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343Re: Is Jason ok ?

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  • Jason Rausch
    Jun 15, 2009
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      Dick and All,

      I am fine. Got back from Dayton and had a pile of orders and work to crawl out from under. Work has been busy too, we launched a large rocket the day I came back. We launched a small one a week ago and we have a fairly large launch this week. I have been working some late hours getting ready.

      This has cut into my work time when I get home to get orders filled and repairs completed.

      Dick, I shot you an email the other night to let you know your RTrak is on my bench and will be repaired tonight. Should go out tomorrow. I'm sorry about the long wait.

      Everyone else, if you are waiting on a repair, RTrak order to ship or anything else, we are working on it. The RTrak-LP is coming along, but we ran into a TX audio problem that must be corrected before we ship any of the new units.

      A big thanks to everyone being so patient with us!

      Jason KE4NYV
      RPC Electronics

      --- In RTrak@yahoogroups.com, "osuhkey99" <w1rrd@...> wrote:
      > Has anyone heard from Jason ? I dropped off a traker at Dayton for him to look at. About 3 weeks ago, he said he would look at it and send it back the next day. Since then, no traker and no response to subsequent emails. Hope he is still in business ?
      > Dick, W1RRD
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