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16906Fw: My brother could die in Egypt

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  • Romi Elnagar
    Apr 23, 2014
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      Please join my Egyptian-born husband and me in signing this petition to the State Department and the Egyptian Embassy.
      Thank you.
      Hajja Romi Elnagar (Blue)

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      April 23 2014
      Dear Romi,
      This is a picture of me with my brother Mohamed Soltan. He's a 26-year-old US citizen who graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in economics. But now, he is starving to death in an Egyptian prison and our whole family is worried sick about him.
      Please, take action for his life: Email the State Department and Egyptian Embassy calling on them to free Mohamed now!
      Mohamed joined the peaceful protests in Egypt against the coup that overthrew democratically elected President Morsi. He was shot at a protest and arrested a few days later. He needed surgery for his wound so another prisoner performed the surgery on the dirty prison floor using pliers.
      Mohamed's trial dates have been postponed over and over again. He has been in jail for over 230 days and he has been on a hunger strike for the past 87 days. He is now so weak he can't walk and we are very concerned about how long he can last on this hunger strike.
      Please help Mohamed by emailing the State Department and Egyptian Embassy calling on them to intercede on Mohamed's behalf. Here are more things you can do... 
      Call the Egypt Desk at the State Department (202-647-4261), the Egyptian Embassy in Washington DC (202-895-5400), and the US Embassy in Cairo (202-2797-3300). Ask to speak with someone or leave a message. 
      Watch this video about Mohamed's case, then share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #DyingtoLive.
      Post on the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the US Embassy in Cairo (you can use these sample tweets and posts!).
      Every action counts, and each day his health deteriorates. As Mohamed said, "If we have to die so the next generation can live free, so be it." Don't let it get to that point. Please act now. 
      Thank you on behalf of our family,
      Hanaa Soltan, sister of Mohamed Soltan
      PS: Medea is still recovering from her assault in Egypt. With physical therapy, she is regaining movement in her arm and alleviating the pain. We still have NO response from the US Embassy as to why they did nothing to help. Many thanks to all who made calls and sent messages on her behalf!

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