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Native American Teen Novels

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  • ghwelker
    If you re having trouble viewing this email, you may see it online . Share This: P.O. Box 99 | Summertown, TN 38483 US please add us to your address book or
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 29, 2013

      If you're having trouble viewing this email, you may see it online.
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      P.O. Box 99 | Summertown, TN 38483 US

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    • ghwelker
      https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=198395150338001&set=a.137112056466311.1073741827.100005025512136&type=1&theater Sing the Song that s yours alone. In
      Message 2 of 5 , Sep 2, 2013

      Sing the Song that's yours alone.
      In your veins sweet Music flows.
      Feel the Power as it grows.
      Breathe the rhythm in your Soul.

      Sing the Song that is Life's path.
      Learn the lessons of the tune.
      When you follow every note,
      In the end you'll find your truth.

      When you close your eyes tonight,
      Evening shadows growing long.
      If you listen with your Heart,
      You will hear your Spirit Song.

      Between consciousness and sleep,
      Lies the World that is Unseen.
      Find the door that's in your mind,
      Where Reality meets Dreams.

      Where Truth joins with Fantasies,
      As thought drifts through Time and Space.
      Let the Music be your guide,
      That will lead you to that place.

      In the Morning greet the Dawn,
      With your special Melody.
      Let it echo through the Sky.
      So your Spirit will soar free.

      Sing the song that is Life's path,
      Learn the lessons of the tune.
      When you follow every note,
      In the end you'll find your truth.

      By Edmond Lonewolf

    • ghwelker
      ANNOUNCEMENTS Call for Volunteers for 2013 Sacred Springs Powwow 2012 Sacred Springs Powwow dancer Dr. Garza and Gary Perez at 2012 blessing on the shores of
      Message 3 of 5 , Sep 2, 2013


        Call for Volunteers for 2013 Sacred Springs Powwow

        2012 Sacred Springs Powwow dancer
        Dr. Garza and Gary Perez at 2012 blessing on the shores of the Sacred Springs.
        This year the Mexica/Aztec Dancers will be honored inside the sacred powwow circle.
         White Shaman exhibit inside 32-foot tipi.

        Hello ICI Supporters and Valued Volunteers:
        We are calling for volunteers for our 2013 Sacred Springs Powwow, coming up on October 5th at Aquarena Center, 921 Aquarena Springs Drive, San Marcos, Texas.  This year will be an extraordinary experience as we're adding some exciting new elements.
        We're setting up a 32-foot tipi that will house an ongoing lecture on the White Shaman Panel -- the 4,000 year-old rock art that documents the Coahuiltecan creation story.  That story says that The People emerged from the underworld, onto Mother Earth, right here at the Sacres Springs in San Marcos -- this is where we originated.
        Texas State University is staging earth ovens as demonstrations of this ancient art of cooking.  The students will bury the food in hot rocks on Friday night and uncover the cooked food on Saturday.  Audiences are welcomed to watch as the food emerged from it's underground oven. Texas State is hosting the Leonard Chibitty family from the Comanche Nation in Oklahoma for this event.
        We are also sponsoring four special dance contests for our Native dancers.  These contests will draw some amazing competition dancers from all over the state. It will be spectacular.
        The event starts at 10:00 AM with our Blessing at the shores of the Sacred Springs, gourd dancers at 11:00 AM, and the first Grand Entry at 12:00 noon.  The rest of the day will be special competitions, honor dances, intertribal dances for public participation, and lectures inside the tipi.
        As in the past, we will have four shifts, 1) Set-up crew from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM; 2) 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM; 3) 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM; 4) Strike crew from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  The jobs will be supporting Vendors, Traffic Control, Green Team, Admissions, Surveys, Demographers (counting audience), Bus Riders, Raffle sales, Water for Dancers, Volunteer Tent, Food Booths.
        Here is a link to look at the Blank schedule, so that you can select a time and job for which you'd like to sign up:
        Volunteers Blank Schedule.  The jobs that need to be filled are highlighted in yellow.
        To respond to this call for volunteers, please go to our Contact Page and send us an email with your preferred job and time.  We look forward to your support once again as we present a most amazing and inspiring powwow event.
        Thank you so much,
        Aaron Pyle
        Powwow Coordinator
        Maria Rocha
        Publicity Coordinator
        Dr. Mario Garza
        Board of Directors Chair

      • ghwelker
        http://www.laramieboomerang.com/articles/2013/08/31/ap/us/ 2102e3b242884b4c9d378f33609b979c.txt It s an unusual twist for Washington these days: There s money
        Message 4 of 5 , Sep 4, 2013

          It's an unusual twist for Washington these days: There's money
          left over from a $680 million settlement the federal government
          awarded American Indian farmers in 2010 after decades of

          A three-year claims process is complete, and more than half the
          settlement money is still available. The plaintiffs want to use
          the unexpected $380 million windfall to form a foundation that
          could be the largest Indian country has ever seen.

          Joseph Sellers, the lead lawyer for the American Indian
          plaintiffs, said the amount of money left over was a big surprise
          to those involved. It turned out that many potential recipients
          had died, lost any evidence of discrimination or felt too
          distrustful of the government to even apply, he said. Lawyers
          expected around 10,000 people to file claims and the remainder to
          be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but less than 4,000
          people sought part of the settlement.

