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345initial use of RTrak and request for LED description

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  • gopherbar
    Jul 19, 2009
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      I finally got the ancillary bits together to try out my RTrak in preparation for mounting in motorbike. I'm disappointed that I seem to be overlooking *something* to show up on http://www.nwaprs.net/

      My RTrak setup uses a small gel-battery, with 11.x volts showing in the RTrak programmer diagnostic. I've tried both a Smiley "1/2 wave" 2m antenna (1.2 SWR) and the intended 1/4 wave antenna for the motorbike, which uses a small aluminum travel rack as the "counterpoise" (2.1 SWR). I used the programmer to initially update the default settings with my call sign, our local path (WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 per http://www.nwaprs.info/) and frequency of 144.390 MHz.

      We have enough APRS traffic that it is hard to tell if my unit is transimitting, using an HT to monitor. I moved up to 144.79 and, as a clear channel, found the RTrak to transmit fine.

      Initially, I tested inside my house but have now set the unit outside with a clear view of the sky. Maybe it takes awhile to show up in the tracking system?

      In any case, I am asking for guidance diagnosing what the RTrak is doing. One piece of information to get me started might be an explanation of what the LEDs show in "program" and "run" modes. In run mode, mine seem to blink red counting seconds over the interval between transmissions, then either some red or green flashes.

      thanks for the help, hugh
      AA0HP Seattle
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