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156Re: [RTrak] Rtrak Up with new CONFIG

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  • Russ Chadwick
    Apr 1, 2008

      Could you send me the snapshot of your latest configuration. My RTrak
      is getting GPS lock and is transmitting. The packets are full strength
      on my radio, but my TNC-X (that works fine with other packets on the
      data output of the radio) doesn't decode the RTrak packets. There is no
      yellow LED flash when the RTrak packet is received on the radio. It's
      not clear to me what the best transmitter settings are to produce good

      Thanks in advance.

      Russ KB0TVJ

      Dennis Rogers wrote:
      > Last night I tried many different configurations. You have to use Two
      > Profiles for Rtrak to send position and telemetry data since this can
      > only be done
      > via two packet messages sent separately. It does NOT allow in Rtrak
      > that I can see for this to be done in one packet.
      > I am now trying to resolve the timing issues of when and how often
      > packets are sent. So onward trying to set this up properly based on I
      > want ALL
      > position information and telemetry to be sent in three or four
      > messages every 10, 15 minutes respectively.
      > Russ, the configuration displays I sent you would only allow position
      > data packets only. The timing of those packets are not controlled with
      > TX delay
      > as in other trackers. It has to be Profile One vs. Two. What is the
      > timing sequence needed between Profile One and Two to allow this to
      > happen.
      > This I am not sure of at this time. Will advise.
      > At this time I have all data being sent out, but too often.
      > Dennis
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      > Regards,
      > Dennis, N5VRP
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