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FW: native guinea pigs vaccines

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    Yes, me too. Just ask Native peoples suffering the effects of being used as unwitting human guineapigs against their prior knowledge or consent. The reknown
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2004
      FW: native guinea pigs vaccines Yes, me too.  Just ask Native peoples suffering the effects of being used as
      unwitting human guineapigs against their prior knowledge or consent.

      The reknown Kawerau project which touted successfull trialing of mass
      vaccination of Maori children with hepatitis B, did not publicise the
      numbers of children who developed diabetes post vaccination.

      Below are letters from Candace Cooper, a Cree woman, who resigned from
      official health services because of issues of enforced pharmaceuticals, with  
      unwanted risks and genocidal treatments inflicted against the Sto:lo nation
      by deception.

      There is also a letter from the Eagle Foundation in which Rose Stevens
      confirms how Dena'ina and Inuit of Alaska became part of a living
      laboratory for hepatitis vaccine testing.  This typifies the racism against
      indigenous peoples.

      The Inuit and Dena'ina  suffered devastating cancers and AIDs like diseases
      from mass Hepatitis vaccinations.  They successfully sued the US.Native
      Medical services for using their populations as a laboratory, and making
      their members sick in the process....

      The Indian Health Service, whose doctors rubbished the native health workers
      claims of mysterious cancers in North Alaska, accused them of delusions and
      paranoia; while all along they were secretly monitoring an experiment where
      nuclear waste from Nevada had been carefully buried under an Inuit town. The
      tribe watched silently as people suffered and died. Mary Anne Mills (of
      Stirling, Alaska) and her colleagues, uncovered that scandal, using the
      Freedom of Information Act to investigate any/all experiments on Alaskan
      Indigenous peoples.

      A pakeha friend, has worked with the IP's of Alaska since August 1988, and
      knows the Dena'ina elders. She's been there and has listened to all the
      elders from many of the other tribes as well. Hilary knows their concerns
      about the hep B vaccine and has seen the result amongst their people.

      But it's not just in Alaska. The Canadian Indians had trouble with the hep B
      vaccine, and said "no", but the health services vaccinated heaps of kids
      against their parents wishes.

      The united tribal council has stepped in and refused to allow any more
      hepatitis B vaccine.

      The Sioux nation in South Dakota also had problems, and after talking to the
      Canadian and Alaskan tribes, refused more hepatitis B. But what did the
      Indian Health Service (under which the Alaskan Native Medical Centre works)
      do? They tricked them into having the hepatitis A vaccine, saying they were
      testing the drug's effectiveness. What they didn't say, was that it was a
      safety trial, and they used the hep B vaccines, which South Dakota had
      previously refused, as a control injection! Unfortunately one district of
      Sioux did not find this out before 300 children had been done, but the eight
      other districts did, and told the doctors to leave.

      The Indian Native Service uses any means to an end. So the Sioux nine
      districts took a class action to court and won, abolishing both compulsory
      vaccines and testing within their nation.

      I'm sorry for any duplicate postings here but here are some of the emails
      I've had from native people about their experiences of vaccines and testings
      upon indigenous nations.

      From Rose Stevens---Association for Vaccine Damaged Children

      When our public health director in Winnipeg sent us studies trying to prove
      to us how safe the Hepatitis B vaccine was, one of the studies, along with
      WHO propaganda was an "Alaskan Study. When we checked the story out and were
      in contact with the Inuit elders, we were horrified to find out the study
      was done using the old plasma based vaccine----not the genetically
      engineered vaccine.

      I believe it is unscientific to take two different vaccines and use them for
      eficacy studies, assuming that the result will be the same for all types of
      Hep B vaccines. The really stupid thing about this study is that Alaskan
      people are not of the ethnic origin that is reacting to the Hep B vaccine.
      As Dr. Dunbar speculates it seems to be white caucasian of European decent.

      Here is the corker! The Inuit elders of the Dena'ina tribe have told us that
      they have the highest rate of AIDS aand hepatitis in all the world, and felt
      it was the result of the 1987 "United States Arctic Research Plan", which
      they felt was the result of the contaminated plasma based Hep B vaccine. A
      scientist from Finland, Yves deLatte, along with two Inuit elders spoke at a
      conference at the Artic Village . A Freelance writer from California, by the
      name of Joan Moss covered the story about 6 years ago.

      So yes , I agree with the Doctor---Alaskan Inuit have a very high rate of
      Hepatitis B. So where did they get it from???? Okay doctors--- lets
      reguritate more medical psychobabble and blame the high rate of Hepatitis B
      on the raw fish they eat! Lets hurry up and send them large quantities of
      the genetically engineered vaccine---after all it is soooooo safe!

