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471Re: [RTrak] RTrak-HAB doesn't lock

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  • Jason KG4WSV
    Mar 30, 2014
      > Got some RTrak-HAB models that worked and have been on the shelf for
      > several months. I built new packaging (to allow for the very position
      > sensitive GPS antenna) and the things won't get lock. I've had them
      > outside with the GPS antenna facing at most 10 degrees or so off
      > vertical, and only one of the 4 has locked, and that one took about 30
      > or 45 minutes.

      Resurecting a year-old thread with a followup. I haven't had time to
      mess with them, but this time when I got the unit out of storage the
      same thing happened, only worse.

      I wired in external GPS receivers (Garmin GPS18) and all the GPS
      problems went away.

      Problem is with the GPS, and it's systemic (4 units with same
      problem). Still no idea if it's the GPS, the supplied amplified patch
      antenna, or what. I just know the device is usable with an external
      GPS on it.

      I guess I'll desolder something so the onboard GPS isn't consuming
      power, and go with this config until they are damaged or lost.

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