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Re: [RTrak] OT1+ update for first gen units - did anything ever come of this?

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  • Dan Dawson
    Posted by: Jason Rausch lists@ke4nyv.com ke4nyv ... I would love to hear about this too! I ve got my RTrack that I bought in 2008 and it definitely sounds
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 2, 2011

      Posted by: "Jason Rausch" lists@... ke4nyv

      With the first generation RTrak, I noticed that the packets were significantly different sounding than the other on-air traffic. 

      I am looking at modifying the OT1+ module with possible a different voltage divider ie. change some resistor values or possibly change out a transistor. Once I figure out a happy combination, I will offer any RTrak owner the chance to send their unit back to us for the modification.

      I would love to hear about this too!  I've got my RTrack that I bought in 2008 and it definitely sounds very different than other packets on air. 

      I can receive and decode it's packets just fine with my TH-D7 at close range, but none of my packets reach iGates or Digis even though my TH-D7 on EL power reaches them with no problem.  I sent my RTrack back in once for repair, the TX Delay was adjusted and it still behaves exactly the same way as before, sounding funny and not getting picked up by other receivers.

      It sounds like the problem described in this post might be exactly what's going on, so if there is a chance for a fix/repair I would really be interested. My RTrack sits in it's box in the closet, and I'd sure rather be using it in my plane and car!

      --Dan Dawson, KI6ESH

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