      For any one interested on the documents of this project and the names and
      numbers of people to get in contact with to verify all that I am saying ,
      please e-mail me personally and I will get you in touch with these people. I
      do not suppose this is something that they want to become public
      knowledge---however---it is time for the truth to be revealed.


      Rose Stevens

      Vaccines and Canadian Indians - Candace Cooper

      In Protest Over Canadian Government Vaccine Policy
      Letter of Resignation
      Candace Cooper, Nutrition Counselor Head Start Email: slavenomore@...

      Here's Candace's resignation from the health agency she worked for.

      Subject:ÝÝÝÝ First NationsÝ inÝ the dark vaccines / Resignation letter 
      Sent:ÝÝÝÝÝÝÝ 09/01/1920 08:03 Received:ÝÝÝ 07/01/2001 18:12 From:ÝÝÝÝÝÝÝ 
      candaceÝ cooper, Slavenomore@... To:ÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝ janclarke@...

      Also to the Sto: Lo Nation And Media (see cc list at end of letter)

      ÝÝÝÝÝ I, Candace Cooper regretfully have to resign from my position because 
      I have far too much respect for myself, and dignity and do not deserve this 
      treatment. I believe that I have been wrongly accused of not performing my 
      duties. It greatly saddens me when people turn on you and say things that 
      are not true, such as I do not care about these families and am not 
      interested in the culture. All of which are false because if you asked the 
      families I know they would say the opposite and this position was not about 
      money but to give back what I have learned over the years to make a 
      difference in their lives and be a positive influence through education and 
      empowering these people to ask questions, to think for themselves and take 
      responsibility for their lives. I strongly hold the opinion that nutrition 
      should be at the top of the list for these families and I mean whole, 
      organic, traditional foods. ÝÝÝÝ

      What I truly see as being a sore spot for Xyolhemeylh is that I am not a 
      dietician, yet I have 10 years experience with nutrition, a certificate in 
      applied nutrition, working on my R.N.C, cooking for my family how could
      this  not be enough. I know what dieticians learn I have spoke to them and
      know  they are taught from the food industry (which is not healthy) and they
      do  not learn about whole foods, organics, nutritional supplements, herbs,
      and  different cultures eatingÝÝ The list is endless. ÝÝÝÝÝ

      With my background knowledge I have learned about other alternative healing 
      modalities like Chinese Medicine, Ayruvedic Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, 
      and Native Medicine.Ý All of which have been suppressed in this country for 
      far too long and in some cases taken completely away. Health includes 
      healing the body with these alternative methods and causing no harm to the 
      body (how do vaccines affect already weakened immune systems?) ÝÝÝÝÝ

      So this brings me to the main reason that I believe I am being silenced and 
      pressured is the suppressed truth about vaccines (Health Canada) wants me
      to  shut up but I will not. The level at which these families know nothing
      about  the side effects really upsets me deeply. After speaking with my
      supervisor  who shared some very disturbing news I asked what to do she
      suggested that  these families deserved to have a choice, so at that point I
      gave out info  to a few families only to be told a few weeks later that I
      should stop what  I am doing or I will lose my job to which I repliedÝ that
      if I lost my job  at least I would know in my heart I had done the right
      thing I was also told  not to discuss this with Ida John because she is
      Sto:Lo this frightened me  and of course I spoke with Ida John and she was
      upset that they did not want  her people to know the truth. I felt these
      families deserve to know the  truth and make up their own minds whether or
      not to vaccinate.

      The supervisor told me to stop giving out information and pass on the 
      information to her that I gave to some familiesÝ she said sheÝ would pass
      on  to the nursing staff to get educated, but months passed and no mention
      of it  came up. But I quickly realized that vaccines are the main job of
      the  nurses. I seen an awful paper with each family along with births,
      deaths and  a long list of side effects from vaccines that these nurses have
      to fill out  monthly that was saddening and shocking.Ý If the nurses do not
      do this they  would not have jobs because you see M.S.B (Medical Services
      Branch) is run  by Health Canada who pays the nurses and someone has to
      administer the  vaccines. ÝÝÝÝÝ

      A couple of months later a meeting with the nurses, supervisors, Ida John 
      and myself was called to discuss the fact that some parents from the East 
      were questioning the vaccines and this had the nurse upset because hey they 
      were not being good little sheep and they were asking questions. The
      meeting  lasted three hours and we were gifted to hear Ida John speak on
      behalf of  her people as she was the only native person in the meeting and
      she said she  felt outnumbered.Ý It was decided that parents should have a
      choice. I  suggested that we all go see Dr. Horowitz in Sept. and Dr. Vera
      Sheibner  from Australia in Oct. and I later gave papers to all the
      C.H.N./C.H.Rs but  again received no response.

