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385R Trak not putting info out....

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  • Noid
    May 15, 2011
      I have had my R-Trak for several years (5/21/08) and had not issues with it past pinching the GPS coax in the infancy of the install.
      Here is what I have now...

      The unit has not updated my position since being in KC back on April 30, 2011. No noticeable changes have been done up to that point. Doing some basic troubleshooting...

      I checked the config of the R-Trak. All parameters are normal. I went and check the low and high tones from the config menu and can hear them on my receiver which is 4 feet away to the tx side. The GPS light is blinking green. I do have a Bird wattmeter with a 5 watt slug but not getting any movement on the needle. Have there been a issue at some point the tx going out?
      Opening the box shows no problems on the SRB-MX146 board and I re-seated it.
      I dont have my hands on service equipment for a little while so I wondered if there are some down and dirty fixes?
      Noid Wilson
      NM5I ... NM5I-2(tracker id)
      Tulsa, OK