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[WGAR-news] Australia: Rudd hails 'Aboriginal Magna Carta': Kathy Marks, The New Zealand Herald

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    Rudd hails Aboriginal Magna Carta : *Kathy Marks, The New Zealand Herald* Newsletter date: 15 July 2013 This newsletter:
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      Rudd hails 'Aboriginal Magna Carta':
      Kathy Marks, The New Zealand Herald

      Newsletter date: 15 July 2013

      This newsletter: http://indymedia.org.au/2013/07/14/wgar-news-rudd-hails-aboriginal-magna-carta-kathy-marks-the-new-zealand-herald


      * Kathy Marks, The New Zealand Herald: Rudd hails 'Aboriginal Magna Carta'
      * Stefan Armbruster, SBS Radionews: Where NAIDOC came from ... 75 years ago
      * Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: 1,200 attend NAIDOC Ball - but there is justice yet to be done


      WGAR News: NAIDOC Week: Still Supporting Yolngu in Their Fight for Rights: 'concerned Australians' (8 Jul 13)

      WGAR News: Land rights are empty, Yolngu elder tells Rudd on bark petition anniversary: Oliver Laughland, The Guardian UK (14 Jul 13 - NAIDOC Week)


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      The New Zealand Herald: Rudd hails 'Aboriginal Magna Carta'
      11 Jul 13: "Wali Wunnunmurra, 17 at the time, and one of
      the few signatories still alive, told ABC radio this week:
      "Minerals to Aboriginal people at that time was a foreign
      idea. The old people saw them as pinching our land while
      they were digging for minerals, taking away land from us
      - something very, very serious in Aboriginal culture." ...
      At yesterday's ceremony, Rudd said: "These bark petitions
      present a bridge between two ancient and noble traditions.
      Eight hundred years ago, we had Magna Carta; 800 years
      later, the Yirrkala bark petitions ... both an assertion
      of rights against the Crown and both therefore profound
      symbols of justice for all peoples everywhere.""
      By Kathy Marks

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      The West:
      Australian PM vows referendum to recognise Aboriginals

      10 Jul 13: "SYDNEY (AFP) - Australian Prime Minister Kevin
      Rudd on Wednesday used the 50th anniversary of the
      indigenous land rights movement to pledge a referendum on
      recognising the country's Aborigines in the constitution if
      Labor is re-elected. His predecessor Julia Gillard shelved
      a plan to hold a vote this parliamentary term, citing low
      public support, but Rudd made clear that the recognition of
      Aboriginal people as the country's first inhabitants was a
      priority. "I therefore, as prime minister, want to see this
      matter brought to the people of Australia by referendum
      within two years ... " AFP

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      ABC News: Yirrkala, 50 years on:
      Kevin Rudd flags fresh push on Indigenous constitutional recognition

      By chief political correspondent Emma Griffiths
      10 Jul 13: "Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he would push to
      recognise Indigenous Australians in the Constitution in the
      next term if re-elected. The debate over Indigenous
      recognition has been revived today by the 50th anniversary
      of the Yirrkala bark petitions, which paved the way for the
      Indigenous land rights movement. Today Mr Rudd, who has
      travelled to Arnhem Land to attend the celebrations at
      Yirrkala, said he wanted to work with the Opposition to
      agree on an appropriate question to put to voters. Mr
      Rudd's predecessor Julia Gillard shelved a pledge to hold a
      referendum this parliamentary term, ... " By Emma Griffiths,
      ABC News Online's chief political correspondent

      SBS World News: PM Rudd marks 50th year of land rights
      Source: AAP
      10 Jul 13: "Two petitions which triggered the land rights
      movement have been celebrated at an event attended by Prime
      Minister Kevin Rudd in Arnhem Land. Prime Minister Kevin
      Rudd has pledged a referendum to recognise Aboriginal
      people in the Australian constitution within two years if
      Labor is re-elected. Speaking at an event in Arnhem Land to
      mark the 50th anniversary of the Yirrkala petitions, Mr
      Rudd said such recognition was vital for reconciliation.
      "I therefore as prime minister want to see this matter
      brought to the people of Australia by referendum within two
      years ... " he said."

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      The Stringer: A New Democracy
      10 Jul 13: "Imagine a country where Aboriginal and Torres
      Strait Islander people are recognised as the sovereign
      owners of lands they have lived on for sixty thousand years
      or more. Imagine the freedom to be yourself, culturally,
      spiritually, linguistically, regardless of your age,
      gender, colour or ethnic origin. Imagine a Constitution
      that enshrines these human rights and upholds all of our
      international legal obligations. Imagine a constitutional
      prohibition on discrimination on the basis of race, colour,
      religion, ethnic or national origin. Imagine a positive
      mandate in that Constitution ... " By Jeff McMullen