      After receiving the poster for Dr. Sheibner I was shocked at the response 
      from my supervisor who said that this info was not to be made public and
      was  this mandatory the nurses go and I said no it is their choice but would
      be  great for them to hear a professional.Ý He held the poster and said it
      was  propaganda yet after last meeting he seemed happy about upcoming talk
      and  asked me whom we should invite so therefore I was disappointed to hear
      this.  ÝÝÝÝ

      I know the powers that be and there is so much information out today from 
      doctors, scientists and other experts who are really looking at the
      efficacy  of all the vaccines that we innocently receive thinking they are
      good  because a doctor, or nurse has recommended them. I feel we cant hide
      from  the facts so with this letter I am including a list different vaccine 
      groups. ÝÝÝ

      I want this to be clearly known that none of this is in any way to speak 
      badly about the Sto: Lo First Nation.Ý I am honored to be part of one Sto: 
      Lo family where I have been shown so much love and respect that I will 
      always be indebted to this family. I prayed before I even knew about the 
      position that I would love to work with First Nations people as I am First 
      Nation myself (Cree). So I was thrilled when I got the chance to personally 
      work with and get to learn about the culture and be invited to ceremonies.
      I  see the people trying very hard to get back to the traditional ways and 
      bring the language back.

      One cultural advisor shared we need to bridge the gap between the Sto:Lo 
      people and other cultures to bring us together and I have been trying to do 
      that myself. Creator gave me the gift of getting to know some really warm, 
      funny and gentle people especially the children who will always have a
      place  in my heart. ÝÝÝÝÝ

      So I must move on but will not stop speaking the TRUTH I will always be a 
      voice for the people. Wanka Tanka Tunkashila Ohshimala (Oh Great Spirit, 
      Have Pity on Me, May My Brothers Live In Peace)

      Candace Cooper  (Owsowiskweu) Brown Bear Woman

      For the Public Health of the Sto:Lo Nation

      C.C: Sto:Lo Newspapers ÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝ Shared Vision magazine ÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝ Comman
      Ground magazine ÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝ Life Extension magazine (U.S.A)

      ÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝ Radio Shows- Croft Woodrow show -    Susan Cameron Block show

      Copies of this letter will be personally hand delivered to every man,
      woman,  and child of the Sto:Lo Nation  

      1)    International Advocates for Health Freedom U.S.A. - 

      2)    National Vaccine Information Center – http://www.909shot.com

      3)    Concerned Parents for Vaccine Safety ? 

      4)    Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute – http://thinktwice.com

      5)    Citizens Voice for Health Rights ? 

      6)    Gary Null ( vaccination section)- 

      7)    VRAN- Vaccine Reaction Awareness Network -Edda West

      There are many books written on vaccinations:

      Emerging Viruses, Aids and Ebola, Nature, Accident or IntentionalÝÝ by Dr. 
      Leonard Horowitz DMD, MA, MPH.ÝÝÝ He just spoke September 16th at Robson 
      Square Vaccinations- by Dr. Vera Sheibner(Australia)ÝÝ will be speaking 
      October 15th in Burnaby ÝÝÝÝÝ The Medical Mafia (discusses vaccine issue)
      by  Dr.Guylaine Lanctot  


      Subject:Ý Re: Vaccination Genocide Exposed in Canada: Sto:lo First
      Nations in the Dark Abo

