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RE: [RTrak] Used R-Trak for moving

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  • Noid Wilson-NM5I
    Oh I agree about the performace of the antenna but the company moving the cars made many requests to not have any objects in the car. Only things that would
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      Oh I agree about the performace of the antenna but the company moving the cars made many requests to not have any objects in the car.  Only things that would have come from the factory, remove all other items… we stuffed some things in the trunk(s) hoping they would allow some of more needed items would  be handy when we got to town.  I thought if I put a cookie sheet in the back seat with the mag mount it might attract some attention…. J  Whenever I travelled around the country I would throw the gear in the rental car and see how it performed which was always above average…  When we go out on the lake here in Tulsa I will look to see if I can throw it on the boat and see how the unit integrates into system around here.


      Thanks all !


      Noid Wilson

      Semper Fi

      813-532-9708 Primary Cell

      918-935-7700 D's Cell


      The family is in Tulsa, we will be in contact.  Thanks.


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      Thank you for the performance update!  I am willing to bet with a decent ground plane, the results would have been 10 fold.

      I am actively working on a 5-8V version, but I am still having an internal debate with myself about the merits of that much power and no receiver.  I know there are other companies that have no problem with this, but I am fighting with it myself.

      For those who have not seen the new RTrak-Mini, we have a picture posted on the website, but I need to add details.  The most noted difference is the size of the package, as well as a front panel accessible frequency rotary switch.  I also made some big improvements to the audio circuit design and was able to boost the TX audio levels.  This made a large difference in the range that we seemed to get out of the original units.

      Here is a link to the Mini's webpage:


      We have a working unit to show and demo at Dayton, but due to the lack of transmitter modules available at the time, we were unable to sell them on-site.

      Also, I was recently made aware of an EOL (End Of Life) schedule for several key components used in the current RTrak design.  Including parts used in the new Mini, so I am being forced to re-design it.  Having said that, I am considering the addition of the 8W PA in the new version, but I may be force to raise the price back up to or near the original $250 mark.  However, I was able to add the PA and keep it at the same mini size.  This is a true all-in-one, in a very small package.

      Jason Rausch - KE4NYV
      RPC Electronics, LLC

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      Subject: [RTrak] Used R-Trak for moving
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      Date: Wednesday, July 14, 2010, 11:09 PM


      Hey group this month I used an R-Trak placed in the trunk of the DeVille-the antenna (a 1/4 wave antenna) placed in the back seat-no ground plane.... so not a very great setup... the reason the family relocated from Tampa, FL to Tulsa, OK. A transport company put our cars on a truck (moving parking lot) and I wanted to monitor the movements. It worked marginally but considering the conditions of the antenna it worked pretty well. You can check out the movement via N9RLR.... the cars were picked up June 28th from Tampa and stayed there for a day or so and then it started to move.... it stayed in Mesquite, TX area for a few days and then moved to Tulsa. Anyway, nice unit again...when we get more settled here in Tulsa I will get the R-Trak going in the car in the near future. The call has been modified to NM5I... if anyone is close to Tulsa I would be willing to show the unit or anything... thanks all and keep up the great work! Any word on a 5 or 10 watt unit?

      Have a great day.
      Noid Wilson

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