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Re: [Racism Against Indigenous Peoples] RE: [BearTraxCouncilFire] SoverAnia Speaks: Bleeding Mother Earth!

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  • millennium
    I hope you ve got that one in higher res, larger size, Carlos! or some more Ye ii artwork! we d like to see and share them, for the Ye ii ... MT ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2010
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      I hope you've got that one in higher res, larger size, Carlos!

      or some more Ye'ii artwork!

      we'd like to see and share them,

      for the Ye'ii' ...


      --- On
      Mon, 1/3/10, Carlos <5thworldstudio> wrote:
      I got one too- the ye'ii' speak....
      5th World Studio

      From: millennium

      the Eleven-Colored Lightning Kachinas speak:

      uplifted by the Sky Dragon Mother Galaxy ... leaving behind all former shells of self ... singing only the Wholeness of the Five Sacred Songs of: 1) Empowering Forever the Women and Children, 2) Honoring All Tribes, All Cultures, All the Ancestors, 3) Through the GrandMother' s Words, 4) Reforesting the Biodiversity of ...our Mother Earth, 5) Returning the Choral Landscape of All Our Relations ...

      -- On Sun, Xielolixii <xielolixii> wrote:

      Glad you got to go!  I had no way of getting there and there's no public transport there either -- bummer!  Blue Thunder, Arlene, Teresa and I have a history..... working together in '08 and in the present.  But I do feel bad about not being able to be there.

      -----Original Message-----

      haku Bennie Blue Thunder

      thank you for your Casa de La Luna talk "about the Mountains, waterways, trees, birds, animals and all of creation ..."
      Sharon, Margaret AND Manuela all invited me to your talk -- and I had been interested in meeting you for some years.

      bless you for spreading the word of the specific horror of the mine shafts, oil wells, water wells ... the bleeding knife-holes we have drilled in our Divine Mother Earth.


      you are the first person I have met, after myself, who is telling the world that these holes in our Mother Earth are bleeding her to death ... that they must be sealed and healed (and our planet reforested ten times over) in order for the aquafir, hydrosphere, mycosphere, and abundant sacred life to return; for health and sanity to return to humanity.


      I can spread your message to thousands of friends on the internet -- the specific message about filling in the wells and shafts and returning the living feminine underground lake/body of our Mother Earth -- if you can point me to a web page of yours discussing the subject.

      http://images. google.com/ images?um= 1&hl=en&tbs=isch%3A1&sa=1&q=Bleeding+Earth

      I searched google, and looked at your tetonrainbows. com
      website, but have not yet found any of your words on that MOST IMPORTANT and clear paradigm-changing subject.


      por todas las cosas, all our relations ...

      Millennium Twain
      http://www.facebook .com/soverania
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