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Make travel baths easier!

Hi everyone, I just recently learned about/ got involved in the sales and education of Norwex products. I am a Returned Peace corps volunteer, world
Lanna Schwab
Sep 27, 2014

Re: China?

I have heard recently, a few months ago, that China allows 3 days with no need for visa in the big cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing.
k l
Jul 19, 2013

Re: Are you all still active?

All, Just to start some conversation! I'm relocating to brazil, São Paulo in fact! Any tips and places to go, things to see around the city? Obviously Rio and
Simon Corrigan
Mar 20, 2013

Re: Are you all still active?

Yep, I still access the board every day but haven't been travelling since last year so have nothing to say.
Mar 20, 2013

Re: Are you all still active?

I'm still active. Just being a worker bee. No travel.Thanks for checking. --Est deus in nobis ... From: james To: RTWers
Mar 19, 2013

Re: Are you all still active?

Ditto. Tina This email was sent from my smartphone, please excuse any typos and/or the brevity of my response. ... [Non-text portions of this message have been
tina pruett
Mar 19, 2013

Re: Are you all still active?

I am still active and had read every post you guys had posted. I am in a bad financial problem right now and RTW trip is the last on my mind. LOL!!!
k l
Mar 18, 2013

Re: Are you all still active?

I'm still interested in travel but sadly after completing my 4 month Asian journey last summer, it's back to the grind saving up for the next trip! Sent from
Mike Heenan
Mar 18, 2013

Are you all still active?

No posts in two months. Has everyone stopped being interested in travel?
Mar 18, 2013

Travel Forum

I've been a member of this list for several years now, so I hope Wade won't mind me giving a tiny plug to a website I run... I hope? :D It's called Travel
Steve James
Jan 10, 2013

FW: Round the World Ticket Watch #141 - BootsnAll Introduces World

Probably not that practical but perhaps useful in planning , re planning flight routes that have scheduled flights and their approximate prices or the easiest
Ian G Thomson C.C.C.
Jan 8, 2013

Re: Round the world with one way tickets

Thanks Wade for your comment. Actually I agree with you that its crazy to by most of the tickets in advence if you are in longer 9 + months trip and if you are
Dec 12, 2012

Re: Round the world with one way tickets

of course its a matter of personal taste but i do think that buying a series of One way tickets in advance is a little bit crazy as you lose the
Wade Allsopp
Dec 11, 2012

Re: Round the world with one way tickets

Hi again, and thank you all for yours answers. This is my updated schedule. As I personally enjoy having my schedule been sorted out beforehand (because I know
Dec 7, 2012

New Years party in Budapest, Hungary

Hello everybody, I know there's still plenty of time to the end of the year, but travel arrangements are better done with some advance and since I am among the
Nov 10, 2012
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