          The settlement agreement calls for any left over money to be
          distributed to American Indian farmer organizations, but none of
          those groups was set up to handle so much money.

          So the plaintiffs decided the best way to handle the funds was to
          set up a new foundation, led by Indian leaders, to help American
          Indian farmers and ranchers.

          "We believe it would be the largest philanthropic organization
          devoted to native Americans in the history of this country,"
          Sellers said.

          The plaintiffs notified the federal court of their desire to form
          the new organization Friday. The court will then have to approve

          Sellers said the idea is that a larger fund could make annual
          grants to all of the smaller organizations and have a longer-term
          impact on those groups than dispersing the funds all at once.

          According to the most recent count by the Agriculture Department,
          now five years old, there were about 80,000 American Indian farm
          operators throughout the country, or less than 3 percent of total

          If approved, the foundation would give money to smaller groups to
          train American Indian farmers to help them become more effective
          at farming and also at seeking government help, including
          assisting people who apply for farm loans and making sure the
          government is representing their interests. The new fund could
          pay out tens of millions a year just off interest generated from
          the fund, Sellers said.

          Claryca Mandan of North Dakota, a plaintiff in the case, said
          American Indians are concerned about losing land, as they have
          for generations, and such training and education could help many
          people keep their farms and pass them on to younger generations.

          "This is our chance at leaving a long term legacy," she said. "It
          wasn't anticipated in the original agreement, but it's probably
          one of the best outcomes in the case, to leave a legacy like

          The original lawsuit, named after George and Marilyn Keepseagle
          of Fort Yates, N.D., was filed in 1999 and contends Indian
          farmers and ranchers lost hundreds of millions of dollars over
          several decades because they were denied USDA loans that instead
          went to their white neighbors. The government settled a similar
          lawsuit filed by black farmers around the time the Indian lawsuit
          was filed.

          After more than a decade in the court, the government offered the
          settlement in October 2010. The settlement also included $80
          million in farm debt forgiveness for the Indian plaintiffs and a
          series of initiatives to try and alleviate racism against
          American Indians and other minorities in rural farm loan offices.

          At the time, President Barack Obama said the settlement "helps
          strengthen the nation to nation relationship and underscores the
          federal government's commitment to treat all citizens fairly."
        • ghwelker
          Message 5 of 5 , Sep 4, 2013



                                                                                         TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2013



            FLASH: Website www.WordofHonor.org provides resources for people struggling with separation anxiety, confusion about religion! Founder declares free and instantaneous interfaith ordinations for all Leaders of Religions ARE imminent and full of opportunities. NO fee required, only a spiritual sense of everyone as a creation of the Source of all existence, only conscientious efforts to know meanings and values of Truth, Beauty and Goodness in ALL. INTERFAITH NOW!! 

            Boston and Cambridge -The Sunshine of the Americas Foundation today officially launches a campaign to seek rental of the UN building. Sunshine of the Americas Foundation seeks to employ and rent the United Nations structural headquarters' at every evening tide until 6 am each morning. At those specific times it will function as a center of International media and Inter-Faith presentations to the locals of New York, the North American Community, even our World! Various educational and entertaining presentations will be created reflecting variegated customs, peaceful traditions and of course festive holy/holidays!

            Reverend Danny De Guglielmo aka Yogananda states:“We will purchase through donations received a set of artistically designed super laser devices for manifestations that will transform the outside of the UN structure into a multi-international-interfaith cosmic wonder! All for the honor of Truth, Beauty and Goodness”

            Yogananda states:“With that in mind we extend this recognition of unity/interfaith ordination for free to all Leaders and Peoples. IT, ordinations will happen, that is recognition, instantly, and spontaneously. When? In the appearance of decisions by any individual, in their Word of Honor to respect all true values and meanings and in the love inside of all People, that is when ordination will occur. Why? So that the joy of both worlds, yes both dimensions of thoughts will be experienced. First, by one's personal faith totally retained by conscience and convictions together with second, the joy of uniqueness of total self-embracing of all values in each religion, therefore producing interfaith ordination, true friendship”.

                       Yogananda Danny De Guglielmo continues “The devotees of organized major religions that seek a self centered control over Women, Children and their Followers need to awaken to the realization that the United Nations Structure is to become the center for all sorts of great celebrations among the Peoples of all faiths”.

                       Reverend De Guglielmo outlines: Sunshine of the Americas Foundation goal “There would be 12 major international interfaith meetings a year. Also, we will televise bi annual conclaves of Leaderships of all Religions conjoining on the interfaith levels for resolving issues and working for interfaith principles. These principles are fair, courteous and just for all Peoples that being just for, all Men, all Women and Children too. Just imagine the unity and diversity in our world of living peace and beauty”!

            Reverend De Guglielmo CCTV Director/Reporter and interviewer reports: We need this Center for our entire World, for our Children to look up to and bond towards. When our Children see the interfaith movement and respect for individual and group conscience and convictions from Leaderships this will catapult progress and civilizations to its apex!

            Contact: Danny De Gug aka De Guglielmo at our office 793 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, Ma.02141 Tel. # {617} 876-4144: Please send letters/support to the office to Cambridge Sunshine Foundation dba Sunshine of the Americas Foundation 501 c3

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