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255Re: [RSS2-Support] Re: Re: pubDate time zone?

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  • Bill Kearney
    Mar 5, 2003
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      > You're losing information about the origin timezone. And this can be a big
      > problem. In this thread we have more than once spoken about the effect that
      > daylight saving can make on time.

      Uh, I've made the strongest comments about it and tools like Radio /still/ get
      it wrong.

      > Various timezones change from daylight savings to normal time at different
      > times. If these overlap and you therefore lose information because you're
      > converting everything to GMT you're no longer able to determine the right
      > time because you don't know in which timezone the message was generated in.

      No, that's completely false. If you know where you are then you know the offset
      from GMT. EVERY operating system supports providing this information. So
      regardless of what machine or programming environment you use it's possible to
      ask the OS what timezone to use. This makes it a snap to do any and all
      manipulations of timestamps with absolutely no reliability issues whatsoever.
      You're just wrong, plain and simple.

      As Morten points out, when you try using non-numeric timezone data it's prone to
      a number of errors.

      > I consider this an important loss of information which more or less makes
      > the conversion to GMT useless. What do you think? Did I miss anything?

      Yes, the much bigger picture. This thread is a waste of time, you're more than
      welcome to cling to your belief but it's just not correct.

      -Bill Kearney
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