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[WGAR-news] Australia: "I feared I was going to die" National Indigenous Times exclusive

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    I feared I was going to die National Indigenous Times exclusive Newsletter date: 1 May 2012 This newsletter:
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      "I feared I was going to die" National Indigenous Times exclusive

      Newsletter date: 1 May 2012

      This newsletter: http://indymedia.org.au/2012/05/01/wgar-news-i-feared-i-was-going-to-die-national-indigenous-times-exclusive

      * Interview with Steve Hodder on UN Permanent Forum on
      Indigenous Issues
      * Keynote Address by NACCHO Chairperson Justin Mohamed
      * NIT exclusive: "I feared I was going to die"
      * Interim National Unity Government Assembly
      - 23 & 24 May 2012 - Wollongong, NSW
      * Henry Reynolds: After Mabo, What About Aboriginal Sovereignty?
      * Glenelg Shire Council recognises rights of Portland Embassy, Vic
      * Background to the Aboriginal sovereignty movement
      * ABC: Elder seeks judicial review of mining approval
      * Treaty Republic:
      Barnett trying to further disempower WA's Original's
      * Frontier Wars Remembered in Melbourne & Canberra
      * Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra:
      'Stand with us to fight this racist legislation'
      * Background to 'Stronger Futures' new NT Intervention laws
      * Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention
      * Other articles


      - Audio Interview

      Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
      Steve Hodder talks about the United Nations Permanent Forum
      on Indigenous Issues
      27 Apr 12: "The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous
      Issues (UNPFII) will convene its 11th Session in May 2012
      and the CLC has a new staff member attending in New York,
      USA. CLC Media officer, Steve Hodder Watt (Bunabjee) has
      been sponsored by Oxfam as a youth delegate, and as a part
      of the Indigenous People’s Organisation (IOP) Network will
      help document the visit."


      - Address

      National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation:
      Keynote address Justin Mohamed: Weenthunga Symposium
      28 Apr 12: "In my address this morning I will be giving you
      an overview on how NACCHO our peak body is leading the way
      nationally in Aboriginal health by:
      And working collaboratively with the many groups and
      participants such as you here today
      1. A brief overview of NACCHO
      2. What is NACCHO strategic direction to 2013
      3. An update on the Close the Gap Campaign and the
      National Health Leadership Forum
      4. NACCHO recent achievements
      5. Where to from here and our fire in the belly
      6. And show you how you can stay connected with NACCHO
      into the Ifuture"

      Welcome to the NACCHO website:


      - News

      National Indigenous Times: "I feared I was going to die"
      28 Apr 12: "By National Indigenous Times Editor Stephen Hagan
      A day after having major surgery to remove tendons from his
      left knee to place in his lower right leg Dempsey Cleven,
      18, spoke exclusively to the National Indigenous Times of
      an ordeal on Easter Sunday that almost cost him his life. ...
      " ... one of the cops pulled out his gun and fired at us.
      "I heard a couple of shots; the first one he fired was at
      the fuel tank, which only just missed otherwise we would've
      all been blown up. 
      "Then the next one was directly into the middle of the car
      that struck me in the leg as I was sitting behind the
      driver in the back seat. ... ""

      - Related News

      Green Left: Racism the issue, not youth
      29 Apr 12: "In the early hours of April 22, police officers
      risked the lives of hundreds in Kings Cross by opening fire
      on the unarmed occupants of a stolen car, shooting the
      14-year-old driver twice and a 17-year-old passenger in the
      neck. ... Days of racist mainstream media followed while
      hundreds of people protested throughout the country against
      government and police racism and economic enslavement of
      Aboriginal people. Brisbane’s Aboriginal community held a
      rally on April 24 outside Queensland parliament to coincide
      with rallies in Sydney." By Robert Leech & Jacob Ball

      National Indigenous Times:
      Brisbane leaders demand full independent inquiry
      28 Apr 12: "By National Indigenous Times Editor Stephen Hagan
      Indigenous leaders have called for a full independent
      inquiry into the conduct of the police officers involved in
      the shooting of Dempsey Clevens in Brisbane on Easter
      Sunday. More than 100 people gathered outside Brisbane's
      Parliament House on Tuesday to voice their anger and
      frustration at the police action."

