives a Hans. (10),
      Huge reservoirs of Ami (Amrit, nectar) are
      overflowing there. The Darshan (vision) of Sat Punish is the
      sustenance of the Hansas. (11)•
      Every day new spectacles are witnessed there. How should I describe
      the glory of that region ! (12)

      Beyond is Alakh Lok. Giving up subtle I-ness,
      my Surat goes there. (13)~

      How can the brilliance of Alakh Punish be described ? Thousand
      million suns and moons look dull in comparison.
      Each Surat has a lustre of ten million suns. Such
      is the form of Surats there. (15)

      My Surat gracefully steps forward and reaches Agam Lok. I observe
      the grandeur of that region. (16
      Unique is the majesty of Agam Purush. The resplendence exceeds a
      hundred thousand million suns. (17)
      '110 ] Glory of Sat Lok [ Bachan
      Beyond it, is Anami Purush who is Akah
      (indescribable) and Apar (infinite). (18)
      Save Sants, no one has access there. Sants call it Nij Ghar (the
      true and original abode). (19)
      0 Soami ! You have given out the most sublimesecret. (20)
      Now, also be pleased to indicate how I can reachthere. Do awaken
      deep longing and yearningin my heart. (21)
      :Soami has pointed out the method of Surat Shabd,and cautioned that
      it is not possible to reachthere without Day d (grace and mercy).
      Have no doubt about the efficacy of Surat ShabdYoga. Merge your
      Surat in Shabd slowly andgradually. (23)
      Soami has repeatedly enjoined upon all to practise Surat Shabd Yoga
      regularly. (24)
      The Arti (hymn of prayer) is now over. Sant Mat
      has been fully explained. (25)
      Shabd 2

      Today, I am performing a grand Arti; my support
      is Sumiran (repetition) of RADHASOAMI. (1)
      The pupil of the eye is the Thali (platter) for Arti,
      5 Glory of Sat Lok [ 111
      and Jyoti the lamp. Overflowing with love,
      I come before Soami. (2)
      I am having Darshan of Radhasoami with my eyes. I enshrine His Rup
      (Form) in my heart.
      I was Chakvi and Sat Guru was the Chakva. When the night (of
      ignorance) fell, I was separated from Him. (4)
      [See note to couplet 24. Shabd 4, Bachan 3 above.]
      I was plunged into darkness. I remained restless
      on this end. My Sat Guru, my Lord, is on the other end. How could I
      join Him ? I did not
      find the way. (5-6)
      Separated from my Beloved I mrithed in agony every moment. How am I
      to unite-with my Lord ? (7)
      Extremely restless and impatient, I called out Soami. He took me in
      His care. (8)
      By His grace, the night was soon over, the day broke and the sun
      rose within me.
      I was lying void below the region of the eyes, namely, Pind. Guru
      revealed to me the book telling of the other side, namely, Brahmand
      and Dayal Desh. (10)
      I removed the barrier and met the Guru, who enab
      led me to embark on the internal path of Parmarth. (11)
      My Surat went in and mingled with Shabd like
      iron filings attracted to and joined with a magnet. (12)
      112 1 Secrets of the Path [ Bachan
      Concentratingmy Surat,door and penetrated Ithe
      peeped through theeye of the needle. (13)
      How can I describe thepenetrating within ?unapproachable.
      spectacleI witnessed onconcerned the region (14)
      The omniscient Sat Guru knows it. Or, one to
      whom the Sat Guru reveals these secrets, willknow it.
      I penetratedbeyond the thirdTil and heard the
      and the conch.
      Dhun .(sound) of the bell
      I saw the sun and the moonsaw Sukhman in the
      either side. I alsoand sky and stars. (17)
      I penetratedfurther, andcrooked tunnel) whereextensive net.
      reachedBanknal (theKal has spread his (18)
      Proceedingonward, I arrivedthe red sky and heard the
      at Trikuti. I beheldDhun of Omkar. (19)
      Then, I went to Sunn, Daswanin Mansarovar with
      Hansas.Dwar, and bathed (20)
      That region is Sait (white),light. full of bright
      (2I )
      I ascended to Shikhar (top) and got across Mahasunn. (22)
      I opened the niche of Bhanwargupha, and heard
      the sound of Sohang and Murli (flute). (23)
      Beyond the square, I entered Sat Lok. I got Darshan of Sat Punish
      and heard the Bin (harp). (24)
      5 ] Glory of Sat Lok [ 113

