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19Re: [rtrak] Re: Poll: How would you use your RTrak(s)?

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  • Facility 406
    Oct 4, 2007
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      : Methane levels? Might help keep people alive that work in the area.

      That's a VERY good idea as two areas are somewhat enclosed. There are about
      ten vents on the main building, but due to the gasses cooling in the winter
      and coming into windows and foundation vents, there is a design in the works
      for a 40 - 50 foot tower to draw the gasses about 300' away from the main
      storage tank, about 400' from the nearest area used by people, this would
      also create a low pressure area in the two enclosed areas. The pipe on the
      tower would be painted black to help create a convection current to draw the
      gasses away from the buildings, the vents would then be replaced with a
      large lateral pipe under the roof with grilles to the outside at the east
      and west ends, these would always be under a slight vacuum.

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