      Crikey: NAIDOC week: f-ck the festivities, let’s talk politics
      11 Jul 13: "The rela meaning of NAIDOC week is in examining
      the fact that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders still
      don’t have full Constitutional recognition, writes
      Kamilaroi woman @TheKooriWoman. When you remove all the
      lovely flowery talk of celebrations of history,
      achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
      people, the festiveness of all walks of life enjoying and
      participating in Aboriginal culture, you are left with the
      bare bones of what NAIDOC week is really about. This week
      is about the people that came before us, ... "
      By Kamilaroi woman @TheKooriWoman

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      Greens Senator Rachel Siewert:
      Reflecting on 50 years of land rights activism since the tabling of Bark Petitions

      10 Jul 13: "Reflecting on 50 years of land rights activism
      since the tabling of Bark Petitions, the Australian Greens
      look forward to the next phase of Aboriginal and Torres
      Strait Islander peoples Constitutional recognition.
      This year's NAIDOC Week theme, 'We value the vision:
      Yirrkala Bark Petitions 1963', not only recognises the land
      rights campaign of the Yolungu people and but also
      emphasises the importance of the ongoing campaign to build
      support for Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and
      Torres Strait Islander peoples.
      "As we reflect on this first recognition, we are also
      looking ahead to the future referendum on recognising
      Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our
      Constitution," said Australian Greens spokesperson on
      Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues - Senator
      Rachel Siewert. ... "

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      National Indigenous Radio Service:
      Rudd gives referendum timeframe

      11 Jul 13: "The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has outlined his
      timeframe for a referendum to recognise First Nations
      Australians in the nation's Constitution."

      SBS Radionews: Rudd & Abbott back Indigenous referendum plan
      By Thea Cowie
      10 Jul 13: "The PM is being accused of playing politics on
      the issue of constitutional recognition of indigenous
      people. ... Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has used his visit to
      the Northern Territory to re-state his support for the
      proposed constitutional recognition of Indigenous
      Australians. But in doing so, he's been accused of playing
      politics, by calling for opposition backing for an issue
      that already had bipartisan support. Mr Rudd was in the
      Territory to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the historic
      Yirrkala Bark Petitions which were sent from Arnhem Land's
      Yolgnu people to the federal government in 1963. Thea Cowie

      National Indigenous Radio Service:
      Constitutional recognition a 'political football'

      11 Jul 13: "The Australian Greens say the political stoush
      between the major parties on the timeliness of Constitution
      recognition is taking away from the matter itself. ...
      Greens Senator Rachel Siewart: "

      National Indigenous Radio Service: Political Football
      By Michelle Tuahine

      11 Jul 13: "Both major parties are accusing each other of
      stalling the process for constitutional recognition of our

      National Indigenous Radio Service:
      Rudd hindering recognition debate: Brandis

      11 Jul 13: "The Federal Shadow Attorney-General George
      Brandis says the Prime Minister is clouding the debate
      about recognition of our people in the Constitution."

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      The Australian:
      Kevin Rudd misfires on indigenous recognition referendum

      11 Jul 13: "KEVIN Rudd is under fire for politicising the
      recognition of indigenous people in the Constitution, with
      the Coalition accusing him of "calculated and dishonest"
      motives that could place at risk the success of a
      referendum. Senior Liberal frontbencher George Brandis
      unleashed on the Prime Minister last night, saying he was
      engaging in "double-speak" after Mr Rudd accused Tony
      Abbott of stalling on the referendum as the two sides
      traded barbs over their commitment to Aboriginal
      recognition." Stefanie Balogh and Christian Kerr


      WGAR News: "Why only a 'sovereign treaty' can provide justice in constitution reform" Michael Anderson (2 Jul 12)


      - Audio

      SBS Radionews: Where NAIDOC came from ... 75 years ago
      By Stefan Armbruster

      9 Jul 13: " As NAIDOC Week celebrations get underway around
      the country, 2013 also marks the 75th anniversary of the
      declaration of January the 26th as a Day of Mourning. In
      1938, a congress of Aboriginal people met in Sydney to
      demand equality and an end to celebrations marking the
      arrival of the First Fleet in 1788. From that meeting
      evolved the National Aboriginal and Islanders Day
      Observance Committee, or NAIDOC, which has, today, expanded
      its observances from a day to a week. Stefan Armbruster
      reports on the origins of this celebration of Aboriginal
      and Torres Strait islander culture."


      - Analysis / Opinion

      The Stringer: 1,200 attend NAIDOC Ball
      - but there is justice yet to be done

      14 Jul 13: "Ten Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders were
      honoured for their contributions during the National
      Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee’s (NAIDOC)
      week at the 2013 awards and evening ball in Perth last
      Friday - 1200 people attended, filling the ballroom of the
      Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. ... Ms Eattes paid
      tribute to all those who struggled for the right to have an
      Observance week, to have what is now NAIDOC "I remember all
      those years ago when we marched through the streets calling
      for a NAIDOC and to remember our peoples and their
      struggles ... " Gerry Georgatos,
      a life-long human rights and social justice campaigner,
      a multi-award winning investigative journalist

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