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36Re: RTrak Update

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  • trevorhardisty
    Nov 17, 2007
      --- In rtrak@yahoogroups.com, "Jason" <lists@...> wrote:
      > Please check the "Photos" section of the group. There is a new
      > folder called "RTrak V 1.6" and it contains pictures of the latest
      > RTrak board, including the first case that I hand milled for
      > testing. Be gentle, that milling was done with a hand drill and it
      > was a bit off. The milled end plates will be done by a professional
      > shop and will fit just right.

      Looks good
      > This version contains a not-yet available, enhanced version of the
      > SMT OpenTracker 1+. This version is 28 pins and contains SPI lines
      > to control the MX-146 transmitter. Scott had the foresight to "add"
      > the additonal pins to the bottom of the pin rows, on the module,
      > allowing for the original 24 pin module to still be used. All RTraks
      > will ship with this new 28 pin version.
      > You will also see a 16 position HEX rotary switch in the top right
      > corner of the board. This will be used for frequency selection. The
      > proposed method is to have a frequency table in the OpenTracker
      > config software that can hold up to eight frequencies. Any of these
      > eight will be selectable by choosing between positions 0 and 8. This
      > will be used for single frequency beaconing. When selecting
      > positions 9 through F, you can select one of the first eight, as well
      > as a pre-determined secondary frequency for dual frequency
      > beaconing. Using this method will allow you to switch between these
      > two modes easily, without the need of a computer to change. Please,
      > share your comments on this.
      > Last, there is a 5th picture in the folder that shows a Pelican case
      > that has been "plucked" to hold a RTrak, GPS antenna, power cable and
      > programming cable. I would like to hear if there is any interest in
      > these cases. If there is enough demand, I will offer these as an
      > extra accessory to the RTrak package, pre "plucked" of course!

      good idea, price?

      > Now, to answer the main question! "How much is it?" We have settled
      > on a price of $250 per unit. This will include, the RTrak (with
      > case), GPS patch antenna, lighter power cable, programming cable and
      > manual. After much comparison with other similar devices and number
      > crunching, this is the price that we have decided on. We compared
      > mostly with the frequency agile MicroTrak, which is $220. The
      > MicroTrak is nice, but it does not include a built-in GPS, case,
      > cables or even the DB9 to connect a GPS. We feel that with our
      > price, you are getting much more for the dollar.
      > Comments? Suggestions? Complaints?

      Price sounds good to me, when will it be available?

      > Thank you very much for all of the input on and off of this SIG!
      > Jason KE4NYV
      > RPC Electronics
      > www.rpc-electronics.com
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