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40RE: [RSS2-Support] Summary of issue with xmlns attribute

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  • Danny Ayers
    Sep 29, 2002
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      >> It was a statement of fact rather than an argument.
      >Strawman argument:

      What I said was "[there are] quite a lot of fairly respectable tools around
      that can't use namespaces". Ok, so 'fairly respectable' might be open to
      interpretation, but how about 'designed to conform to well-established
      specifications'. There are plenty of apps around that are perfectly good in
      themselves, but don't support namespaces. Fact.

      >How that applies here is it's not that use of namespaces is bad.
      >The truth, in
      >fact, lies in parser(s) mishandling the XML data. Namespaces are,
      >on one level,
      >just additional attributes. A parser following the XML spec
      >should be able to
      >ignore them with no trouble at all.

      As long as it isn't validating, yes. If it is, then objecting to the
      unspecified (ns) attributes is the correct behaviour.


      >spec at fault. This is not namespaces at fault. This is the
      >PARSER at fault.

      With the proviso above, I agree.

      >Hunt down that parser and help it start supporting the specs.

      My advice would be to just throw that parser away - decent parsers are

      [explanation of namespaces snipped]

      >What's happening here is developers are learning about what really
      >following a
      >spec is about. They're also learning it critical for a spec to be
      >CLEAR about
      >what's going on. Not to mislead out of ignorance.

      Are they learning? Recent history would suggest otherwise.

      >One could argue the latest spec is somehow helping things. This
      >is like saying
      >Typhoid Mary was a good ambassador for the concept of vaccines.

      Well, quite ;-)

      >The solution is for people to educate themselves and stop acting out of
      >ignorance. If something out there can't parse the XML properly
      >then how about
      >working on getting that parser fixed instead? As to the spec?
      >The authors of
      >any spec need to take responsibilty and do a good job INSTEAD of
      >blaming that
      >which they don't understand.


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