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256Re: Red light flashing...

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  • Jason Rausch
    Jun 2, 2008

      What kind of antenna situation are you using? Do you have a decent
      view of the sky with it? When it came back to me I first verified
      the GPS sentence configuration. I then tested it for a lock by
      setting YOUR antenna on my concrete patio and running the cable
      inside. I had a full lock within 40 seconds of powering the unit up.

      Please just make sure the antenna is in a good position to see the
      sky. The receiver is very sensitive and I have found that it is very
      forgiving with poor view, but it has to see at least some of the sky.

      Jason KE4NYV
      RPC Electronics

      --- In RTrak@yahoogroups.com, "noid1037" <dwilson@...> wrote:
      > The R-trak is a great little item, when its working. hopefully
      > someone can figure this out. The R-Trak came back from Jason the
      > other day. Opened the box and plugged the unit to the GPS SMA, 2 M
      > 5/8 wave antenna and the power jack. The unit was had the flashing
      > red LED for GPS lock-on. I unplugged it after 30 minutes and
      > it back in, waited. Still didnt.
      > Then Sunday morning, I repeated the unplug-plug back in and it
      > on.
      > This morning, I accidently hit the prog/run switch and lost
      > All morning I have tried to plug-unplug. I did connect it the R-
      > programming cable and all looks the same.
      > The GPS antenna is on located on the trunk lid of a Caddillac. It
      > worked once and now it isnt. How many others have GPS 'sync'
      > The unit was sent back to Jason two weeks ago becuase it
      > wouldnt 'sync' up. He updated the GPS firmware and re-configured
      > Why would it work one day, then by accident I hit the switch and
      > it wont sync up?
      > Any help would be appreciated!
      > Thanks all!
      > Noid Wilson
      > Tampa
      > N9RLR
      > N9RLR-2
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