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  • Ok I am begging for help here. As I am doing a dishcloth for the very first time I have never had to bind off. I am doing the grandmas favorite dishcloth on you tube. I can see how she binds off on the tutorial however following the pattern before starting the bind off my working yarn is on the left side (like it is going back to purl). Hers shows it on the right side so she is...
    cynhalverson@... Apr 30, 2014
  • Thank you so much for all the tips!!! It is just what I was looking for. You even made it simple enough for even me to understand Thanks again!!! Cyn
    Cyn Halverson Mar 26, 2014
  • Hi: Thank you for adding me to you group!! I have never knitted nor used a loom. I am a crocheter wanting to learn a new hobby! I want to make a ruffle scarf using the flower loom and have tried 3 times. It looks great until I try to bind off. I have no clue as to how to do this. I tried watching a few videos but still can not get it. I have some silly questions...do you bind off...
    cynhalverson@... Mar 25, 2014
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