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RSS2-Support Mailing List Merging The RSS2-Support mailing list on Yahoo is merging with RSS-Public, a more active mailing list maintained by the RSS Advisory Board, the group that publishes
Dec 1, 2006
RSS Feeds Database. My RSS Feeds Database is now for sale on LowBid.com Here is a link to it: http://www.lowbid.com/detail.asp?id=1563. Requirements: Access 2002.
Susie Devitt
Jun 8, 2006
Re: Need RSS Help You should be able to right click your xml button and hit save link location and go to yahoo360 and paste the link location where they want it
Kevin Anthony
May 21, 2006
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Need RSS Help I'm new to RSS and XML. I have a web page for my home business and I have an XML button at the bottom of my home page, but I don't know how to submit my feed
May 21, 2006
xslt and predefined entity reference question I was talking with a colleague about rss and xslt and how it handles predefined entity reference. Say for example, you have the following xml (not rss).:
May 16, 2006
RSS Tutorials Hello Experts I am new to this group. I have a request to the experts in the group. I need links to RSS Tutorials and Flow diagrams and structure charts.
May 14, 2006
new Adventure Travel RSS feed from www.adventureengine.com and webm Hello all Just introducing the Adventure Engine rss feeds and interface options. The RSS feeds are for Adventure Travel trips internationally at
May 3, 2006
RSS 2.0 Extension Modules I have been searching the web for an RSS 2.0 namespace extension that is equivalent to the RDF "event" module. See:
Apr 26, 2006
Re: Digest Number 312 Here is great link to see if your feed is right or not. _Feed Validator for Atom and RSS_ (http://feedvalidator.org/) I was having problems getting my
Mar 21, 2006
RSS 2.0 with 100 items !!! OK I thought I had understood that RSS was real simple. and from the RSS specifications it did look prety simple. Then I watch Microsoft's presentation on IE 7
Mar 21, 2006
Is there a max lenght for the description fields of channel or item? I have done a bit of searching arround and found some articles indicating the max lenght of description to be 500 Characters for RSS .93. But then later I
Mar 21, 2006
I need some help instaling html news feed into sitebuilder. The problem I am having is not that the feeds work fine, I even spent three days making them look great, and then wham, they are 8 month old news storys - what
Mar 11, 2006
Re: superscripts and subscripts ... Yes and no. Because the RSS 2.0 specification [1] has been so poorly written there is a group which refers to itself as the RSS-Board which is currently
Clinton Gallagher
Feb 15, 2006
Re: Digest Number 305 ... Try to encode < as < and > as > but first check the specs if it is allowed in titles. Regards, Jacek Kolonko
Jacek Kolonko
Feb 15, 2006
superscripts and subscripts Is there a way to handle special text formatting, such as superscripts, in feeds? For example, I want to make the titles look nice in feeds from the Journal of
Feb 15, 2006
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Connecting Conversation in RSS What is the best way to connect conversations using RSS 2.0. In other words, can you use the element to link to individual items in a feed - perhaps
Feb 6, 2006
Just learned how to make a RSS feed Hi everyone, I just learned how to do a RSS feed and work with xml. When I submitted to I Tunes it was wrong. I can't seem to get it to I tunes right. my feed
Rev Melody
Feb 1, 2006
Re: schema file for RSS 2.0 thanks ... From: RSS2-Support@yahoogroups.com [mailto:RSS2-Support@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Randy Morin Sent: Monday, January 30, 2006 10:57 PM To:
Arora Yogesh-a22623
Jan 30, 2006
Re: schema file for RSS 2.0 http://weblogs.asp.net/wkriebel/archive/2004/03/07/85642.aspx http://www.thearchitect.co.uk/weblog/archives/2003/03/000118.html
Randy Morin
Jan 30, 2006
schema file for RSS 2.0 Hi can anybody pls provide me with the xml schema file for RSS 2.0 I need it for validation of an RSS file Thanks Yogesh
Jan 30, 2006
Custom Namespace, HTML in description I'm trying to sort out the best way to display some complex content. I was thinking about custom namespaces, since RSS2 supports that, but I'm wondering how
Jan 25, 2006
Using the textInput sub-element I want to implement the RSS 2.0 sub-element. Here is what the RSS 2.0 Specification [1] says... A channel may optionally contain a
Clinton Gallagher
Jan 19, 2006
RSS Popper for Outlook Express Hi, I've just released RSS Popper for Outlook Express (Alpha 3). I think it's the first RSS reader for OE but I'm not sure. http://www.rsspopper.com Cheers,
Jan 14, 2006
RSS Publisher I want to publish my RSS feed to my local intranet site. How can I do this?
Jan 10, 2006
Re: naive question from a non-technical researcher Hello, I think it's typically up to the author and the tools they are using. Many tools allow authors to publish the latest n number of items, or the entries
Jan 9, 2006
naive question from a non-technical researcher I'm a researcher in Communication and Lnanguages at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland. The project involves looking at gender differences
Jan 8, 2006
Re: About RSS update Good catch Janet. It's important to change the channel's timestamps when items change. It's also a good idea NOT to bother changing the channel or the item
Bill Kearney
Dec 21, 2005
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Re: About RSS update Now, It works but only can be updated after 1 minute. Maybe it caused by the ttl in the channel.
Yu Ting
Dec 21, 2005
Re: About RSS update Are you changing the pubDate for both the Channel and the individual Item/Items? If I don't remember to change it in both places, the RSS aggregators don't
Janet Russeau
Dec 21, 2005
Re: About RSS update Thank you all so much~~~!!!!! I will try change the title......
Yu Ting
Dec 20, 2005
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