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368Re: [RTrak] Byonics All-In-One

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  • Bob Burns W9RXR
    Nov 7, 2010
      At 07:11 PM 10/21/2010, Michael wrote:
      >Byonics was at Pacificon last weekend proudly displaying their
      >all-in-one system.

      I won't comment on RPC's issues. However, keep in mind that the
      Byonics Micro-Trak AIO is a transmit-only device. All it does is
      blindly transmit your position and it does not allow you to see
      what's going on in the APRS world around you. Also, as a
      transmit-only device, it can and will transmit on top of other APRS
      transmitters causing some interference and dropped packets.

      Byonics has done a great job marketing the AIO, but I think
      purchasers of this device are missing the bigger picture. APRS is not
      just for vehicle tracking.

      At 03:10 PM 11/4/2010, Craig Brammer wrote:
      >Mine is up and running, couldn't have been simplier. Plug into
      >cigarette lighter and put mag mount on roof. Bingo, it works. I've
      >already rewired it to be always on and hidden, just in case someone
      >wants to borrow my wheels.

      Yes, and it appears that you are beaconing at a rate of once every
      three minutes even when your vehicle is not moving. That's redundant
      information which just adds to the congestion on the APRS network. I
      believe that your AIO supports SmartBeaconing which will adjust your
      beacon rate depending on your speed. Do you have SmartBeaconing
      enabled and properly configured? A beacon rate of once every ten
      minutes while stationary varying up to once every two minutes at 60
      MPH is usually sufficient.

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