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Board vote?

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  • petite_lapin_blue
    Hello, I m not sure if the Board ever went through this excercise before... so how does the official voting take place? There was four
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2003
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      I'm not sure if the Board ever went through this excercise before...
      so how does the
      "official" voting take place?

      There was four resolutions/amendments/changes put forward to the
      Board today.

      What do we do now?

      Considering that there is only three Board members, perhaps a simply
      Apache style
      online voting on the RSS mailing list would suffice?

      + 1 Yes
      - 1 No

      Seems straightforward enough. The Board mention majority rule. So two
      votes for or
      against should expedite this process fairly efficiently.

      The item put forward for vote today are:

      (1) Change to the semantic of the author tag as described here:


      (2) Addition of an "xmlUrl" attribute to the comments tag:


      (3) Allow multiple enclosures in a RSS item:


      (4) Resignation of Mr Winer from the Board:


      I guess that pretty much cover today's activities.

      Would it be possible for the three sitting members of the Board to
      proceed with an
      "official" vote? Mr Udell? Mr Simmons? Mr Winer?

      There seems not to be any requirement to justify one's vote. But a
      one sentence
      rational is always welcome :)

      Even if I don't have any binding voting rights, I sure you will
      indulge me in providing
      you with a piece of my mind:

      (1) -1 Frivolous. Use dc:creator or such as an alternative.
      (2) -1 Use Joe Gregorio CommentAPI or such as an alternative.
      (3) +1 Agree. There is no rational to limit a RSS item to only one
      (4) +1 Not fit to serve.

      Looking forward to the official vote of Mr Udell, Mr Simmons and Mr


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