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Re: Genealogies still confirm old-earth in spite of YEC denial

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  • yecreationist
    Some accounts, such as those describing Adam, his life ... (see ... of ... a ... also ... not ... Mark: It would be funny if it wasn t so sad to see folks
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 31, 2003
      Some accounts, such as those describing Adam, his life
      > and children, only make sense if the verses are compressing time
      > Chapter 14). Genesis 10:25's brief, enigmatic reference to
      > Peleg's
      > day as the time "earth was divided" may give us a reference
      > point in
      > establishing the length of the gaps (see Appendix C). Yet the hope
      > young-earth creationists is still that these gaps would not cause
      > creation date in excess of 10,000 years, if that old. Skeptics
      > ignore these issues in claiming dates derived from the Bible are
      > accurate.

      Mark: It would be funny if it wasn't so sad to see folks grasping at
      straws in an effort to deny the word of God to make thier theology
      fit. You that see gaps see them because your preconcieved notions of
      evolution and an old earth reign supreme over the word of God and
      when the two conflict it in your own knowledge falsely so called
      that wins out. How truly sad it is to see! I see the lessons of the
      Isrealites who bent thier knees to Baal will have to be relearned by
      you and your kind.
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