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115Re: [RSS2-Support] another namespace question

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  • Sam Ruby
    Oct 1, 2002
      Jake Savin wrote:
      >> But, as Morbus said, practically, you just add everything you've
      >> ever seen to a list of possibilities, in descending order of
      >> preference. Given that Radio users are more used to seeing full
      >> items with HTML, I'd say content:encoded [2], description,
      >> dc:description. For a start.
      > That sounds like a slippery slope to me, unless I'm misunderstanding
      > (which is of course quite possible). ;-)
      > It seems to me that either I understand an element or I don't. Saying
      > that I understand an element not intended for me (in this case
      > <dc:description>), but only if the one I was looking for
      > (<rss:description>) is not present seems wrong.

      FWIW, I don't think you are misunderstanding anything. This being said,
      it might be easier to start the discussion with content:encoded, and
      then return back to dc:description.

      There is a growing trend to return description back to what some believe
      as it's original meaning... an up to 500 character description of an
      item, often an excerpt with HTML markup removed. Whether this is
      something you care to produce or not, you will certainly encounter feeds
      that look this way.

      Many of these feeds will also contain the full text of the item in a
      content:encoded element, either XML encoded or as CDATA.

      Given this reality, which should Radio display? It is possible to
      display both, but in most cases that will simply look odd. Perhaps a
      concrete example would help:


      Since Aggie, like radio's aggregator, is capable of displaying HTML, it
      selects the content:encoded element if it is available, and then the
      description element if it is not. This generally produces the best
      results for the largest number of feeds.

      The next question is whether or not you should support dc:description or
      not (many aggregators don't), and if so, should it's value be displayed
      in addition to (or instead of) any or all of the above.

      My preference would still be for the value of the content:encoded
      element first. I don't think the order of description vs.
      dc:description matters much as, to me, it would rather peculiar for a
      single element to have both.

      - Sam Ruby
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