      Each hair of Sat Punish has the brilliance of ten million suns and
      Thousand million suns and moons look pale before
      the refulgence of this region. (27)
      With the permission of Alakh Punish I proceededfurther and met Agam
      Punish. (28)
      The resplendence of each hair of Agam Punishexceeds the light of a
      hundred thousand millionsuns and moons. What more can be said of
      theinfinitely vast region of Agam Lok ? (29)
      I went further. Both Surat and Nirat merged inthe Nij Pad. (30)
      [That faculty of spirit which is ever ready to be absorbed in the
      bliss and joy of any centre or region is called "Surat",
      while "Nirat" is that which awakens the desire to leave that bliss
      and joy, and yearns for that of the higher centre or region. At each
      and every centre, Surat and Nirat faculties go on asserting
      themselves, till the spirit of the devotee finally
      reaches Radhasoami Dham, the Nij Pad and theHighest Region. There,
      Surat and Nirat become one.]
      That Nij Pad is Radhasoami Dham. Again andagain I utter Radhasoami.
      How should I describe the grandeur of that Maim(Region) ? Each
      cordon of the palace isornamented with hundred million suns andmoons.
      With the permission of Sat Punish, I went quickly to Alakh Lok.

      114 ] Secrets of the Path [ Bachan
      Palaces are bedecked with billions and billions
      of jewels. I cannot adequately express themagnificence of that Dham.
      I saw billions and trillions of suns and moonsround the throne.
      The Swarup (Form) of Supreme FatherRadhasoami is indescribable,
      unsurpassed andunrivalled. (35)
      What illustration should I give about the gloryand majesty of
      Radhasoami ? Digits have allbeen exhausted. (36)
      I have dwelt on this most excellent Anti. I cansay no more. I am now
      the foremost. (37)

      I look at a wonderful city. Guru has equipped
      me with a master key. (1)
      I have heard Anhad Shabd and seen one most wondrous form.. (2)
      What is to be said of the great favour Guru has done to me ! I have
      become the darling of Radhasoami. (3)
      I have left the alien region, and have found abode in the mansion of
      Radhasoami. (4)
      5 ] Glory of Sat Lok { 115
      0 my brother ! How can I dwell upon the glory (5)
      of Guru who gave out these secrets to me.
      I have now devoutly taken Saran of Radhasoami.Insignificant that I
      am, how can I describe Hisall round exalted position ? (6)
      I am fortunate that Shabd appeals to me. I haveam engaged in
      enjoyed the bliss of Nam andworking out my salvation.
      On coming in contact with the Sukhman (middlecurrent), my Surat was
      purified. It went on (8)
      proceeding further and ascended to Nabha(sky).

      I withdrew the spirit current from the two eyes:and saw Jyoti. My
      Surat entered Sahas-dalkanwal. (9)

      I left shyam (black spots or pupils of the eyes)and beheld the Saitl
      Rupa. I passed throughBanknal and came to Trikuti. (10)
      I heard the melodious sounds of Ong and thunder,and saw the red
      morning sun. (11)
      I reached Sunn and bathed in the Mansarovarlake. I heard the
      melodious sounds of Rarangand Kingri (fiddle). (12)
      I became a Hans and went ahead. On passingthrough Maha-sunn, my
      Surat was highlyembellished. (13)
      1. White, illumined. 2. Form.

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