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  • Morbus Iff
    Save for the below, I m happy with it: * As mentioned previously, 4.2.3 and 4.2.4 (managingEditor and webMaster) should expand on what formats of email are
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2003
      Save for the below, I'm happy with it:

      * As mentioned previously, 4.2.3 and 4.2.4 (managingEditor
      and webMaster) should expand on what formats of email
      are allowed, such as:

      morbus@... (Morbus Iff)
      Morbus Iff <morbus@...>
      "Morbus Iff" <morbus@...>

      * Perhaps expand this to offer a second explanation of 4.2.5:

      "For example, the New York Times publishes on a daily basis,
      the publication date flips once every 24 hours. That's when
      the pubDate of the channel changes."

      Append an explanation on how this would apply to a
      blogger, which updates whenever the hell they feel like it.

      * In 4.2.8: "The generator element, if present, MUST contain a
      string, indicating the program used to generate the document.".
      Perhaps append: "This string SHOULD be in the common User-Agent
      format, like Radio Userland/8.0.6.". This is the most likely
      of my suggestions to reject ;) ...

      * In 4.2.12, you say "(this element as the same semantic as the
      HTML alt attribute).", when you mean "HAS the". Likewise, in the
      next line, it's "location" not whatever you sleepily typed ;)

      * In 4.2.15, skipHours is confusing. After reading this over again, I
      now know what you mean, but it was confusing to me on the first
      run through. The biggest stumbling was "MUST contain one to 24
      hour elements." which after seeing the subheading made me think of
      a 24 hour day, NOT 24 possible entries for <hour>.

      * In, no comma in "MUST contain a string, to".

      * In, it's "address", not "addres". Likewise, there
      needs to be a clarification on what form the email address
      can be presented in (as per above).

      * In, no comma in "MUST be a URL, indicating".

      * In, what's a "media type"? Is that a MIME-type?

      * In, it's "an", not "a isPermaLink".

      * In, clarify "It SHOULD be derived from
      the channel's title." as "It SHOULD be derived from
      the source channel's title.".

      I think in the original RSS specs from Winer, it mentions that links
      MUST start with http:// - I don't see that anywhere in this spec (unless of
      course we're assuming "webpage" adequately covers that, which it doesn't,
      since https:// is in err).

      Morbus Iff ( i'm the droid you're looking for )
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