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255Red light flashing...

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  • noid1037
    Jun 2, 2008
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      The R-trak is a great little item, when its working. hopefully
      someone can figure this out. The R-Trak came back from Jason the
      other day. Opened the box and plugged the unit to the GPS SMA, 2 M
      5/8 wave antenna and the power jack. The unit was had the flashing
      red LED for GPS lock-on. I unplugged it after 30 minutes and plugged
      it back in, waited. Still didnt.

      Then Sunday morning, I repeated the unplug-plug back in and it locked

      This morning, I accidently hit the prog/run switch and lost 'sync'.

      All morning I have tried to plug-unplug. I did connect it the R-trak
      programming cable and all looks the same.

      The GPS antenna is on located on the trunk lid of a Caddillac. It
      worked once and now it isnt. How many others have GPS 'sync' problems?

      The unit was sent back to Jason two weeks ago becuase it
      wouldnt 'sync' up. He updated the GPS firmware and re-configured it.

      Why would it work one day, then by accident I hit the switch and now
      it wont sync up?

      Any help would be appreciated!

      Thanks all!
      Noid Wilson
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