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MNN False Prophets look for Profits

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    False Prophets Looking for Large Profits From http://letstalknativepride.blogspot.com/ MNN forward. The Akwesasne Womens Fire website was hijacked by
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2009
      False Prophets Looking for Large Profits
      From http://letstalknativepride.blogspot.com/

      MNN forward. The Akwesasne Womens Fire website was hijacked by non-native camel, Monica Lamb Peters. She is posting their flakey cult trash and fraudulently soliciting donations on behalf of the genuine people who are involved in the international border issue. They unsuccessfully tried to retrieve it. The people had to set up a new one, www.akwpeoplesfire.com 1-613-937-1813. They need materials for a modest building: windows, insulation, etc. The following is from Native Pride. [Ed. MNN]

      Sept. 29, 2009. On June 1st I warned about the border guard incident in Akwesasne about false prophets and bogus leaders using the issue to further their causes. I reiterated my concerns on my June 24th post. Today I must address this concern again.

      Whatever this new group of Meredith Quinn/Lester Howse/Kenny Kapplemier/Larry Thompson/Donny Smoke followers call themselves [at Akwesasne], they should formally renounce themselves as Mohawks. [Some already have formally renounced their community, nation, confederacy and Great Law affiliations calling themselves universal persons, citizens of the world].

      They condemn the Kaianerehkowa. [They claim we Indigenous weren�t here but came after the Moors of northern Africa and Spain. It could have to do with overthrowing our inherent rights to Great Turtle Island. False history is being created that conforms to their agenda, with the help of far-out handlers].

      They play all kinds of semantics and prey on the ignorance of others. Yet they insist on using the people of Akwesasne, the Kanienkehaka, to build a foundation for their new religion/history/cult/scam. They come in and out of [our] Longhouses, that they don't believe in [and practically condemn]. They participate in meetings with "other Mohawk leaders", [and try to take over the agendas and subject others to their Camel/Donkey Treaty excreta] although they no longer consider themselves [to be] Mohawks.

      They hijacked the Akwesasne Women's Fire website posting full coverage of the Larry [King Tut] Thompson Show. The buzz is that they plan to use the history of Mohawk resistance to suck money out of Momar Khadafi of Libya and others.

      What is the end game? Who knows! I, like many, simply want to just ignore all this nonsense. But opportunists like these use events like the Kawehnoke [Cornwall Island border] issue to confuse and undermine the will of the people. Most of us are just plain embarrassed by their ramblings and antics. The problem is that when the patients take over the asylum, it is hard to tell the mad scientist from the mad men and the mad men from the mindless.

      Someone is behind all this with a purpose. No, it isn't enlightenment or eternal life [nor the best interests of Indigenous]. It is something much easier to grasp; $. Most of us have gotten used to looking the other way while our neighbors figured out the next get-rich quick scheme [while taking advantage of native sovereignty]. This time it is different. It isn't about selling out your own ethics or morality; or jeopardizing your own freedom or security. It is about selling out our identity.

      There are plenty of non-native [interests] looking for a group of "onkwehonwe" to [use to] deny everything we stand for; sovereignty, freedom, ties to our land, stewards of that land, government by the people, equality, inherent rights, natural law and our connectedness to creation.

      These prophets of the camel's eye are just what the doctor ordered to harm us. A few corrupt men can take advantage of those weakened by years of alcohol and drug abuse, desperate for something to believe in, abused or abandoned as kids, hooked on easy money and disgruntled. Those no one had ever done anything for.

      This isn't their first attempt. After making millions [using our sovereignty] and establishing themselves as the envy of others, ruling over them becomes the next brass ring to grab. These guys have worked in and out of every court, political and religious system and movements. They never learned who they were. It is no wonder that they are drawn to the Egyptians. In our way there is no hierarchy. These guys admire the pyramid, the symbol of wealth and power.

      From one of the camels that went to OPP cop school to jmkane, editor, Native Pride. Tue. 9/29/09: Hey John you are starting to sound like K. Horn. what gets you so upset because people are thinking and questioning history. you like to be quasi sovereign? well I don't. but that is a personal choice. anyway i disagree with your writing and the rant style you chose. maybe if you were here in the mix of what is happening you would be in some know.

      BJD, a Kanion�ke:haka, suggested Kaianereh�ko:wa [Great Law] protocol: It is good that the [culprits are] named since you are directly familiar with their antics within our communities. This enables us who have not encountered them to be wary & prepared� I would call upon the Kanienke'ha:ka Nation's traditional authoritative bodies, the Otiyaner [Clan-Mothers] & Rotiya'ner [the Men] [on behalf of the people] to make a public statement denouncing these [counterfeit] Kanienke'ha:ka persons who are engaging in subversive activities.

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