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441Re: RTrak Tuning?

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  • sdrumm_98
    Oct 27, 2012
      > Are you set up for dual frequency operation?  That could cause what you are describing.  There is also the chance that your mobile might not have very good adjacent channel rejection and you're hearing a harmonic.

      Yep.  Both the RTrak and my voice rig are connected to NMO 2/70 antennas.

      > That does sound like the deviation is not correct.  When you say "picked up by local APRS network" how are you verifying that?  Direct decode local with an actual radio?   Looking online to see if it shows up?   If it's the latter, keep in mind the transmitter is only 350mW, so unless you are in the air or fairly close to a digipeater, I don't expect the RTrak-HAB to show up online. 

      The highly scientific method "B".  My baseline is the original setup, which was a 5-watt VX-170 w/ OT1+ and a 5/8 wave antenna mounted on the roof vs. the current RTrak on an NMO 2/70 mounted on the rear bumper of my truck.  Definitely a compromise installation, but I'm surprised at how many packets aren't making it to the iGate.  

      > If you don't have access to an RF service monitor, one method is to listen to other packets on the network and then try to adjust the RTrak-HAB to transmit at roughly the same audible level. 

      I'll give that method a try - I know what my RTrak sounds like from listening carefully for the corner peg packet when I turn, and it's a bit quiet.  I'll bump the audio up and see if it improves.


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