      National Indigenous Times:
      Community outraged by police brutality of youth
      28 Apr 12: "By National Indigenous Times Editor Stephen Hagan
      More than 200 angry members of the Brisbane Indigenous
      community gathered at an inner city church hall last Friday
      to express their outrage at the ongoing spate of police
      brutality against their youth. The community meeting was
      called by Elders Sam Watson, Rev Alex Gator and Adrian
      Burragubba after a recent shooting of unarmed youth in
      a... "

      National Indigenous Times: Shooting protest anger
      28 Apr 12: "By National Indigenous Times reporter Geoff Bagnall
      Why was it necessary for police to treat this young boy
      like this? "There's no room for debate. The boys were
      pretty much unarmed, cornered, trapped and police opened
      fire at point blank range" - Anthony Mundine. ...
      Aboriginal activist Michael Anderson called for the NSW
      police officer seen in videos bashing Troy Taylor to... "

      National Indigenous Times:
      Anger mounts as new claims emerge over Sydney shooting
      28 Apr 12: "By National Indigenous Times reporter Geoff Bagnall
      The horror surrounding the shooting of two young boys at
      Kings Cross in the early hours of Saturday morning has
      taken a new twist with claims police opened fire on the two
      youths after the car they were travelling in had crashed
      and come to a complete standstill. The shooting of two
      young boys in a crowded Kings Cross street has drawn... "

      National Indigenous Radio Service:
      More dismay over Kings Cross police actions
      27 Apr 12: "One of New South Wales' peak Aboriginal
      organisations has expressed its concerns over police
      actions in apprehending young Indigenous men in Sydney's
      Kings Cross over the weekend. New South Wales Aboriginal
      Land Council CEO Geoff Scott says the actions of police
      were heavy-handed, where mobile phone footage appears to
      show a policeman striking a teenager who had been shot by

      Australian: Measures to curb gun violence as shootings multiply
      25 Apr 12: "However, a group of protesters outside NSW's
      Parliament House yesterday demanded the government toughen
      gun laws for law enforcers, after police shot two
      Aboriginal teenagers in Kings Cross over the weekend.
      Indigenous Social Justice Association president Ray Jackson
      told a crowd of about 250 people the treatment of one of
      the pair, 17-year-old Troy Taylor, was "absolutely
      disgraceful". ... Aboriginal Tent Embassy activist Michael
      Anderson called the incident involving Troy "symptomatic of
      a bigger problem" involving relations between police and
      the Aboriginal community."

      Indymedia: "Our NSW police are just too deadly!" - Ray Jackson
      24 Apr 12: "Sydney's Indigenous Social Justice Association
      (ISJA) held a rally outside the NSW state parliament in
      protest to the recent spate of perceived police brutality
      and to the five deaths in police custodial incidents in NSW.
      Hundreds of angry protesters blocked off half the road in
      front of the NSW Parliament in a protest against the police
      shooting and bashing of two unarmed Aboriginal teenagers on
      April 22. The rally, initiated by the ISJA, demanded an
      independent public investigation into the incident, ... "
      Gerry Georgatos

      - Related Speech

      Green Left:
      Victims of Kings Cross police brutality need justice
      26 Apr 12: "The article below is based on a speech by
      Socialist Alliance national co-convenor Peter Boyle at the
      April 24 emergency rally called by the Indigenous Social
      Justice Association to protest the recent police shooting
      and bashing of two unarmed Aboriginal teenagers in Sydney’s
      Kings Cross. * * *
      I read in the newspaper that Assistant Police Commissioner
      Mark Murdoch said: "We have significant responsibilities in
      the use of firearms. One of them is not shooting at tyres."
      You get that? The police have a responsibility not to shoot
      at car tyres! But what about shooting unarmed 14-year-olds?
      What are your responsibilities there, Assistant Police

      -  Related Analysis / Opinion

      Socialist Alternative: Police brutality challenged in NSW
      24 Apr 12: "At Kings Cross last Saturday, the NSW Police
      once again proved that they are brutal, racist thugs. It
      was 4am when they "recognised" the driver of an allegedly
      stolen car. They "recognised" his five passengers as well.
      All six were young Aboriginal men - "recognised" for just
      that, being Aboriginal." Luke Mason


      WGAR News: Ray Jackson, ISJA: NSW police 'too deadly'!
      (26 Apr 12)
      [scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/04/26/wgar-news-frontier-wars-remembered-on-anzac-day-koori-mail

      - 23 & 24 MAY 2012 - WOLLONGONG, NSW:

      [Ed. Note:
      The Interim Aboriginal National Unity Government Assembly
      of the Sovereign Union is held over two days:
      * Day 1 is a symposium
      held at Innovation Campus, University of Wollongong;
      * Day 2 is the formal establishment of interim
      National Unity Government of the Sovereign Union
      held at Sandon Point Aboriginal Embassy, Wollongong.]

