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117Re: [RSS2-Support] another namespace question

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  • Phil Ringnalda
    Oct 1, 2002
      Sam Ruby wrote:
      > There is a growing trend to return description back to what some believe
      > as it's original meaning... an up to 500 character description of an
      > item, often an excerpt with HTML markup removed. Whether this is
      > something you care to produce or not, you will certainly encounter feeds
      > that look this way.
      > Many of these feeds will also contain the full text of the item in a
      > content:encoded element, either XML encoded or as CDATA.
      > Given this reality, which should Radio display? It is possible to
      > display both, but in most cases that will simply look odd. Perhaps a
      > concrete example would help:
      > http://diveintomark.org/xml/rss2.xml
      > Since Aggie, like radio's aggregator, is capable of displaying HTML, it
      > selects the content:encoded element if it is available, and then the
      > description element if it is not. This generally produces the best
      > results for the largest number of feeds.

      Would it be possible & practical to have a per-feed choice? Where
      content:encoded really shines is with someone who tends to long posts: some
      people will want to read every word, every time, but some would rather only
      see an abstract, and decide whether or not to read the whole thing from

      Phil Ringnalda
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