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Support for Anti-Columbus Day

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  • ghwelker
    Response to A Silly Analogy report in Denver Rocky Mountain Newspaper From: talking.leaf@cwctv.net To: trotterj@RockyMountainNews.com To whom it may
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2005
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      Response to 'A Silly Analogy' report in Denver Rocky Mountain Newspaper

      From: talking.leaf@...
      To: trotterj@...

      To whom it may concern,

      Having read your article 'A Silly Analogy' I really think that you
      have taken
      a flight from reality. I fully support the Anti-Columbus Day
      and they are perfectly right when they say that Columbus and his men
      were like
      Nazis or the Ku Klus Klan.

      I am not Native American and I live in Britain, thankfully here we get
      to see
      documentaries about all sorts of things like the life of Columbus
      which are
      truthful and don't spew out a lot of lies. So let me give you a few facts
      about this monster called Columbus.

      First of all the bastard wasn't Italian, he was Spanish and when I use
      term about him, I use it correctly because evidence suggests that he
      was an
      illegitmate son of a rich prominent family from Barcelona which is in
      SPAIN and
      not Italy just in case you are not clued up with geography.

      He passed himself off as Italian when he went begging to the Spanish Royal
      Family to fund his explorations because years earlier he had been
      involved in a
      rebellious uprising against the Spanish Monarchy and did not want to be
      recognised. He may have lived in Genoa in Italy after this revolt
      because he had to
      disappear and quickly.

      This idiot did not set out to find the New World, he thought he was
      going to
      India by
      another route and thought he had found it and so called the Natives
      'Indians' He never actually set foot on what is now American soil, he
      only got as far
      as the Caribbean where he encountered the Native people there (Tainos) and
      they treated him and his men with kindness and generosity. What did
      these poor
      people get in return, they got enslavement, cruelty to their people,
      sickness and death. And as you are such an ignoramus, the Tainos weren't
      cannibals or Columbus and his men would have been killed and eaten and
      we wouldn't
      have known anything about him, it is a pity that he wasn't eaten by them
      really but then again he would have made them really ill because he
      was thoroughly
      bad and we all know that eating anything bad makes you sick.

      As far as anyone knows, the Vikings were probably the first people to
      the Atlantic to America (just in case you didn't know, the Vikings
      came from
      Scandinavia!) and they settled with American Indians and arrived on
      shores much earlier than the pilgrims (not Columbus). Actually, Europeans
      probably got to America about 2000 years ago, these were the Celts who
      came from Mid Europe and went westward into the rest of our continent and
      probably went to America from there. If you dig hard enough you will
      find that there
      are Celtic artifacts and monuments along the East Coast of America, these
      people would have settled very well with the Indians as they had the same
      spiritual knowledge and awareness and lived in close harmony with the
      Earth and

      It is good to have a 'holiday', everyone wants one but not one in
      honor of a
      cruel, vicious, sadistic mass murderer. We have just had a Holocaust
      Remembrance Day for all the people who died in the terrible
      concentration camps under
      the Nazi Regime. How would survivors and relatives feel if we
      celebrated 'A
      Hitler' Day, I don't think it would go down too well. Many millions
      died in the
      concentration camps and this was terrible enough, but the truth is the
      biggest holocaust in the world took place on American Soil, Columbus
      and other
      Europeans set off a very tragic chain of events which wiped out about
      90% of Native
      people through war, starvation and disease.

      Don't talk to me about Columbus or Hitler, they are on a par and I
      hope and
      pray with all my heart that both are suffering in hell where they will
      be and
      that this suffering goes on forever.

      Yours, Christine Hewitt,
      Co-Founder of the Red Heart Warriors Confederacy UK
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