      - Upcoming event

      Event: Wed 23 and Thu 24 May 2012: Wollongong, south of Sydney
      Interim Aboriginal National Unity Government Assembly
      of the Sovereign Union
      Held at two locations:
      Day 1 – Innovation Campus, University of Wollongong
      Day 2 – Sandon Point Aboriginal Embassy
      "All Aboriginal nations are being called on to send two
      delegates to the inaugural assembly of the interim
      National Unity Government in Wollongong
      Wednesday 23 May & Thursday 24 May.
      "This gathering to form the Interim Sovereign Union
      National Unity Government is so important, as the federal
      government and their Uncle Tom collaborators are working
      overtime to indoctrinate our children and youth into their
      way of thinking by falsely promoting that recognition in
      the Constitution will give our people something,"
      the spokesman of the movement, Michael Anderson, writes in
      a media release."
      "On the first day, 23rd of May, two universities, South Cross
      and Wollongong law faculties will host a law symposium to
      discuss the continuing sovereignty of Aboriginal people as
      an introduction to this history-making event."
      Event details: http://nationalunitygovernment.org/node/49
      See next two entries for Day 1 and Day 2 event details

      Event: DAY 1 Wed 23 May 2012: Wollongong, NSW
      Litigating the Boundaries of Sovereignty
      - Symposium Day 1
      Location: Innovation Campus, University of Wollongong
      Jointly organised by:
      * Legal Intersections Research Centre, University of Wollongong
      * School of Law and Justice, Southern Cross University
      "On 26 January 2012, on the day of the 40th anniversary of
      the establishment Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra,
      a number of prominent Aboriginal activists advanced an
      articulated claim to the continuity of Aboriginal
      sovereignty in Australia. ... [This is] a one-day workshop to
      explore the legal and political implications of those claims."
      Event details: http://nationalunitygovernment.org/node/85
      Event details: http://nationalunitygovernment.org/node/49
      Sovereign Union – National Unity Government: http://nationalunitygovernment.org/

      Event: DAY 2 - Thu 24 May 2012: Wollongong, NSW
      "8am till late – REGISTRATION at 8am
      Venue: Sandon Point Embassy, Wollongong, NSW
      All Aboriginal nations are being called on to send two delegates
      - one man and one woman (if appropriate)
      to the inaugural assembly of the Sovereign Union
      interim National Unity Government
      If possible bring a young person(s) between 15 & 25.
      Each nation will have a limit of two official delegates
      to the interim National Unity Government.
      +++ Draft Agenda +++:
      * The formal establishment of the interim
      National Unity Government of the Sovereign Union
      * Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Aboriginal nations
      * Focusing on the proposed new Constitution
      * Program of stages towards independence and timeline
      * Allocation of interim portfolios
      * Development of diplomatic and international relations
      * Strategies for representations in United Nations"
      Event details: http://nationalunitygovernment.org/node/108
      Event details: http://nationalunitygovernment.org/node/49
      Sovereign Union – National Unity Government: http://nationalunitygovernment.org/


      - Analysis / Opinion

      After Mabo, What About Aboriginal Sovereignty?
      AHR: http://www.australianhumanitiesreview.org/archive/Issue-April-1996/Reynolds.html
      Sovereign Union: http://nationalunitygovernment.org/content/after-mabo-what-about-aboriginal-sovereignty
      Treaty Republic: http://treatyrepublic.net/content/after-mabo-what-about-aboriginal-sovereignty
      "The Mabo judgment was a major landmark in the decolonising
      of Australian law and society. It was, nevertheless, only a
      beginning to the process of redressing the legal injustice
      to Australia's indigenous people. Now the time has come to
      move on to tackle the question of Aboriginal sovereignty."
      Henry Reynolds


