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73Just saying hello, I'm one of the newbies here now!

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  • earthlingone
    Jan 1, 2008
      I am entirely new to APRS but have an Electronics Technician training
      so that will help. I probably won't be posting much but appreciate
      being able to access the site features now. I have been reading about
      APRS all over the internet and am currently trying out the interesting
      AWGTracker software that lets me connect to the "mygate" servers all
      over the globe. That is really awesome. I think the Rgate project
      looks on track as the best incorporation of elements I have found so
      far. I will put in my small pip-squeak comment that I envivision
      repackaging one and prefer a modular susbsystem approach so it could
      be physically organized in a linear shape rather than rectangular, to
      fit in a model rocketry or other balloon format et-cetera....OK,
      enough for my 1st post. Thanks for letting me join here!
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