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IAAR Report Aug. 2002

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    FROM: The Secretariat of the International Alliance Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia And Related Intolerance,IAAR TO: All MESSAGE: Below
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2002
      FROM: The Secretariat of the International Alliance
      Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia And
      Related Intolerance,IAAR

      TO: All

      MESSAGE: Below find a brief report for the period
      01 April to 31 July 2002.

      Updates on the Experts Meeting, the
      International Conference on Mother Languages and the
      International Conference on Reparations and
      Compensation for Slavery will be published shortly.

      You are encouraged to nominate Experts.
      You can begin making preparations to participate.

      Deanne D. DeTERVILLE
      Secretary General
      Box MA 020, Marchand P.O., Castries, SAINT LUCIA
      Tel: + 1 758 452 5374
      Fax: + 1 758 453 1983
      eFax: 1 208 498 4019
      Email: iaar_secretariat@...
      Webpage: http://www.uctp.org/stlucia.htm


      R/03/04-2002 [01 August 2002]

      From The Secretariat:

      This Report entitled "IAAR Report R/02/03-2002 [01
      August 2002] may be translated into other working
      languages and re-distributed.

      The Secretariat is pleased to inform you that since
      the official launching of the IAAR on 01 October 2001,
      as a follow-up to the World Conference Against Racism,
      and in keeping with its mandate as expressed in the
      "Memorandum of Association And Guiding Principles-
      2001", the IAAR continues to focus on the WCAR NGO
      Forum Declaration and Programme of Action.

      During the period 01 April to 31 July 2002, the
      Secretariat was able to inform you on a number of
      global issues. The Secretariat notes that given the
      will, the world-wide community of NGOs can, with the
      solidarity of others make a vast difference as it
      relates to "the application and implementation of
      universally accepted standards and instruments to
      combat racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and
      related intolerance".

      We know there have been many success stories. The
      Secretariat wishes to share some with you.

      The IAAR Chair, Dr. Albert DeTERVILLE during his
      recent visit to the United States promoted the IAAR at
      the Indigenous Language Consultation in Oklahoma City;
      held discussions with members of the United
      Confederation of Taino People, UCTP; met with the
      Garifuna Association of Honduras; exchanged views with
      Representatives of the National Coalition of Blacks
      for Reparations in America, NCOBRA; participated on a
      Presencia Taina TV Programme, and most of all, had
      a tete-a-tete discussion with the Deputy Director of
      the New York Office of the High Commissioner for Human
      Rights on the IAAR's Programme of Activities for

      The IAAR Secretariat is planning three International
      Gatherings in Saint Lucia, during the period

      1. A Meeting of Experts on Reparation and Compensation
      for Slavery [and associated discrimination]; 02-05
      December 2003.

      2. An International Conference on Mother Languages;
      21-25 February 2004.

      3. An International Conference on Reparation and
      Compensation [and associated discrimination]; 08-12
      December 2004.

      *Feel free to submit suggestions for the conduct of
      the above International Gatherings.

      The "Meeting of Experts" is a Preparatory Meeting for
      the International Conference on 08-12 December 2004,
      the conclusions of which shall also be forwarded to
      the United Nations for deliberation. The Secretariat
      has received recommendations for discussions on the
      following, to take place during the "Experts eeting"..

      1. American-European Slave Trade of Indigenous Peoples
      after 1492.

      2. The Inter-American Slave Trade of Indigenous
      Peoples by 23 December 1511 Spanish Decree.

      3. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

      4. The Trans-Saharan Slave Trade.

      5. The Trans-Indian Ocean Slave Trade.

      6. The Australian Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait
      Islanders Experiences.

      7. Modern day Slavery.

      *You are requested to nominate Experts to participate.

      During his stay in New York, Dr. Albert DeTERVILLE who
      was the guest of the UCTP, spent a considerable
      amount of time at the American Museum of Natural
      History researching the linkages among the Family
      of Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon, the Orinoco, the
      Caribbean Basin and North America. This Project, which
      is being executed with the participation of the UCTP,
      promises to be of import to the Indigenous Peoples of
      the South Pacific and the Americas.

      The Secretariat has also been able to establish
      "Voices in the Americas: An On-going Dialogue Between
      Indigenous Peoples and African
      Descendants in the Americas"; another very important
      project to be executed with the participation of

      During the next two months the Secretariat will be
      contacting Continental NGOs to establish:

      "Voices in Africa"
      "Voices in Europe"
      "Voices in Asia"
      "Voices in the South Pacific"

      Committed to combat racism, racial discrimination,
      xenophobia and related intolerance.

      Signed: Deanne D. DeTERVILLE
      Secretary General
      01 August 2002

      Signed: Dr. Albert DeTERVILLE
      01 August 2002

      La Voz del Pueblo Taino/The Voice of the Taino People
      c/o UCTP-US Regional Coordinating Office
      PO Box 4515, NY, NY 10163
      Website: http://www.uctp.org/

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