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[WGAR-news] The Australian Federal Budget and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities

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    The Federal Budget and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities Newsletter date: 20 May 2013 This newsletter:
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      The Federal Budget and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities

      Newsletter date: 20 May 2013

      This newsletter: http://indymedia.org.au/2013/05/20/wgar-news-the-federal-budget-and-aboriginal-torres-strait-islander-communities


      * The Stringer: Homeless protest at Matagarup - "we will not be swept away"
      * Tracker: Anger in Perth over Heirisson Island plans
      * NIRS: Matagarup development protested in Perth
      * Background to the Nyoongar Tent Embassy, Heirisson Island (Matagarup), Perth, WA

      * Emma Murphy, Green Left: New laws to criminalise drinking
      * NAAJA has criticised the NT government's announcement of alcohol protection orders
      * Other Northern Territory News

      * The Federal Budget and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities


      - Analysis / Opinion

      The Stringer:
      Homeless protest at Matagarup - "we will not be swept away"

      16 May 13: "Noongar Tent Embassy members and the Last of
      the River People have gathered this morning in numbers
      alongside many of Perth’s record Aboriginal homeless to
      protest the State’s neglect. Only hours ago scores have
      begun to gather to later on today protest at Heirrison
      Island (Matagarup), the site where Noongar Tent Embassy had
      stood last year till confronted by hundreds of police
      officers who came to eject them."

      * TRACKER:

      - News

      newsTracker: Anger in Perth over Heirisson Island plans
      17 May 13: "WESTERN AUSTRALIA: The spectre of Indigenous
      protest on Perth’s Heirisson Island has returned, with local
      Aboriginal elders angry at plans to revamp the inner-city
      island on the Swan River. A year after angry protests at a
      tent embassy on the island, a scheme to transform the area
      with new bridges, a sculpture park and an amphitheatre
      have led to accusations of desecration of a sacred site.
      Indigenous activists claim the site as sacred to
      traditional owners, with the land said to be a former
      birthing ground for indigenous women."

      * NIRS:

      - Audio

      National Indigenous Radio Service:
      Matagarup development protested in Perth

      20 May 13: "There’s been a protest in Perth against the
      proposed re-development of Matagarup, or Heirisson Island.
      ... But Nyungah rights campaigner Herbert Bropho says
      Matagarup is a significant site for his people - currently,
      it’s where the Noongar Embassy sits. He says they should
      have been consulted."


      Last updated: 9 February 2013



      - Analysis / Opinion

      Green Left: New laws to criminalise drinking
      18 May 13: "The Country Liberal (CLP) government of the
      Northern Territory announced sweeping new police powers on
      May 10 that will, in effect, criminalise drinking across
      the NT. Police will be able to issue "alcohol protection
      orders" to anybody charged with an alcohol-related offence
      that carries a minimum sentence of six months in prison.
      The orders will be issued for three months at a time (up
      to 12 months in total), and prevent the person from
      consuming alcohol or being on licensed premises."
      By Emma Murphy


      - Statement

      North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA):
      "NAAJA has criticised the NT government’s announcement
      of alcohol protection orders"

      Green Left: [scroll down page] http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/54095
      13 May 13: "The North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency
      (NAAJA) has criticised the NT government’s announcement of
      alcohol protection orders as being ineffective, a waste of
      money and potentially dangerous.
      "The government is asking us to believe that people with a
      serious grog problem are going to stop drinking overnight
      because of an alcohol protection order," said NAAJA’s CEO
      Priscilla Collins. "We know that is not going to work and
      for people who have a serious addiction, this is
      potentially very dangerous.
      "The Territory has a drinking problem and it needs a
      comprehensive medical and public health response, not a
      punitive criminal one."
      The laws criminalise drinking by making it an offence to
      breach an alcohol protection order. Minister Tollner has
      admitted that this will mean more people will be locked up
      and go to jail for drinking. It will overwhelmingly impact
      Aboriginal people and lead to the deaths of more Aboriginal
      people in custody."


      - News

      National Indigenous Radio Service:
      NT mandatory treatment bill released

      16 May 13: "The Northern Territory Government has announced
      its strategy for mandatory treatment for problem drinkers
      is now open for public scrutiny. The controversial policy
      has attracted criticism from a range of organisations,
      including the People’s Alcohol Action Coalition, the North
      Australia Aboriginal Justice Agency and NT Aboriginal
      Medical Services Alliance."

      - Audio

      National Indigenous Radio Service:
      Arnhem Land man opposes adoption idea

      20 May 13: "A senior traditional owner from the Maningrida
      community in the Northern Territory’s Arnhem Land says he
      doesn’t support the idea of Aboriginal children being
      adopted outside their own communities. ... Eddie Mason says
      the extended family has always played a role in raising
      children amongst his people and the young ones risk losing
      their culture."

      Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
      Childrens Commissioner says Northern Territory
      has lowest level of service provision !

