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263RE: [RTrak] Re: Red light flashing...

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  • Jason Rausch
    Jun 4, 2008
      > The laptop I own does not have a serial port, too
      > new to be installed.
      > I could try it on one of my desktop computers. I
      > would have to buy a
      > null modem and verify the information, Radio Shack
      > has one for $10, and
      > I suppose the quickest way of getting my hands on
      > one. I will review
      > the data hopefully today.

      Do you have access to a USB to Serial adapter? That
      will work just fine for this test. I think Keith is
      simply saying to look at the raw GPS data for a lock
      indication in the NMEA strings.

      > I left work yesterday with a green light. I get
      > home and it's red
      > again. There were two beacons on the network, both
      > within a mile or so
      > of the origination point. Yesterday, the unit was
      > hard cycled
      > (unplugged-plugged) from the power jack multiple
      > times. The car is an
      > un-obstructed view of the sky and the unit does not
      > sync up. This is
      > very similar to my last RMA and sent back to Jason.

      I'm not sure what is going on here. I really question
      the GPS antenna getting a good signal, but I
      understand that you have the antenna in a good spot on
      the car. Like I mentioned before, I did about an hour
      test with your RTrak and it never lost lock. That was
      with your specific antenna laying in my concrete
      porch, under an overhang. That was obviously not the
      best view of the sky, but it held in there during the

      > He upgraded the
      > firmware of the GPS and he stated he had it running
      > for an hour on the
      > bench and was shipped back to me, promptly by the
      > way.

      When I upgraded the GPS firmware, I made sure to
      re-read the config and then re-set it for the proper
      NMEA strings.

      > Jason would have to comment on the addition of the
      > capacitor since the
      > unit was sent back as RMA and shipped back between
      > the timeframe of
      > Dayton and last week. Jason can comment of line if
      > this mod was
      > performed during the timeframe.

      Yes, the mod was done while it was in for service.
      Any units coming back for service of any kind will be
      automatically modded, if it has not already been done.

      Jason KE4NYV
      RPC Electronics
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