      All Webmasters: Please post.
      Everyone: Please forward widely, especially to First Nations and Aboriginal 
      groups world wide and to the media.
      IAHF List:
      The article below documents genocide via vaccination against First Nations 
      aboriginal people in Canada who are not being told the truth about the
      immense  dangers of vaccination, which is being forced upon them. Candace
      Hill was put  in a "quit or be fired" situation due to her efforts to expose
      the truth. She  quit. Despite warnings not to go public with this
      information, Hill has  generated this article, and has appeared on many
      radio shows to expose this  genocide. She also continues to help the Sto:lo
      and other First Nations  people, as well as aboriginal people world wide.
      IAHF has received reports  similar to this from numerous other countries,
      including Australia, S.America  and Africa where aboriginal people are being
      genocidally expunged via a  vaccinations as well. This is part of a global
      ruling elite Eugenics policy  that must be further exposed and halted.
      Candace Hill is a Cree First Nations woman living in British Columbia
      Canada  where she runs "Walking in Balance" , a wholistic nutrition practice
      and is  available for private consultation and interviews. Hill is a member
      of a group  of aboriginal women from Canada who travel world wide to foster
      healing unity  amongst aboriginal people, and all people. Candace can be
      reached at  slavenomore@...
      Sto:Lo First Nations in the Dark about Vaccines !! by Candace Hill, Surrey,
      BC  Canada slavenomore@...   My story began six months ago as the
      first Wholistic Nutrition Counsellor for  the Aboriginal Head Start program
      under Xyolhemeylh Health and Family  services, in Mission and Chilliwack B.C
      Canada to educate the Sto:Lo First  Nations people. The goal of this program
      is to help parents in a very positve,  way empowering them to become the
      first teachers to their children. However  the shocking truth is that the
      Xyolhemeylh Health and Family services program  is in fact doing the
      opposite, to the point where it is actually engaging in GENOCIDE through the
      administration of highly dangerous vaccines,along with  calculated
      withholding of information necessary for families to be able to  make their
      own choices regarding whether or not to vaccinate their children.
      I  don't make this accusation lightly.  

      I was blessed with the opportunity to work with families who have taught me
      so  much.Yet it saddened me to see what little they knew about good 
      nutrition,herbs, vitamins /minerals and other alternative medicines.
      It was very apparent from the beginning that something was not right with
      the  Xyolhemeylh Health and Family services definition of what constitutes
      good  health. This programs health means drugs, vaccines, nix(pesticide) and
      an  enviroment which selectively witholds information necessary for these
      people  to properly educate themselves and in turn empower themselves with
      improved  health, They simply are not taught about prevention and how to
      keep their  immune systems strong. I define good health to using whole
      foods, organics,  natural medicines and learning about the connection
      between body,mind and  spirit and allowing the body to heal itself using
      whole foods,organics,natural  medicines.
      I observed too much secrecy in the program especially regarding
      vaccines.For  the Sto:Lo families vaccines seem to be mandatory. No
      information was ever  provided allowing them to make a choice despite the
      reported dangers. The  nurses are told to make the families feel like bad
      parents if they do not  vaccinate. The truth regarding the dangers of
      vaccines was intentionally  suppressed, along with basic information about
      health and prevention. I  provided a few families with some information:
      "Side effects from vaccines  maybe due to the bacterial toxin or virus
      component of the vaccine, or to the  chemicals used in the preparation and
      preserving of the solution. These  chemicals include mercury, formaldehyde,
      aluminum, and a variety of other  known toxic materials."(1) "It was noted
      by by Dr. William Torch of the  University of Nevada School of Medicine that
      the D.P.T(diptheria, pertussis,  tetnus) may be responsible for SIDS. He
      noted in one survey that two thirds of  103 children who died of SIDS had
      been immunized with DPT vaccine within three  weeks of each death"(2)
      "Indigenous people have been subjected to many  vaccinations. (Let us be
      aware that they are difficult to beat into submission  and they own vast
      tracts of land which the authorities would like to have for  their own
      benefit") (3)
      Because of distributing this information I was threatened with losing my
      job.  My response was that at least I would know in my heart I had done the
      right  thing. I guess money means more to them than protecting human lives.
      (What  upset me even more was when I was told not to discuss vaccines with
      Ida John  of the Sto:Lo First Nation, she is the nutrition
      counsellor,prenatal and  traditional birth counsellor, alcohol and drug
      counsellor and spiritual healer  and leader and is very respected by her
      people and many others outside the  community.
      Now I realized that there was intentional deception towards these families. 
      The secrecy, and unwillingness by the Health and Family services staff to 
      allow me to communicate with Ida John clearly indicated that they had 
      something to hide. My supervisor told me that these people really could not 
      make clear decisions on their own, I was told to focus on nutrition, and
      not  discuss vaccines .
      She added that one person can not make a difference to which I replied that 
      one is all it takes. Change happens if individuals are brave enough to go 
      against the status quo by telling the truth.
      A meeting was held with three nurses, two supervisors and Ida and myself.
      Ida  was the only Sto:Lo person present, she felt outnumbered and spoke on
      behalf  of her people. We did agree that families deserved a choice and I
      suggested we  need to educate the staff and suggested we all go hear a few
      doctors speak on  the dangers and side effects of all vacciness, but after
      distibuting vaccine  literature I was told by my supervisor not to make this
      public, it was not  mandatory for the nurses and was only propaganda.
      I was ordered to stop communicating with the Sto:Lo families and also with
      Ida  John, until they were back in a weeks time and then would decide what
      they  would do with me.
      Considering that I had observed a high incedence of deaths within the
      Sto:Lo  communities linked to suicides, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and
      God only  knows what else it saddened me that so much valuable information
      was being  deliberately witheld from them. I realized that their accusations
      against me  were false and it was wrong of them to attempt to prohibit me
      from  communication with the families and Ida John but that was really their
      way of  trying to fire me.. However I have too much dignity and respect for
      myself so  I chose to resign and go public with my story in order to get the
      truth out. I  once said to a man " no matter what happens I know Creator
      knows the truth and  I have faith that I am doing the right thing".
      I don't think they realized they had done me a favour because under our 
      Canadian Charter of Rights I have the right to Freedom of Speech and 
      Expression, and they have no legal right to suppress these rights, or the 
      rights of the Sto:Lo people to learn the truth.
      The day I resigned I was told that a nurse had quit because she could not
      keep  administering the vaccines because she had seen too many adverse side
      effects  and too much death. I had seen the adverse reaction reports from
      when the  vaccines had been administered, so I guess that particular nurses
      conscience  was getting to her and she just couldn't stand hurting people
      any more.
      I really just want the Sto:Lo people to start to question and demand the
      truth  and in doing so they will empower themselves to be as healthy as they
      once  were before the white man drove them off their land, and corrupted
      them into  using such toxic substances as white sugar, white flour, and
      alcohol and  started killing them using pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines
      while suppressing  their traditional use of herbal remedies. I strongly
      recommend to the Sto:Lo  people that they hire an attorney and and proceed
      to sue Health Canada and  Xyolhemylh Health Services as well to demand a
      complete investigation by their  members of Parliament in order to stop
      these genocidal actions immediately.The  truth shall set us all free! And I
      will never stop speaking the truth for the  people.