      17 May 13: "Shock and anger across the Northern Territory
      at claims by Chief Minister Adam Giles that he will remove
      neglected Aboriginal children from their parents and place
      them in adopted homes if necessary. Northern Territory
      Children’s Commissioner Dr Howard Bath says the Northern
      Territory has the lowest level of service provision of any
      jurisdiction but an extremely high number of vulnerable
      children coming into the system."

      Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
      17 May 13: "The Northern Territory’s peak representative
      body for those affected by poverty and disadvantage says it
      was disappointed that the Northern Territory’s Budget
      Failed to prioritise those who need help the most."

      Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
      15 May 13: "Better news in the Territory budget with the
      Giles Government saying it is committed to addressing
      Indigenous disadvantage by improving services and
      facilities in regional centres and the bush homelands."

      - News

      Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
      NT Council of Social Service 'dissapointed' at
      Territory Budget's priorities

      17 May 13: "The Northern Territory’s peak representative
      body for  those  affected by poverty and disadvantage says
      it was disappointed that the Northern Territory’s Budget
      failed to prioritise those who need help the most. The
      Northern Territory Council of Social Service (NTCOSS) says
      the previous mini budget slashed support services for
      children most at risk in the NT and This budget has done
      nothing to fix that. ... Ms Morton [Wendy Morton, Executive
      Director of NTCOSS] said 'Non-government organisations in
      the Territory are working on the frontline with the most
      vulnerable and at risk children, young people and
      families ... "


      - Media Release

      NACCHO Aboriginal Health News Alerts:
      NACCHO 2013 budget press release:
      Lack of detail leaves a question mark over Aboriginal health

      15 May 13: "The $777 million commitment to Close the Gap
      initiatives in the 2013 Federal Budget is welcome however
      the Aboriginal health Community Controlled sector remains
      concerned about the lack of detail on how and where the
      money will be spent.
      National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation
      (NACCHO) Chair, Justin Mohamed, said it was critical that
      adequate funding was dedicated to support and grow
      Aboriginal Community Controlled Health services where the
      biggest gains were being made in improving Aboriginal
      health. ...
      "The lack of clarity in the Budget around how funding will
      flow to Aboriginal primary Community Controlled Health
      services is very concerning," Mr Mohamed said.
      "Aboriginal Community Controlled Health services need to be
      at the forefront of any comprehensive primary health care
      "It is these services - run by Aboriginal people, for
      Aboriginal people - that are making the biggest
      improvements to the health of their communities. ... "

      - Audio

      SBS Radionews Podcasts:
      $25 million boost for Indigenous health research

      By Thisanka Siripala
      17 May 13: "The Lowitja Institute has gained another $25
      million to keep funding research into Indigenous health
      over the next five years. ...  After a public campaign to
      try to secure extra funding, the Institute says it's a big
      relief. Chief executive Lyn Brodie told Thisanka Siripala
      it will enable it continue research on critical issues
      affecting Indigenous health."

      SBS Radionews Podcasts:
      New bid to address Indigenous disability

      By Thea Cowie
      17 May 13: "After years of neglect, there's some hope that
      Indigenous Australians with disabilities will get the
      assistance they need. ... Indigenous people with a
      disability face many barriers including the fact that their
      own languages don't even recognise the word. But after
      years of neglect Australia's first people are hopeful they
      will finally get the assistance they need. As part of the
      launch of Disability Care Australia, the federal government
      is proposing a plan to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait
      Islander people benefit. Thea Cowie reports."

      SBS World News:
      Migrant and Indigenous reaction to federal budget

      Source: Michael Kenny, SBS
      15 May 13: "There has been a mixed reaction to the federal
      budget from migrant and Indigenous community organisations.
      ... some Indigenous organisations are particularly critical
      of government plans to cut funding to the representative
      body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. ... The
      government has halved its funding allocation to the
      National Congress of Australia's First Peoples, providing
      $5 million a year for three years from 2014-15. The legal
      director at the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, Michael
      Mansell, believes the Congress has never been given the
      support it has needed."

      - Videos

      SBS World News: Budget outcomes for Indigenous Aussies
      Source: Jeremy Geia, NITV

      14 May 13: "NITV correspondent Jeremy Geia takes a look at
      how the federal budget announcements will affect those in
      Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. It has
      been revealed that 340 remote Indigenous communities in
      five states will share $44.1 million for essential services
      such as power, water and sewerage. That work will start in
      July. Indigenous education is also getting a boost. A plan
      to send 7000 students to boarding school will be backed by
      a $10 million grant to the Australian Indigenous Education
      Foundation ... "

      SBS World News: Q&A: What next for Indigenous funding?
      Source: Rhiannon Elston, SBS
      14 May 13: "With an election looming and some key
      Indigenous funding policies nearing expiry, is the pattern
      of government investment for Indigenous policies set to
      change? Jon Altman of the Centre for Aboriginal Economic
      Policy Research at the Australian National University tells
      SBS reporter Rhiannon Elston why he doesn't expect to see
      Indigenous spending on the agenda on budget night."