      - News

      Sovereign Union: Portland Aboriginal Tent Embassy
      "The Portland Aboriginal Tent Embassy Embassy was
      established at Market Square, Portland to demand a meeting
      with the state government over issues of Native Title and
      social services inequality. It started on Wednesday 8th
      February, 2012, shortly after the 40th Aboriginal Tent
      Embassy in Canberra.
      April 27th 2012:  A positive motion was put forward at the
      Glenelg Shire Council April meeting, and carried, which has
      recognised the rights of the Portland Sovereign Aboriginal
      Embassy to protest. Sandra Onus, Spokesperson of the
      Embassy, wrote the following on Facebook; ... "

      - Background

      WGAR News:
      Tent Embassy set up in Portland’s Market Square, Vic (1 Mar 12)
      [scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/03/01/wgar-news-press-conference-on-stronger-futures-legislation-by-hon-alastair-nicholson-ao-r
      [Portland, Vic]

      Facebook: Portland Aboriginal Tent Embassy
      [Portland, Vic]


      Last updated 30 April 2012:



      - News

      ABC: Elder seeks judicial review of mining approval
      1 May 12: "An Aboriginal elder wants a judicial review in
      the South Australian Supreme Court of the State
      Government's decision to approve the Olympic Dam mine
      expansion in the state's outback. Kevin Buzzacott is
      seeking a review against the Government and the Mineral
      Resources and Energy Minister's decision, arguing the
      process was invalid to grant BHP Billiton development
      approval for a larger mine. ... In a new hearing in the
      Supreme Court, BHP Billiton has joined as a defendant in
      the legal action. A two-day hearing has been scheduled for

      - Related News

      National Indigenous Times:
      Elder loses Olympic Dam court battle
      28 Apr 12: "The Federal Court has rejected a move by Elder,
      Kevin Buzzacott to block a giant expansion of the Olympic
      Dam uranium and copper mine in South Australia's north. Mr
      Buzzacott, an Elder of the Arabunna people, challenged the
      Federal Government's approval of the mine, arguing
      Environment Minister, Tony Burke had not given enough
      consideration to its long term impact and the risks posed
      by storage of... "

      Green Left: Court rules against Olympic Dam mine challenge
      26 Apr 12: "If you are thinking of challenging a mining
      development in the courts, be prepared to go through the
      financial wringer. You might think you have an
      open-and-shut case, that the federal government has
      shirked its responsibilities under environmental
      legislation. But if the finding goes against you, the
      government and the mining industry will see you bankrupt.
      This is one of the lessons to emerge following the
      dismissal by an Adelaide judge on April 20 of the
      challenge brought by traditional owner and environment
      campaigner Uncle Kevin Buzzacott against the Olympic Dam
      uranium mine expansion." By Renfrey Clarke, Adelaide

      Roxby Downs Sun: Government seeks cost
      26 Apr 12: "BHP Billiton and the federal government are
      seeking costs from Arabunna elder Kevin Buzzacott. Mr
      Buzzacott known, as uncle Kevin, challenged the approval of
      the Olympic Dam expansion which was dismissed by the court


      WGAR News:
      "Court throws out Olympic Dam challenge" ABC PM (22 Apr 12)

      WGAR News: Olympic Dam expansion music/art/festival/protest
      [scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/04/22/wgar-news-court-throws-out-olympic-dam-challenge-abc-pm


      - News

      Treaty Republic:
      Barnett trying to further disempower WA's Original's
      "The Western Australian Government plans to overhaul the
      Aboriginal Heritage Act, pandering to the mining sector by
      making it easier for companies to disrupt sacred sites.
      Although both developers and Aboriginal groups say the laws
      are clunky and unworkable, the changes appear to further
      dis-empower the State's 'Original' peoples. Greens' MLC
      Robin Chapple says the new laws will make it even harder
      for Aboriginal people to protect sites."