      (1) Vaccine guide(Making an informed choice) Randall Neustader OMO 

      (2) Vaccination and Immunization Dangers and Delusions and  Alternatives
      (What every parent should know) Leon Chaitow ISBN 0852071914

      (3)  Medical Mafia -Dr.Guylaine Lanctcot ISBN 0964412608   Anti Vaccination
      Organizations and Resources
      http://www.tetrahedron.org/ (Website of Dr.Leonard Horowitz) Section on 
      Vaccines: Numerous resources listed.
      New Atlantean Immunisation Resources 
      Vaccination Information Paradigm- 
      Immunisation Awareness Society http://www.netlink.co.uk/eduweb/sites/autism/
      Dr.Harris Coulters Website http://home.earthlink.net/~emptherapies/
      Leading Edge Reasearch Group- The Biological Manipulation of Human

      > After researching the hepatitis B, the Alaskans found that the highest
      > incidence of hepatitis B was in foreign countries who had poverty,
      > sanitation problems, high stress, such as war, and other types of abuses
      > to the body. They also found that Alaska (particularly native villages)
      > is an ideal location because of the isolation of the villages.
      > The US Arctic Research Plan (July 1987) states: "...considerable research
      > has already been conducted in the Arctic. People living there,
      > particularly native people, express concern that they are "over studied",
      > that they are treated only as subjects of experiments and not as
      > collaborators in the research, that they are often not fully apprised of
      > the research being carried out or the results at the conclusion of the
      > studies..."
      > Most trial vaccines are done on Alaskan natives. There are doctors,
      > scientists and researchers from the US and world wide who question the
      > safety of the hepatitis B vaccine. Mary Ann Mills, has conducted
      > extensive research on vaccines, including the hepatitis B vaccine, and
      > have consulted with many doctors and scientists in the US and around the
      > world. Her conclusion is that it may not be as beneficial or safe as the
      > health authorities may believe. The following is a short summary of
      > information and documentation researched by Mary Ann and Bernadine
      > Aitcheson.
      > The American govt allowed scientists numerous investigations upon the
      > native population.. "and by 1960 resulted in recognition of the need for
      > comprehensive and coordinated investigations, particularly of some
      > populations facing early disruption or extinction".
      > "...separate and uncoordinated studies had been conducted........

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      on 9/4/04 13:52, Michelle at shellyi2000@... wrote:

      Well all the best to you I have seen some children terribly affected by
      vaccines on our current affairs programme here. Personally I haven't had a
      bad experience but I feel that parents should know all the risks so that
      they can make an informed choice as to whether to vaccinate their children
      or not. As I remember young moms were made to feel very guilty and
      neglectful if they hesitated about getting their children vaccinated.
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