      - Analysis / Opinion

      The Stringer: Homeless forever forgotten by the Commonwealth
      15 May 13: "Homeless people and the most vulnerable missed
      out once again in the Federal Budget - their numbers
      continue to rise but little is done about it. However some
      groups that work with our most vulnerable found some
      positives in the 2013 Budget. Mission Australia
      characterised the Federal Government’s Budget as one of
      many missed opportunities "scattered among positive
      initiatives." Mission Australia’s CEO, Toby Hall, said the
      Government deserved praise on the National Disability
      Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and what little of the Gonski
      education reforms were upheld."

      - News

      newsTracker: New closing the gap target for disability
      17 May 13: "NATIONAL: Increasing Aboriginal people’s access
      to disability services will become a federal government
      target ahead of the introduction of the national disability
      care scheme. First Peoples Disability Network executive
      officer Damien Griffis will lead a working group to develop
      the target, under the Closing the Gap program to address
      Indigenous disadvantage. ... Mr Griffis said
      DisabilityCare, as the scheme is known, needed to be more
      indigenous-friendly, given the concept of disability was
      barely acknowledged in many Aboriginal communities."

      newsTracker: Black budget gets broad support
      16 May 13: "NATIONAL: Key groups supporting Indigenous
      Australians are broadly giving the thumbs up to the
      federal budget. In it, the government has confirmed $777
      million will be spent renewing the National Partnership on
      Closing the Gap on Indigenous Health Outcomes. Aboriginal
      and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner
      Mick Gooda says commitments to Indigenous health,
      education, welfare reform and other services mean $1.6
      billion has been promised for indigenous initiatives

      newsTracker: NT welfare groups unhappy with budget
      15 May 13: "Social welfare groups in the Northern Territory
      are criticising Canberra for failing to raise the Newstart
      allowance in the federal budget. The Northern Territory
      Council of Social Service (NTCOSS), which represents many
      NT community groups, said the high cost of living in the
      territory left welfare recipients in the jurisdiction
      vulnerable if there was no rise to payments. ... About 30
      per cent of the NT’s population identifies as being
      Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and Ms Morton
      welcomed a commitment from the government to continue to
      fund Closing the Gap measures."

      - Audio

      National Indigenous Radio Service:
      10-point plan to support NDIS roll-out

      20 May 13: "The Federal Government has backed a plan by a
      peak body to increase access to disability services for
      Indigenous Australians. ... The Government has responded
      with nine hundred thousand to fund the plan. Executive
      officer of the network is Damian Griffis."

      National Indigenous Radio Service:
      Gonski money pleases Congress Co-Chair

      16 May 13: "The Co-Chair of the National Congress of
      Australia's First Peoples, Les Malezer, says there are both
      positives and negatives in this year’s Federal Budget. ...
      Mr. Malezer has welcomed the allocation of 9.8 billion
      dollars for the Gonski school education plan. He told
      98.9fm he was pleased to see the Government pay attention
      to remote communities with the commitment for better
      internet services in those areas."

      National Indigenous Radio Service:
      Challenges ahead of the NDIS roll-out: Network

      16 May 13: "The First Peoples Disability Network has
      welcomed the Federal Government’s budget commitment to the
      national disability insurance scheme, but says the
      challenge is to ensure Indigenous Australians get their
      share. ... The network says about half of the Indigenous
      population in Australia has a disability or long term
      health problem. Executive Officer Damian Griffis says
      improved access to care will be beneficial."

      National Indigenous Radio Service:
      Budget funding boost for legal services

      16 May 13: "A clear winner of the Federal Government's
      budget announcements this year are Aboriginal and Torres
      Strait Islander legal services. ... NATSILS Chair Shane
      Duffy has been combing through the details in Canberra. His
      reaction to the announcement has been cautious."

      National Indigenous Radio Service:
      Call for more detail on health spending

      16 May 13: "The Chief Executive of the National Aboriginal
      and Community Controlled Health Organisation says the
      Federal Government must be honest and transparent on
      Indigenous health funding. ... NACCHO’s Justin Mohamed is
      calling for more information on the funding arrangements.
      Mr. Mohamed says he wants to see the majority of the
      funding for primary health care directed to the Indigenous
      community controlled health sector."

      National Indigenous Radio Service:
      Caution urged over remote services funding

      16 May 13: "The founder of the First Nations Political
      Party says people in remote communities should be cautious
      about the announcement of Federal funding for municipal and
      essential services. ... Territory resident Maurie Japarta
      Ryan says the money needs to flow directly to communities
      and not get caught up in bureaucracy."

      National Indigenous Radio Service:
      Community health group wants budget share

      14 May 13: "The head of the Queensland Aboriginal and
      Islander Health Council is warning the Federal Government
      not to neglect the community-controlled health sector in
      the budget. Selwyn Button says community groups can’t
      afford to miss out on the Government’s promised
      seven-hundred-and-seventy-seven million dollars for Closing
      the Gap."

      National Indigenous Radio Service:
      Funding call for hospital mentoring program

      14 May 13: "The Australian Hospitals and Healthcare
      Association has recommended the Federal budget include
      funding for a National Indigenous Hospital Demonstration
      and Mentoring Program. ... The association’s Andrew
      McAuliffe says it’d aim to increase the cultural
      appropriateness of care in acute settings, such as

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