      - News

      Remembering the Frontier Wars on ANZAC Day
      Treaty Republic: http://treatyrepublic.net/content/remembering-frontier-wars-anzac-day
      Sovereign Union: http://nationalunitygovernment.org/content/aboriginal-activists-remember-frontier-wars
      "Canberra: The small group of about 20, carrying
      'Original's' flags and banners and accompanied by a
      didgeridoo, joined the tail of the national Anzac Day
      parade, behind columns of veterans. Led by Michael
      Anderson, one of the founders of the capital's tent
      embassy, the activists were separated from the main body
      but were met with support as they moved up Anzac Parade to
      the Australian War Memorial.
      Melbourne: With rain falling, a small group of people
      attended a ceremony at Kings Domain to remember the freedom
      fighters and the ongoing frontier wars. Robbie Thorpe
      addressed the meeting reminding the group of the continued
      genocide of the 'Originals' and the savage history of the

      - Related Audio Interviews

      SBS Living Black: Acknowledging Massacres On Australian Soil
      By Marc Tong
      26 Apr 12: "As we remember Aboriginal and Torres Strait
      Islander veterans who fought abroad in wars for Australia,
      we also remember all First Nations People who fought for
      our freedom here on Australian soil. Aboriginal people who
      died in defence of their lands during the colonial invasion
      and the deaths suffered, should be recognised according to
      Michael Anderson, leader of the Euahlayi nation. He says as
      we remember our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
      veterans who fought abroad in wars for Australia, we should
      also remember all who fought for the freedom of the First
      Nations People on Australian soil. Uncle Michael tells Marc
      Tong the lack of historical acknowledgement of massacres on
      this continent's soil must be changed."

      SBS Living Black: Remembering Aboriginal And Torres Strait
      Islander ANZAC Contributions
      By Marc Tong
      26 Apr 12: "As we remember with respect fallen soldiers and
      veterans on ANZAC day, it is important to acknowledge and
      remember the supreme sacrifice paid by Aboriginal and
      Torres Strait Islander service personnel. Despite knowing
      the challenges theyd face when they came home from war,
      Aboriginal people still served in all of Australia's main
      wars since the two Boer Wars-1880-1881 and 1899-1902. ...
      Kamilaroi man and acting Indigenous Liaison Officer Garth
      O'Connell from the Australian War Memorial explains to Marc
      Tong the selection process in the early 20th century."

      SBS Living Black:
      Students To Research Overseas Aboriginal Soldiers' Graves
      By Marc Tong
      26 Apr 12: "The findings of eight Aboriginal students from
      Dubbo College in New South Wales, during a trip to France
      later this year, could help expand the Australian War
      Memorial's records for Aboriginal and Torres Strait
      Islander service men. Research by students from Dubbo
      College in New South Wales, could help fill the gaps in the
      national service records of Aboriginal and Torres Strait
      Islander diggers. ... Kamilaroi man and acting Indigenous
      Liaison Officer at the memorial, Garth O'Connell, tells
      Marc Tong their findings will expand the Australian War
      Memorial's records for Aboriginal and Torres Strait
      Islander diggers."

      - Related News

      National Indigenous Radio Service:
      Anderson pleased with ANZAC Day march
      27 Apr 12: "[Aboriginal rights campaigner Michael Anderson]
      says he will continue the fight next year for better
      acknowledgement of Indigenous soldier's endeavours in
      Australia's wars, including frontier wars at the time of
      European invasion. "It's not a done thing, to go back and
      reflect on the killing of Aboriginal people. "That's too
      close to home. It's a sore wound that they don't want
      opened up. "But, unfortunately, we're going to open it up.
      "This is why they were saying, 'Look, why choose ANZAC Day?'
      "ANZAC is a time of remembrance of people who fought in
      defence of this land and the freedoms that they have. Our
      people fought on this land against those who invaded us.""

      NZ Herald: Gillard's $100m plan for Gallipoli
      25 Apr 12: "But her visit and the centenary programme that
      will run from 2014 to 2018 comes amid debate on the future
      of Anzac Day in an increasingly multicultural Australia,
      new claims debunking key elements of the Gallipoli
      mythology, and moves by Aborigines to expand its meaning to
      include Australian frontier wars. ... Aborigine activists
      are also intent on using today's national service in
      Canberra, with a group planning to join the tail of the
      parade to remember Aborigines "who died in defence of their
      lands during the colonial invasion"."

      - Related Analysis / Opinion

      SMH: The forgotten conflict
      1 May 12: "There is a hole in our remembrance, and it is
      Black. We justly remember our dead in wars overseas. But
      Australia still has no national memorial to both sides of
      the long and deadly conflict on our own soil. It's almost
      as if it didn't happen. Frontier historian Lyndall Ryan has
      lifted the veil in a new book on Tasmanian Aborigines,
      which tallies deaths in the colonial Black War. She
      estimates it cost 878 indigenous lives, and 201 colonists'."

      - Background

      WGAR News:
      "Frontier wars remembered on ANZAC Day" Koori Mail (26 Apr 12)


      - Speech

      Solidarity: 'Stand with us to fight this racist legislation'
      April 2012: "Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra is a traditional
      owner from Elcho Island, in Northeast Arnhem Land. This is
      an exert of his speech to a rally in Darwin on April 9
      against the new Stronger Futures legislation, which will
      entrench Intervention measures for a further ten years.
      'I am a Uniting Church Pastor. I grew up in the mission. I
      got my doctorate and also worked really hard with the
      community and got an Order of Australia. I was around when
      the NT Emergency Response was launched by John Howard, and
      Minister Mal Brough said, I’m going to take 73 prescribed
      communities, and five of the communities I want to shape
      [as a model] to the Australian government and people that
      I can do a better job. One of them, Elcho island,
      Galiwinku, is where I grew up. ... "


      Last updated 29 April 2012:



      Last updated 29 April 2012:



      - News

      Koori Mail: Bankstown income management plan slammed
      [scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
      27 Apr 12: "THE PUBLIC Health Association of Australia has
      condemned plans to introduce compulsory income management
      in Bankstown, and other places in Australia, despite
      overwhelming concerns from stakeholders. PHAA New South
      Wales branch president Gabriel Moore said PHAA supported
      voluntary income management managed by Aboriginal
      community-controlled organizations."

      See: WGAR News: Union Campaign Letter on Bankstown Income
      Management (27 Apr 12)
      [scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/04/27/wgar-news-work-not-welfare-investing-in-a-waged-employment-program-in-remote-nt-apo-nt

      National Indigenous Times:
      Murray River nations demand sovereignty
      28 Apr 12: "A group of 21 Aboriginal nations in the northern
      Murray Darling Basin have demanded all water licences be
      revoked and the rivers' water be dealt with from a base of
      Aboriginal sovereignty, dominion and ultimate title. The
      Northern Murray Darling Basin Aboriginal Nations (NBAN) has
      called on all State and Federal governments involved in
      the rivers system to allocate 100 per cent of all
      environmental flows in... "

      See: WGAR News: Aboriginal Nations assert sovereignty over
      the Northern Murray Darling Basin (19 Apr 12)

      National Indigenous Times:
      Mohamed calls for political unity on 10 year funding deal
      28 Apr 12: "By National Indigenous Times reporter Geoff Bagnall
      Australia's peak Aboriginal health body has given its
      support to the Federal Government's 10 year funding
      commitment and called on the Federal Opposition to get
      behind the plan to make a real difference to Aboriginal
      disadvantage. Justin Mohamed, Chair of the National
      Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation
      (NACCHO) ... "

      See: WGAR News: Responses to Ten-Year Funding of NT
      Aboriginal Communities (1 Apr 12)

      National Indigenous Times:
      Bob Brown leaves a legacy of support
      28 Apr 12: "By National Indigenous Times reporter Rhonda Hagan
      Bob Brown may have left public life in his role as Senator
      and Leader of the Green Party, but will still be righting
      for Indigenous rights in international arenas. Dr Libby
      Connors, Queensland spokesperson for the Queensland Greens,
      said Mr Brown his not put turned his back on everything.
      "Bob Brown has not put Indigenous politics... "

      - Audio

      Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
      CAAMA Radio Online News 30.04.2012
      30 Apr 12: "Up to 4000 older Aboriginal people who have
      participated in community CDEP programs for most of their
      working lives will be allowed to continue on the scheme for
      another five years."

      See: WGAR News:
      "Work Not Welfare: Investing in a waged employment program
      in remote NT" APO NT (27 Apr 12)

      See Background: WGAR News: Jumbunna, UTS: Jobs With Justice
      [scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/04/27/wgar-news-work-not-welfare-investing-in-a-waged-employment-program-in-remote-nt-apo-nt

      - Analysis / Opinion

      National Indigenous Times: Is there more behind 21 years of
      failure to reduce the Indigenous incarceration rates?
      19 Apr 12: "21 years since the culmination of the Royal
      Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, the most
      extensive inquiry in Australian history into Indigenous
      people's overrepresentation in the criminal justice system,
      little has changed. The Commission found Indigenous
      prisoners didn't die at a higher rate than non-Indigenous
      prisoners, but blamed... " By Emma Purdy

      - - -

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